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PVC cards are specially designed for dye-sublimation printing. Composite cards are a mixture of 60% PVC with a 40% polyester core and are recommended for laminating or where a more durable card is required.printer. The best of both worlds!

Cards Self Adhesive

Where surfaces are not conducive to dye-sublimation printing, self adhesive cards are the answer. These come in a variety of different thicknesses and are especially suited to certain proximity cards.


Plain White PVC 760 micron cards - premium Plain White PVC 760 micron cards - economy Plain White composite 760 micron cards - (60/40) Plain White PVC 480 micron cards - economy Plain White biodegradable 760 micron cards Plain White rewritable 760 micron cards

Code 336-8000 336-8077 336-8016 336-8023 336-8087 336-8089


If signatures are required, our signature panel cards are the ideal solution. Standard position is central. Please notify if extra panels or split panels are required.


High quality, contactless cards are available in a variety of different formats. Cards can be pre-printed on request. Mifare cards can be printed and encoded with the Securit 6400 software.

Contact Description

Self-adhesive cards - 480 micron Self-adhesive cards - 400 micron Self-adhesive cards - 320 micron

Code 336-8027 336-8002 336-8025

A wide range of contact memory cards are available. The most popular are listed. If not listed, please ask for a quote.

HID Cards

Mag Stripe

Cards are available with a magnetic stripe. These can be LoCo or HiCo. Cards can be supplied encoded and/or numbered on request. All cards are 760 micron

Ideal for membership and business cards. Use with Monochrome ribbons. Colours available: Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver


HiCo mag stripe cards - Premium HiCo mag stripe cards - Economy HiCo mag stripe cards - Composite (60/40) LoCo mag stripe cards - Premium


Blank Cards with signature strip Blank Cards with 2 x signature strips Blank cards with signature strip + HiCo

Code 336-8001 336-8076 336-8017 336-8012

Code 336-8010 336-8011 336-8013

As an Authorised HID Reseller, we can supply the full range of HID cards. We can also supply pre-printed cards and our bureau service can personalise and encode these cards for you.


We supply a wide range of proximity cards for use with most of the main access control systems. Cards available for Paxton Access, PAC, TDSi, Keri, Bewator/Cotag, Motorola, Casi-Rusco and Indala If not listed, please ring for a quote.











Standard coloured 760 micron PVC cards Metallic coloured 760 micron PVC cards Standard coloured 760 micron PVC cards with HiCo Black plain silk finish 760 micron PVC cards

Mifare Classic 1k cards Mifare Classic 4k cards Mifare Plus 2k cards Mifare Plus 4k cards Mifare Desfire EV1 2k cards Mifare Desfire EV1 4k cards Mifare Desfire EV1 8K cards Legic 256 or 1024 cards EM4102 HiTag Cards

SLE 4442/5542 SLE 4428/5528 JCOP21 - contact only JCOP31 - contact/contactless Sunray

ISO Prox II graphics quality cards Duo Prox II cards with mag stripe Smart ISO Prox II - graphics quality cards iClass cards 2/2 iClass cards 2/16 Proxcard II - clamshell cards MicroProx Proximity Access Tag

Paxton Net 2 Proximity Cards (692-500) Paxton Net 2 with Proximity with mag stripe (692-448) Paxton Net 2 Clamshell (693-112) PAC Proximity Cards (21039) PAC with hi-co mag stripe (21041) KEYPAC Proximity Cards (21030) KEYPAC with hi-co mag stripe (21031) TDSI Microcard infrared (4801-0008) TDSI Proximity (4262-0245) Cotag ISO thin passive (IB958-102) Cotag Clamshell (IB968) Casi-Rusco ISO Prox Lite

336-8004 336-8003 336-8040 336-8069

336-3033 336-8051 336-8110 336-8111 336-8112 336-8113 336-8114 336-8115 336-3070 336-8116

336-8117 336-8118 336-8119 336-8020 336-8021

336-8200 336-8205 336-8208 336-8078 336-8072 336-8212 336-8210

336-3062 336-3066 336-3051 336-3043 336-3065 336-3046 336-3071 336-3054 336-3056 336-8031 336-8056 336-3090


Don’t make it easy for your cards to be copied Pre-Printed Cards

Currently, card printers can only print at 300dpi. This is more than adequate for many applications, but where precise colour matching of Pantone colours or more

intricate, security designs are required, then it is advisable to use pre printed cards. Our offset litho printed cards are ideal where the highest quality reproduction of logos or graphics are required, or where static text or a graphic is required on the reverse. Security printing is also available.

Advantages of pre-printed cards 1 2


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Low cost - ring for a quote and test us out Fast, efficient service Quick turnaround for all jobs High quality - latest state of the art equipment Stringent quality control Low quantities - orders from 250 cards viable Versatile - both litho and silk screen printing

5 6

Our generic guilloche cards will add security for even the smaller user. Combine with a Magicard HoloKote pattern and your security level is instantly improved. (see p.18)

Save Capital Outlay on a double sided printer Pre-print and just use a single-sided printer.

Save on colour ribbons. If no photo required, preprint in full colour and personalise with a mono chrome ribbon. Colour consistency. Pantone matching - adhere to your corporate image. Speed - increase productivity by pre-printing reverse of cards. Improve security. Reduce the chance of cards being copied. Sell sponsorship on reverse of card

3 4


Guilloche 100

Guilloche 200

Guilloche 300

 Pantone Colour Matching  Higher definition for logos  Security designs (guilloches etc.)  Micro and UV printing  Litho and silk screening

HoloPatch Cards

Guilloche 400


HoloKote - Standard Pre-Printed

Generic Guilloche Design Cards Custom Security Print with Laminate


Combine security features for added security

Guilloche Patterns These fine line, intricate lace patterns are impossible to reproduce with a desktop printer. They provide a watermark style backdrop to your cards, similar to those used on banknotes, passports etc.

Holoimages These can include intricate detail and patterns to near photographic quality within a diffractive or metallic foil.


Micro Text or Nano Text Cards with pre-printed text that can only be read with magnification or with UV exposure.

Colour Shifting Ink Cards with a specified image of colourshifting inks formulated to change from one colour to another. This feature is part of the inner layer of the card and cannot be scratched, or removed. For a cost effective way to add security to your cards, we supply a range of standard and customised holodesign cards. Standard holopatch cards can be used in conjunction with Magicard printers and Holokote keys. Customised HoloDesign cards give a hologram like effect and can be used with all printers.


HoloKote - Custom

Custom Security Print

Holodesigns For extra security we can pre-print your cards with a holodesign. A combination of diffractive and non-diffractive foils produce a 2D, hologram-like effect, yet with a low set-up cost. Gold and silver foil available for a high security, high quality finish.

Holograms offer the ultimate in security. Layers of images are overlapped giving an illusion of depth. Highly secure and ideal for larger, security projects.


Blank Cards

With the growing numbers and reducing costs of card printers now available, card issuers are facing an uphill battle against forgeries and card copies. Much of this can be avoided by introducing simple security features into the card design. Used in conjunction with card printers that also add a security laminate overlay, secure, tamperproof cards can be produced. Depending on the level of security required, there are a range of printing techniques that can be used.

UV Printing This covert feature involves printing a design in a clear ink which is invisible in daylight, but clearly visible when exposed to a UV light.

Securit Advantages

Type of Card

Security Printing


Guilloche 100 Guilloche 200 Guilloche 300 Guilloche 400 Holopatch cards Holopatch cards with mag stripe HoloDesign cards


336-8600 336-8601 336-8602 336-8603 336-8033 336-8043 336-8604


plastic cards  

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