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COMMUNIQUE 1946 Reloaded will connect you with those goals you neglected because of personal setbacks, it will speak to you, motivate and inspire you to change your current situation-All you have to do is: read and grant it permission to connect with you and your inner thoughts!

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it�

TOP ACHIEVERS Candice Cronje-Two years with Vodacom and a consistent top performer-How does she do it?

Advise: Agents need to concentrate on what they are doing, put the client first and have the desire to be recognised so that they can be trusted to do the job and deliver quality calls, if you don’t know-ASK!

TAMEEM PADAYACHEE-Another consistent performer who delivers quality calls-What’s his secret?

Advise: My colleagues need to find purpose and motivate themselves to work beyond their comfort zone, they should understand that everything we do is a reflection of who and what we are!

OUPA LEBEA-14 Months with Vodacom, second time top performer-What did he do differently this time around?

Advise: We should all focus on the reasons that drive us to wake up every morning and come to work, those reasons should push us to be the best we can be, we should not wait for our superiors to tell us what to do. All of us should approach our daily tasks with maturity and discipline!

“Choice, Chance and Change-You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change�


”I’m always watching-But I’m no big brother”

“Working hard-shoes off-Ibatha out

“Selling the hungry look (lipstick)-or is it the Jan-u-worry effect”

“Dehydrated-Did we miss the White top and denim theme?”

Talking Soccer-Or not??

“Sarcasm is a brain stimulant. Using it can be beneficial to mental and physical health”

20-4-ME ”Me Season” What will you learn and enjoy in this season? What are you passionate about? Whatever your intentions are, be certain that they will have a positive influence in your life by the end of this year. Be guided by your heart, remain true to yourself and show initiative, imagination, Individuality and Independence. Your life is yours alone-rise up and live it!!!

“Without passion you become a passenger in your life”


What work is all about