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Rent Increases Over Time Over the past ten years, the cost of rental housing in the U.S. has increased an average of 3.5% per year. If that trend continues, that means that an apartment or home renting for $1,000 per month will cost more than $1,300 a month in ten years. If you rent the same home for ten years, the total amount you would pay for rent will equal $140,777! will equal $140,777!

HOMEOWNERSHIPIs Not Just About Money The “numbers tell the story” examples should ease your mind about the financial aspects of becoming a homeowner. But there are other, non-financial benefits to homeownership that may partially explain the fact that buyers buy when they are ready. Several research studies indicate that homeownership adds to the value of communities, has positive effects on children, and even contributes to increased voter participation rates.

Why Rent? When You Can Buy?

Owning Can Lead to Tax Savings Owning Can Lead to Tax Savings None of that $140,777 is returned to you, either through savings or as an investment. Homeownership,on the other hand, often has tax advantages over renting a home, and those advantages can help you save money. For many homeowners, part of the monthly mortgage “payment” comes back to you in tax savings payment “comes back to you” in tax savings. many home-

owners, part of the monthly mortgag

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HomeOwnership Builds Wealth For Households

Buying a home can be a bit of an intimidating process. So here are a few questions to ponder before you do so.

The Federal Reserve Board estimates that homeowners’ net worth has ranged between 31 and 46 times more than that of renters in the years 1998 to 2007. In 2007, the median net worth for homeowners was $234,200 compared to $5,100 for renters. Even though that difference will surely narrow as a result of house price declines since 2007, homeowners will likely still have substantially greater net worth than renters. How do you build up your net worth?

Why Buy Now?

1. Do I want a home? 2. Can I afford a home? 3. Does buying a home make sense to me emotionally and financially? If you are struggling with these answers here are a few facts that might help you take that first step towards homebuying. As a homeowner, you build wealth in two ways: through paying down the principle on your mortgage and through those “appreciating returns” on your home. We’ve already seen how your $200,000 home could be worth $286,948 in ten years. In addition, you are paying down the principal on your mortgage. Remember that $200,000 you borrowed at 5.5 percent over 30 years – that debt amount is decreasing every month and every year as you make payments.

You may wonder whether it is worthwhile to wait to purchase your home until prices are at their lowest. Prices are not the only factor that should drive your decision. Currently, interest rates are near generation allows that greatly improve the affordability of homes. Further on the annual cost table, you can see that even if home prices decline, the possible tax savings of owning a home can lead to a lower cost for the buyer, not the renter. Also, the homebuyers tax credit is currently available but only through April 2010. Finally, and most importantly, when you have made the decision to commit to homeownership because you are ready, market conditions are a secondary concern. In fact, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found that four in ten firsttime buyers purchased a home because the buyer was ready to make the commitment to homeownership.


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No Lease on Life is a homeownership informational campaign launched February 25, 2013.

The campaign is hosted through the Public Relations Agency Turner PR.

The campaign is geared towards educating college students on the importance of financial and homeownership literacy to help prepare them for the bigger purchasing decisions while going through or leaving college.

The Campaign will be providing deliverables such as Campaign brochures, social networking buzz, Media Kits, and Real Estate Tours all to the students of a local or home University free of charge.

The campaign website will also be a direct access for students who would like to follow the campaign’s progress. The name of the website is

No Lease On Life Campaign will be partnered with the co-affiliates of Flex Squad Financial Literacy group, Wells Fargo, and Savannah Dream Home Foundation to include the students on a rewarding experience when learning the processes to purchase a home.

The programs of the No Lease on Life Campaign will consist of the following: o “What if I Did?” Workshop o Homeownership Knowledge Forum o “How well do you know your credit?” Free class, and workshop o “A Buying Experience” Real Estate Tour

No Lease On Life Campaign name developed from the idea that students should not hold back from knowing what is going in in their current buying market due to lack of literacy in the financial and home buying arena.


MEDIA ADVISORY NO LEASE ON LIFE CAMPAIGN: “WHAT IF I DID?” WORKSHOP WHAT: No Lease On Life Campaign will be hosting a workshop titled “What If I Did?” The workshop will be fun informational setting that will take students on a journey through the steps of the home buying process. WHY: How the students handle each situation given in the workshop will be a determining factor of how effective the campaign and educational courses that have been offered have been on their buying and literacy skills of purchasing a home. This workshop is a fun and inclusive way to engage students in the campaigns goal which is to keep students more informed on he home buying process. WHEN: The “What If I Did?” workshop will be a workshop will be held on Tuesday March 2, 2013 in the Student Union Ballroom C. If attendance is too high and involved the program will expand to Ballroom B. MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Tiger’s Roar and local newspapers are invited to come out and cover the event. A picture and interview will be allowed before or after the event. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Qwantel L. Turner, Executive Director of Turner PR Agency 470-222-9543.

Mass Communications C/o Alyssa Terry Tiger Roar Editor and Chief 3219 College Street Savannah, GA 31404 February 25, 2013 Dear Ms. Terry, You may see stories on campaigns educating college students on health, or politics and laws but what about homeownership? When leaving college students will have to make everyday consumer decision on a higher scale and based off of the survey of Turner PR’s homeownership campaign 74% are not aware of the programs offered for homeownership. So what can you help with? Turner PR, the hosting Agency of the campaign, is asking for promotion and media coverage efforts from Tigers Roars staff writers. Just as important as it is to make a decision to come to college students to make a decision on the right college, becoming financially literate is just as important. Our Agency will be releasing press releases, and media advisories on the “No Lease on Life Campaign” to the public and this is your extensive invitation to join the movement. I would be happy to meet with you to introduce more information on the campaign, and show you personally the brochures and video efforts for the campaign. I will follow up with you two weeks from today. Thank you for your time and consideration, and please contact me 470-222-9543 or by email at qlturner13@gmail if you are interested in learning more about No Lease on Life Campaign. Sincerely,

Qwantel L. Turner, Executive Director Turner PR Agency


CONTACT: Qwantel Turner, Executive Director 470-222-9543

TURNER PR LAUNCHES NEW INFORMATIONAL CAMPAIGN Savannah, GA- Turner PR, a newly structured Public Relations Agency will launch a new campaign geared towards informing and educating college students o the process to buy a home. The campaign, “No Lease On Life” supports homeownership and financial literacy amongst college students on Savannah State University’s campus. The campaign will continue for four weeks from today. The new campaign will be supported and partnered with the organizations of Flex Squad, Savannah Dream Home Foundation, and Wells Fargo Banking. These affiliates will offer free services to teach both homeownership and financial literacy amongst the target audience of 18-25 year old students. “As a banker it is known as a common exception to make loans permissible under two circumstances; education, and buying a home,” say Kent Forrester, Well Fargo Accountant. After conducting a survey among a sample size of 100 students the results revealed 83% of students are not aware of the process and steps it takes to buy a home. The No Lease On Life Campaign will be an encouraging way to become more acquainted with homeownership and basic financial literacy skills. The campaign will offer forums, workshops, real estate tours, and even real life testimonies of students who currently rent apartments and those who actually own homes. All services for students of Savannah State University, and nearby Universities will be free. “Students are our future decision makers for tomorrow’s next big purchase, its better to gain the knowledge now than to get it while in the process of buying,” states Barbara of Savannah Dream Home Association. See more of the campaign at And don’t be surprised if you see a T-shirts popping up with the campaign slogan, this will be a powerful movement and that’s one of the many advertisements for the campaign. About the Campaign: Turner PR Agency has created a campus wide informational campaign to boost homeownership knowledge in the Savannah State University community and keep valuable skills such as financial literacy upon the departure of college. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about the benefits and convenience of owning a home, while also motivating behavior change among target audience 18-25 years of age. ###

No Lease On Life Homeownership Media Kit  

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