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                           168Report­China Market Research Reports

2009 Report on Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Hard copy : 1700 USD Electronic copy (PDF) : 1800 USD  Hard and Electronic copy : 2700 USD Pages:70 Tables and figures :  Published date : Jan, 2010 Publisher: 168Report Contact: Mr. Peter Lee +86­10­82965190 +86­13161572746 Abstract In 2009, the total sales revenue from mobile services reached NTD154.3 billion (about US$4.83 billion) in Taiwan, down 5.4% yr-on-yr; and the sales revenue from fixed-line telephone business was NTD96.8 billion (about US$3.03 billion), up 31 % yr-on-yr. In Taiwan, mobile business income is far more than fixed-line telephone business revenue, because the number of mobile phone subscribers is bigger than that of fixed-line telephone subscribers and the charges of mobile services is higher than that of fixedline telephone business. Revenue of Mobile Services and Fixed-line Telephone Business in Taiwan, 2008-2009

ChungHwa Telecom is the largest telecom operator in Taiwan. In 2009, its consolidated revenue 168Report  Mr.Peter Lee   13161572746  8610­82965190

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168Report­China Market Research Reports reached NTD184 billion (about US$5.76 billion), representing a decline of 1.47% over the same period in 2008. In 2009, the mobile services accounted for 40.27% of the business of ChungHwa Telecom, fixed-line network business 47.2%, Internet and data services 12.42%. The revenue decline of ChungHwa Telecom was primarily incurred by decreasing fixed-line telephone business income. Business of ChungHwa Telecom, 2009

In addition to ChungHwa Telecom, the telecom operators in Taiwan include Asia Pacific Telecom, Vibo Telecom, Far EasTone Telecommunications, Taiwan Mobile and so on. The report focuses on telecom services, subscribers, and operators to analyze the telecommunication industry in Taiwan, explore the development trends of Taiwan telecom industry, and give related investment advice.

Table of Contents: 1 Economic Development in Taiwan 1.1 Economy as a Whole 1.2 Regional Economic Development 1.2.1 Taipei  1.2.2 Kaohsiung 1.2.3 Keelung 1.2.4 Hsinchu 1.3 Development of Key Industries  1.3.1 Service Industry 1.3.2 Manufacturing 2 Operating Environments for Taiwan Telecom Industry 2.1 Development Process 2.2 Operating Licenses 2.3 Policies 168Report  Mr.Peter Lee   13161572746  8610­82965190

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168Report­China Market Research Reports

2.3.1 Laws and Regulations 2.3.2 Regulatory Measures 2.3.3 Tariff Management Measures 2.4 Regulatory Measures on Foreign Investment 3 Development of Taiwan Telecom Industry 3.1 Features 3.2 Development of Basic Network  3.3 Development of Telecom Market 3.3.1 Overview 3.3.2 Fixed­line Telephone Market 3.3.3 Mobile Market 3.3.4 3G Market 3.4 Competition 4 Key Operators in Taiwan Telecom Industry 4.1ChungHwa Telecom 4.1.1 Profile 4.1.2 Operation 4.1.3 R&D 4.2 Asia Pacific Telecom 4.2.1 Profile 4.2.2 Operation 4.3 Vibo Telecom 4.3.1 Profile 4.3.2 Operation 4.4 Far EasTone Telecommunications 4.4.1 Profile 4.4.2 R&D 4.4.3 Operation 4.4.4 Strategic Development 4.5 Taiwan Mobile 4.5.1Profile 4.5.2Operation 4.5.3 R&D 5 Investment Strategies 5.1 Future Development Trends 5.2 Suggestions

Tables and Figures: 168Report  Mr.Peter Lee   13161572746  8610­82965190

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168Report­China Market Research Reports

Economic Development in Taiwan, 2004­2009  Development of Industries in Taiwan, 2007­2009 Taiwan's Industrial Structure, 2007­2009  Industries Which are Banned to be Invested in Taiwan Turnover of Lease Industry in Taiwan, 2009 Turnover Index of Lease Industry in Taiwan, 2009 Turnover of Professional and Technical Services Turnover Index of Professional and Technical Services Industrial Growth Rate in Taiwan, 2004­2009 Development Process of Taiwan Telecom Industry Telecom Operators and Their Business Mobile Services (2G) Operators  Influence of Telecom Regulations on Taiwan Telecom Industry  Organizational Structure of Taiwan's National Communications Commission Important Indicators of Taiwan Telecom Industry, 1998­2009  Important Indicators of Taiwan Wireless Communication Industry, 1998­2009 Market Shares of Fixed­line Telephone Subscribers in Taiwan Telecom Industry, 2008  Long­distance Network Operation in Taiwan, 2009  International Network Operation in Taiwan, 2009 Urban Network Operation in Taiwan, 2009 Fixed­line Network Operation in Taiwan, 2009 Mergers and Acquisitions in Taiwan Telecom Industry Private Mobile Communication Operators and Their Foreign Partners in Taiwan Mobile Services (2G), 2007­2009  Traffic of Communication Networks, 1999­2008  Contribution of Mobile Subscribers in Taiwan, 2005­2008 Sales Revenue of Mobile Phone of Data Communication Service Station in Taiwan, 2001­2008 Proportion of 2G Subscribers with Prepaid Cards in Taiwan, 2001­2008 Mobile Services (2G) Operators in Taiwan, 2009 Mobile Services (3G) Operators Mobile Services (3G) in Taiwan WiMAX Eco­chain Institutions Deployment of Six WiMAX Operators in Taiwan WiMAX Operators in Taiwan  Major Shareholders of ChungHwa Telecom Operation of ChungHwa Telecom by Business, 2008­2009 Operation of ChungHwa Telecom, 2008­2009 Fixed­line Telephone Business of ChungHwa Telecom, 2008­2009 Mobile Services of ChungHwa Telecom, 2008­2009 International Network Business of ChungHwa Telecom, 2008­2009 Sales Revenue of ChungHwa Telecom, 2007­2008  Sales Revenue of Vibo Telecom, 2008­2009 168Report  Mr.Peter Lee   13161572746  8610­82965190

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168Report­China Market Research Reports

Balance Sheet of Vibo Telecom, 2008­2009  Services of Far EasTone Telecommunications Investment of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2008­2009  R&D Achievements of Far EasTone Telecommunications Operation of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2007­2008 Balance Sheet of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2004­2009 Income Statement of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2004­2009 Valid Subscriber Number of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2009  Contribution of Subscribers of Far EasTone Telecommunications,2008­2009  Call Duration of Subscribers of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2008­2009 Subscriber Number of Far EasTone Telecommunications, 2008­2009  Sales Revenue of Taiwan Mobile, 2008­2009 Balance Sheet of Taiwan Mobile, 2004­2009  Condensed Income Statement of Taiwan Mobile, 2004­2009  R&D Expenses of Taiwan Mobile, 2008­2009

168Report  Mr.Peter Lee   13161572746  8610­82965190

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2009 Report on Taiwan Telecommunication Industry  
2009 Report on Taiwan Telecommunication Industry  

2009 Report on Taiwan Telecommunication Industry 168Report Mr.Peter Lee 13161572746 8610­82965190 Page 1 Abstract ChungH...