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VOTE! November 8th Voting Makes Our Democracy Work!

Career Personality Test

What’s your career personality?

Fall/Winter 2016

Prepare For Love

What it takes to be in a happy relationship

Natural Cold Remedies

4 Methods that will get you through a cold this winter

Photographer: Vee Delphine, IG: @veedelphine, Model: Lakida King


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Photo submitted by: Tania Sanchez, Photographer unknown


DARE TO BE ROYAL ! 9 Editor’s Note

What’s our mission.

14 Instagram Style

Take a look at some of our favorite looks from Instagram this season.

16 Love & Fashion


What vibes is your appearance communicating to the word?

28 Natural Cold Remedies

Soothe that sore throat. Clear those nasal passages. Natural healing is the best healing

32 Prepare For Love

While searching for love, make sure you stop to love yourself. 6

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4 Voting Makes Our Democracy Work!

Why you should and the importance your vote have on this election.

48 The Greeting Of Sisterhood

On your way to the top, make sure you support your sistas.

56 Career Personality Test.

What’s your career personality? Are you introverted, extroverted, or neutral?

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Editor’s Note Vee Delphine Hi, my name is Vee. I am the CEO/ Editor of Qween Magazine. I envision Qween being not only a guide to life for women but also a network (A network of people sharing information & Defining womanhood). My definition of a Qween is a woman who is at her best. She works to manage her mind, body, and spirit. She is beautiful, she is smart, and she is strong. She ignores her haters and love her motivators. She is a woman of culture, spirituality, and livelihood. She protects what’s hers and go after what will be. No woman is perfect, but we should never stop trying to better ourselves. Qween’s mission is to encourage, motivate and empower women to ensure that their are successful mothers, leaders, community builders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and healthy individuals in tomorrow’s world.


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Instagram’s Looks Of The Season


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Love & Fashion Author: Qiayel Howell


“Love yourself girl or nobody will.” A quote from J. Cole, Crooked Smile. This means, that one must find love within themselves before they can allow someone else to love them, properly. When someone loves their self, the world can see it. There are several ways of showing this gratitude for oneself. One of the most obvious ways to show self love is through appearance. This includes our posture, the clothes that we choose to wear and how we choose to present ourselves to the world and the people around us. First impressions are the most important thing when meeting someone new. They communicate who we are, what we do, and other information to strangers. For example, standing up straight implies that a person is confident, while slouching can imply the exact opposite. Clothing is a critical part of appearance as well. It can be a measuring tool to how much we love ourselves. The way we dress says a lot about who we are.

Fashion/ Beauty

In a chauvinistic world, women are criticized for showing too much skin. It has been said, the more modest we are, the more love and respect we have for ourselves. Meaning, the more skin we show, the less love we have for ourselves. This may not always be the case but it’s how most of the world perceives it. So, how do we incorporate love into everyday styles? Showing too much skin can give off the wrong vibe; this does not mean cover every inch of your body. However, it does mean to be mindful of what you are showing and the world may react to it. Ways to do this is to wear clothes that fit. Here’s a general rule: If you cannot pinch you pants or shirt, it’s probably too tight. Clothes are self expressive, so be comfortable in your own skin, but be aware of the message your clothes are telling people. This also applies to makeup. It may be a fun way to accessorise, too much of it can hide your natural beauty and surface your insecurities. If you ask me, makeup should be used to enhance our natural beau-


ty. Instead, society teaches females, especially females of color, the only way to be beautiful is to look like the girls on the T.V. We tend to pile on as much makeup as possible. Don’t get me wrong, makeup can be useful, but only if it’s used correctly. Find a perfect medium between comfort and misuses. So here are a couple Do’s and Don’ts to present yourself the best way possible. Please note that these tips are not the only tips that work to let your clothes say positive things about you:



1. When wearing leggings, wear a shirt/jacket that covers your bottom 2. Perform the “Pinch Test” when needed 3. Wear clothes that compliment your figure 4. Express yourself in every way possible

Fashion/ Beauty


1. Wear leggings that are transparent. 2. Wear anything that is hard to breath in. 3. Show off all the “goods” to the point where there is no room for imagination. 4. Hide your natural beauty. 19


Fashion/ Beauty

UP 21


Fashion/ Beauty

Photographer: Marcel Brown -Detroit, MI; IG: @mdotbrown_ Facebook: Mdotbrownbphotography



Fashion/ Beauty

Photographer: Vee Delphine, IG: @veedelphine, Model: Mesiah


4 Natural Ways to Cope A Cold. The winter time can get really cold and it usually is the time of year most people get sick. That’s why it is important to stay warm and germ free. With all precaution taken, the chances of catching a cold this season is still high. The common cold is an upper respiratory infection that causes one to have nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and sometimes a fever. This annoying virus can last up to three weeks. So while you snuggle up next to the fireplace this winter, here are a few natural remedies to help rid a cold.




Green tea is a known medicinal herb, recognized by doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and herbology. Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It consist of vitamins and minerals that stimulate the immune system and decelerate the growth of some germs. Green tea not only helps boost the immune system, but it also kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It can reduce the symptoms and fight some of the germs that may have caused the cold in the first place.

Honey has natural substances that can help fight germs and viruses. The ancient Egyptians used honey as a way to treat wounds. Honey consist of antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against viruses, bacteria, and funguses. Regular consumption of honey is beneficial because it can help treat colds and many other health issues. Put some in your tea (with lemon) or take a tablespoon at night before bed. Swallow a teaspoon of raw honey for instant but temporary relief of a sore throat. Also honey minimizes nighttime coughing and improves sleep.





Health / Fitness

WATER Water is great for cleaning the body, outside and in. It is a great way to detox because it flushes toxins from the body. It also balances body fluids. So, stay hydrated, especially during a cold. Some people feel water is too plain to drink but there is a way around that. Adding fruit to water gives it flavor. Fruits also have nutrients that are beneficial to the body.


EXERCISE Exercising is a good way to feel better, while sick. It will temporarily reduce nasal congestion and increase blood flow. When feeling stuffy, do about twenty jumping jacks; it will clear up any congestion and re-energize you. Just make sure there is a large amount of water close by. Dehydration is real! 30

Photo submitted by: Tania Sanchez, Photographer unknown


Prepare For Love Finding love before you find love. The process of loving yourself.


Photographer: Reggie Branner @AGuyNameReggieB, Female Model: Eliza @ModelEliza, Male Model: Leroy Jackson @LeroyrJackson

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Being single is usually seen as something negative – the person is lonely and alone, ultimately, unhappy. But being single does not necessarily mean that you are unhappy. Think about it, there are plenty of people who are single, but live very full and happy lives. Take Kendall Jenner for example. She’s a beautiful young woman, who lives a very face paced and happy life – and she’s doing it alone. Instead of unhappiness being attached to being single, it should be a list of other things like, being single gives me time to learn about other people – what you want and don’t want. There is also the bonus of not having a lot of ex drama, because will not have the ex’s to cause all of that drama – trust me it’s a relief. Being single also give the time to work on yourself, and learn about yourself. Self-love is important, and if you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to give love to a significant other. You have to be happy by yourself first, before you can share that with someone else because if you don’t, you happiness will be conditional; dependent on someone else. What if that relationship doesn’t

work out? That can be a hard blow for anyone, but for someone who can’t, or doesn’t know how to love themselves when they are alone, will leave them always miserable, always aware that you are alone. Hating yourself for it, always seeing the bad in it. For example, I was going to a restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings – I love their chicken – and got a table for one. At the time, I didn’t have love for myself, and I started to think, “I am going to look ridiculous sitting here alone. Why am I here by myself? This is depressing and awkward, I should just leave,” and I did not enjoy myself. But I had to realize that I was putting too much of my happiness in the hands of someone else, that wasn’t even there. I started to question, “why am I not enough, when did I stop being enough for me? Do I want to be happy?” I couldn’t think of a reason for me to not be enough, and I did want to be happy, and in order for me to do that, I had to be ok with being single. So that meant taking myself out, and dressing up just for me, and understanding that I am beautiful, not because I needed someone else to tell me that, but because I feel it. 34

So when I went out, and got a table for myself I would say, “more for me, less for me to pay, and the faster I can get my food. Plus I deserve this, I am treating myself.” At first, of course it was awkward for me, but then I became comfortable with it, then moved on to be happy with it because I had learned to love myself. Once I had gotten to the point of loving myself, I didn’t have to tell myself these things anymore, I didn’t have to think about it, because was, am, happy and continent. Because I learned this love, I am happy being my single self. Plus I have time to get things done and focus on myself, which is always a bonus. I know some of you are saying, “yeah, that sounds great and all, but what about the holidays?” Of course there are those holidays that succeed in its job of making most feel void of companionship, like Valentine’s Day, at least it did for me. But the way to get away from that lonely feeling is realizing that Valentine’s Day, like most holidays that people celebrate, is a celebration of relationships. Now here is where you’ll have to pay close attention. Take the meaning about it being a celebration of relationships very lit-

Health / Fitness

eral. A celebration of relationships is not restricted to the relationships of spouses, but any type of relationship. Sure there kind of relationship that society says that we should celebrate – it’s kind of hard to miss the cues… and all of the red. But we don’t only have relationships with our significant other, and those aren’t the only ones worth valuing. For example, one year for Valentine’s Day I went to the movies with my best friend, and had a fun girl’s night, and we are both happily single college students. Another thing to keep in mind about relationships between significant others is that not all of those relationships are good. There is the fact that there are many who are not single, in relationships, and are very unhappy. These relationships are deemed toxic, for good and obvious reasons, and therefore gives the two people apart of that relationship a little bit of something that is mistaken for happiness, and a lot more misery. So it’s ok, be single, take your time, be picky (by this I mean to never lower your standards) because you can. Being single and not lowering your standards does not mean you can’t, or get, a boyfriend or girlfriend. It just means that you stan-


dards to find the right person, and not settling, which will make you happy now, and in the long run… just enjoy yourself. I want to be clear that you know that I am not at all anti- relationship, or saying that relationships are bad. But what I am trying to emphasize is that it’s ok to be single, to be happy does not mean to seek out and have a relationship – that should just be a bonus to your already full and happy life.


Health / Fitness


Photographer: Anter Blackbird, Model: Chanell McCollum, Earrings: TheFlySide

Voting Makes Our Democracy Work! By Marilyn Wilson, League of Women Voters Lansing Area


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Women surrounded by posters in English and Yiddish supporting Franklin D. Roosevelt, Herbert H. Lehman, and the American Labor Party teach other women how to vote, 1935. International Ladies Garment Workers Union Photographs (1885-1985) Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives,Cornell University Library.

Why do many US citizens NOT Vote? “My vote doesn’t count anyway.” “It doesn’t matter who gets elected. Nothing changes.” “I don’t have time to vote.” “I’m not interested.” 41

These are some of the reasons people often given for not voting, reasons often based in personal issues: time, ease of voting, lack of interest in politics or the candidates. But too often these stated reasons mask a fear of embarrassment about not knowing the processes of voting, the fear of making mistakes, the fear of looking foolish at the polls, and uncertainty about voting rights. Why is voter turnout in this country lower than in most other established democracies? In the 2012 Presidential election, only 53 percent of people of voting age in the U.S. voted, landing 31 st among the 35 highly developed, democratic states in the study. (Pew Research Center). Voter turnout varies by age, by race, by ethnicity, by gender: women vote in slightly higher percentages than men; senior citizens vote more often than young adults; white Americans and African Americans vote more often than Latinos or Asians. (Fairvote.org)

Is the system of voting in the U.S. as easy as it could be?

As real as the personal reasons are, cited above, for not voting, it is also true that systemic problems in voter registration and the process of voting create impediments to voting. In contrast to a number of other countries where registration is done automatically, most states in the U.S. require individuals to actively pursue getting registered to vote. Registering becomes a matter, then, of individual responsibility. The result is that less than 75 percent of eligible voters in this country are actually registered. While states COULD make voter registration automatic when an individual turns eighteen, only 31 states do. Michigan is not one of them. States could also make absentee voting easier, provide greater opportunities for early voting, and have more polling places available in heavily populated communities. Three states allow mail-in voting for all eligible voters, 27 states have no-reason absentee voting, and 34 states have in-person early voting. Michigan doesn’t have any of these. In fact, Michigan ranks 48th of 51 states in terms of voter rights (Harmon, Posner, Jawando, and Dhaiti, “Health of State Democracies. (2015)


1-90. Center for American Progress.)

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Even passage of the Civil Rights Are there ways that voting Act that made poll taxes, literacy tests, and voter intimidation illegal laws undermine the demo- didn’t prevent some states from concratic voting process? tinuing to make voting difficult by: • Using complicated voter ID laws We like to think that the right to make proof of residency more to vote was won back in 1776 with difficult the signing of our Declaration of • Closing some polling stations in Independence and the subsequent underserved communities to force writing of our Constitution, but votlonger lines at the polls. ing is actually a right that we have • Putting limits on early voting or struggled for the past two centuries on absentee voting to cut down on to win. voting numbers. Less than one hundred years ago women finally won the right to vote. Some of the more draconian And African Americans and other measures of voter suppression and people of color who legally won the intimidation have recently been right to vote in the 19th century, overturned by the courts, but inhave also been battling for full equal- timidation still continues in various ity at the ballot box well into the 21st forms in some locations in the U.S. century. It wasn’t until 1965 with the Years of these practices, in one form passage of the Civil Rights Act, that or another, have left the impression people of color could be sure of be- for many that voting is simply not ing able to vote. But for several years worth the effort. a number of states found other ways to discourage voting: poll taxes to Reclaiming our Passion for keep the poor from the polls, literacy tests that were required only of Afri- Voting can Americans and American IndiThis 2016 Presidential election ans, fear tactics used by law enforcement officers to “discourage” voting poses real differences in the presidential candidates and in the future in certain communities. 43

direction for our country. This reason alone may rejuvenate voters’ interests in the democratic process. But there are other compelling reasons to urge greater voter participation.

If you don’t vote, others decide your future:

It’s not just the President on the ballot that matters: Even if you are not interested in this year’s Presidential candidates, other offices on the ballot may affect your life even more directly than the Presidential race. Schools, safety, taxes, and issues of equality are important local concerns. Are you unhappy about taxes going for the wrong things? City and county commissioners, state and federal legislators have a direct voice in how money gets apportioned. Are you concerned about your child’s education? Your school board members are the ones who decide many educational policies. Are you concerned about safety or about how you’re being treated in the community? The county prosecutor’s race, the mayor’s race, or the sheriff ’s race may be on your ballot.

Do people in your age bracket want a greater voice in how things are run? The people with the most power are the ones who make their voices heard. In Michigan, 70 percent of people ages 60 or over go to the polls. For people ages 18-29, voter turnout falls to 40 percent. Guess which group has the greatest say in policy making? Older generations and those in middle class communities tend to control the issues.

You cannot change a situation by ignoring it: Complaining about how the government works or where the money goes does little good. It is best to get out and try to change things through the voting process. Laws against discrimination in this country were passed because enough people started lobbying for change. We know, though, that change usually occurs slowly. Without people lobbying through the ballot box, those chang-


es may never occur. LGBT rights, for example, have been changed over the years because issues of equality were decided by those who showed up to vote.

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candidates and their views. You can also go to www.michigan.gov/vote to view your sample ballot, find out if you’re registered, find your voting location, and learn about the process of voting. Voting is a right to be cherished. We strengthen our democWe need to remember in Novemracy by making it more rep- ber that women and non-majority resentative: groups weren’t given the right to vote-- they fought for it. Achieving If we want our age group, our the right to vote has cost people their gender, our ethnic group more lives. In November we need to honor strongly represented, we need to step the people who’ve paved the way and up and into the ballot booth. In fact, to cherish our right to vote as memwe need to get out to encourage peo- bers of a thriving democracy. ple to register, and once they’re regMartin Luther King said, “Our istered, to actually vote. We need to lives begin to end the day we become pound on doors, talk to neighbors, silent about things that matter.” And friends, and family. If we want our the ballot box is the way to begin democracy to flourish, more people that process of change. need to be part of the process.

Being an informed voter makes voting easier. The League of Women Voters has a mission to educate voters about candidates and issues, to support voting rights, and to de-mystify the process of voting. You can go to www.vote411.org to find out the 45

Christian Davis


Business / Education


The Greeting Of Sisterhood How are you even more beautiful than before?

About the author: Ursula Adams, MSPOD, is a self-described builder, scientist, and sage. She loves to challenge archaic ideas, build new systems and share the resulting stories. Before founding the SheHive, Ursula contributed sixteen years of her life to strengthening regional philanthropy in Detroit at United Way and AIDS Walk Detroit. She was also instrumental in the social media tidal wave which helped Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan overcome considerable obstacles to get elected, serving as his voice online during his campaign. She currently serves on the Boards for the East English Village Association and Friends of the Alger Theater.

Ursula resides on the eastside of Detroit with her husband, Bryan, daughter, Aleah, and a gaggle of pets. She loves Detroit, telling a good story, girl time, road trips, pigeon pose, cherry cordial ice cream and an abundance mindset. I’ve long had a gift of saying stuff out loud that other people are afraid to say. I don’t do it to offend or to intimidate or to even draw attention to myself. I do it because I want everyone around me - women, in particular - to know that they’re not alone in their thoughts, desires and fears. You feel like no one is ever going to love you unless you pretend to be


someone you’re not? Been there. You’re afraid you’re stuck in a dead in job and don’t know if you’ll ever find your purpose? Done that. You have a secret desire or passion but are afraid to follow it because you’re afraid you might fail. Been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt too. Funny thing about our secret fears and desires - they are far less scary once we speak them out loud. Most often, because, someone who hears you is going to turn to you and say, “Me too!”

Business / Education

To say I was intimidated was an understatement. The fact that I showed up for class on the first day with my pants on inside out did nothing to quell my fears. (#TrueStory)

A few hours, and a few glasses of wine, into our welcome reception (after I had put my pants back on correctly), I decided to ‘fess up to my a few of my new classmates, a group of eight women. “I looked each of you up online before I got here,” I told them. “Y’all are an intimidating bunch of women!”

“Oh my god, me too!” they exNever was this more true for me claimed one after another. “Your than when I started graduate school LinkedIn profile is so impressive!” or a few years ago. Prior to our first “You’ve done so much!” or “You’re class, the program director sent out a so put together!” student listing. One by one I looked up each of my new classmates on“So ‘put together’?” I laughed. “My line. There were U.N. Peacekeepers pants were on inside out just a few and CEOs and Executive Directors hours ago!” - each person more impressive than the last. In fact, there were people We laughed at how each of us had in my cohort that had job titles that convinced ourselves that we were the were so damn fancy that I didn’t weak spot in the cohort - the fluke even know what it was they actually - the one person that was going to did! stick out like a sore thumb among 49

this group of powerful, smart, dynamic women. We promised each other that night that we would always remind each other that we all belonged, that we all had worth and that we were all rock stars in our own right. We developed a “secret” greeting that night to remind each other of this important decision...

So I decided to recreate it at home in Detroit. Or, rather, I decided to start thinking about recreating it back here at home. Thing is, once the idea took root I couldn’t stop it. Passion and purpose have a way of doing that to you.

Which is why, on June 13, 2016, I quit my job of sixteen years in nonprofit administration, cashed in “How are you even more beautiful than before?” We said it to each oth- my retirement and set out to create er every time we saw each other after a community where smart, brave, that day - a reminder of that special badass women can connect with and learn from each other. I startmoment where we all discovered ed talking about my passion projthat we share fears and desires. ect, nicknamed the “SheHive” by a Throughout the next two years, this friend’s husband, with anyone who group of women became my people would listen. - my tribe - my ride or dies. As grad school was wrapping up, I started to Apparently I wasn’t the only woman mourn the future loss of their com- that was craving connection with pany. Sure, we’d still always be con- other women because the more I talked about the SheHive, the more nected, but we would never again have the opportunity to be together women stepped up to offer support. in one space for any length of time They gave their time, talent and reand learn from each other, nurture sources - even a free space to test out each other and cheer each other on the concept. Within two months, I had a business plan, an awesome like we did while we were still in school. I had finally discovered the partner, Andrea Clegg Corp, an advalue of having a sisterhood and I so visory board, a lease on an office space, a logo design contest under didn’t want to lose it. way and a legal entity called 50

ness - spiritual, emotional, physical, occupational and social. In addition to weekly workshops taught by volEqual parts your best girlfriend’s unteers, our signature programs living room, mom’s kitchen table, are: the Bad Ass Ladies Supper Club a girls’ night out and your favorite classroom ever, the SheHive is a - a monthly meeting to share Life Lists and work on them together; place for you to connect with and learn from women fiercely commit- the Lady Boss Network - a support ted to loving you, lifting you up and group to help female leaders navihelping you discover those best parts gate the emotional side of being in charge; Warrior Goddess Wisdom of yourself that only other women can. Programming is co-created by - a multi-part series designed to help you rediscover both the warrior the Hive for the Hive and includes workshops, seminars, coaching and and goddess within; and the Weekly special events focused on all facets of Waggle, a free cup of coffee and conversation every Wednesday night at your well-being. 7 pm to connect us to each other. SheHive.

We officially opened our doors to the public last week. Over three hours, on an unseasonably cold and rainy night, nearly 150 women - young, old, black, white, introvert, extrovert, seasoned professional, student - packed our 600 square foot space to learn about this new community created just for them and connect with other women looking for the same. We started our workshops the very next day.

I invite you to come check out the SheHive, either in person and/or online at www.theSheHive.com. I swear to you, if you are looking for connection with other women and self-empowerment, there is magic within to be discovered. How are you even more beautiful than before? Come find out at the SheHive?

We have an initial 100 days of programming built out for now covering the many facets of women’s well51



Qween Magazine readers can use the promo code QWEEN to receive $5 off their first SheHive workshop between now and the end of the year.




Career Personality Test Read each statement and rate on a scale from 1-10 how much you can relate. One being the least relatable and ten being the most relatable. When finished add up all of your scores and get your results.


Business / Education I feel drained when I am alone too long.


I prefer to make decisions spare of the moment rather than plan.


I prefer to stand out rather than fit in.


I like to be the leader in most situations.


I feel energized when I am around people.


I crave social events with large groups of people.


I love to talk. My friends would say I talk a lot.



I make friends pretty easily


I can generate a conversation in almost any situation with almost anyone.


I prefer small gatherings with close friends over large events with a lot of people.


I prefer to work in high pressure situations.


I eagerly share my thoughts and feelings with other people.


When conversing with someone, I reveal personal facts about myself.


I consider myself an outgoing person. 58


Business / Education Introvert






An introvert is a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. Introverts are usually shy and prefer to be alone.

Neutral people don’t live one way. They can’t be put in one category because they are both introverted and extroverted. These people to base things off of their moods.

An extrovert is an outgoing, overtly expressive person. They are usually take leadership positions and work well with people.


Knowing this information can be really beneficial, especially when looking for a job or career. This test barely scratches the surface, when it come to personality test. Take The Myers-Briggs personality test now.



Who Is Qween? A qween is something special. A woman of great character. A leader and a hustler. A natural born nurturer. A mother. A daughter. A wife. A senora. Spiritual & Sensual She’s not one dimensional. She’s strong and powerful & because of love her heart is full. She is you, you are her. Forever royalty!


Profile for Qween Magazine

Fall Winter 2016  

This season Qween chose to focus on Love. Self love is the first step in world wide love. Spread the love! Special thamks to the author of "...

Fall Winter 2016  

This season Qween chose to focus on Love. Self love is the first step in world wide love. Spread the love! Special thamks to the author of "...