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Lifts Chair Makes Bathing Possible For Old and Disabled - Bellavita Bath Lift _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Boaz Cain - Do you know anyone with arthritis or Parkinson's disease? Are you familiar with someone who has a condition that limits his or her mobility? For these people, taking a bath can be a serious challenge. The privileged ones can construct walk-in baths in their homes to make bathing a lot easier. Lifts chair is another excellent alternative to walkin baths since they are three to five times less expensive, highly portable, and very user friendly. Often, people who have physical disabilities do not want to forego their independence. Taking a bath is one of those activities that they want to do alone. However, since the bathroom is such a hazardous place for people with limited mobility, someone has to assist a disabled in order to accomplish bathing. Sadly, those who are having much trouble with movement opt not to cleanse themselves for the pain and trouble caused by going in and out of the shower. Learn More About Bellavita Bath Lift As mentioned, lifts chair is one of the various options that people with physical disabilities can choose to assist them in their bathing needs. The great thing about bath lifts is that with the simple touch of a button, the user is safely lowered into the bathtub and is gently lifted out again, after accomplishing bathing rituals, without anybody's assistance.

A great number of people, mostly over age 65, suffer from injuries due to falls in the shower every year. Bath lifts are made to assist the old, disabled, and injured in bathing to avoid painful injuries. When it is time to bathe, the user just needs to sit on the bath lift. Press a button to lower oneself into the tub. The user is now free to relax and enjoy bathing, something that people with limited physical abilities are unable to do anymore. When the user is done with bathing, simply press a button again to lift oneself back to the original position.

A vast array of chair lifts is available to those who are looking for the perfect bathroom aid. It is important that you shop around to ensure that you find a lift chair that is suitable for the user. Once you pick up the bath lift of your choice, you, or your loved one can once again experience the relaxing experience of soaking in the suds. Most bath lifts are battery-operated and can be recharged when the power supply runs out. For safety purposes, they are held stable by large suction cups to ensure that the chair will not slide while bathing. One specific model, the Sterling 311 Bath can be reclined to allow you to fully relax while bathing. It is one of the most affordable models of chair lifts available in the market. As with most types, it can be easily installed without drilling.

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Bellavita bath lift  
Bellavita bath lift  

The Drive Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter is the lightest and lowest bath lift available on the market. It weighs only 20.5 lbs and can lower to...