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Michael Sanchez 2/20/12

OLYMPIA A BATTLE FIELD Once on mount Olympus, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades were fighting for over all the land. They decided to stop fighting and settle it at the Olympic Games. At the Olympic games Zeus, Hades and Poseidon were fighting with all of their power. Their power was too strong. It destroyed the coliseum. The people had to exit. Lightening was shooting from the sky. There was flooding and giant tidal waves. The people of Greece were scared. Hades was calling his demons

from the underworld to help him. The ground was shaking. Poseidon and Hades wrestled on the ground. Poseidon threw a tidal wave at Zeus and Hades. Zeus got angry and threw a lightening bolt and it hit a nearby town. Suddenly Ares appears and asks what is going on. Zeus said they were fighting for control of all the power over the land. Now its Hades and Ares versus Zeus and Poseidon. Hades and Ares call there armies. Zeus and Poseidon were readying there weapons. CHARGE, yells Ares. It is an all out brawl. Ares throws Poseidon to the ground. One of Hades’ men jumped on Zeus threw the guy off of him. Hades threw fire at Zeus. Athena comes down and says “why are you fighting. This is not how you are supposed to act”. Hades said your right.

At mount Olympus everybody is working to fix the coliseum. Hades was sent to Sparta to live.

Greek Myth