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By Emory - Finding love is the easy part. Someone shows a bit of care and compassion for someone else and that is can be the start of something beautiful. The hard part is keeping that love strong when all it wants to do is wane. If you know it's falling apart, the hard part is actually finding out how you can keep it all together. Hopefully this love relationship advice will help. This is basically what happens in most relationships: you meet someone new, be it online, at a bar, or your preferred place to pick up. You hook up with the person depending on the amount of chemistry you have with them. You go through the "honeymoon" period and the first few months is a lot of fun. They haven't shown their "true" side yet, but as times goes by, you will see and more of them. Learn More About Longterm Relationship Advice They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and unfortunately, the adverse is true. The longer you're with someone, the more flaws you see, the more the aura wears off.

The following three points are common traps that people in relationships have to look out for if they want to last as long as they can. I know that I've tripped over all three of these traits sometime in my life. They might be painful to admit, but a bit of short-term pain is worth a lot of long-term pleasure:

1. Being unrealistic: this ties in with the fact that at the start of a relationship, you don't know much about the other person. You see their good side. They don't show their bad side. You live with them a little and you find out that they're actually someone you don't really get along with. Sharing dreams is also a part of this. It can reveal a lot about the person you're dating, but you have to keep things in perspective to last longer. Any long-term, real relationship is about these sort of experiences, not the "glow" you get at the beginning, during the honeymoon phase. If you live just for that phase, you're emotionally immature and just aren't cut out for long-term relationships.

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