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Image Capture

Devices for high quality pictures, signatures and fingerprints

HQ Digital Camera High quality, 10 megapixl digital camera which can be used in conjunction with the Securit Digital Plug-in facility (see page 10) to ensure excellent ‘live’ image capture with synchronised flash Canon


Signature Tablet A quick and clean method of adding signatures to your ID cards. The cardholder simply signs direct onto the panel and the signature is entered automatically into the database. Signature Tablet 312-2009


Digital Camera

Cost effective and easy to use, 8.2 megapixel digital camera with integrated flash. Smart choice for convenient, high quality image capture. FinePix


Good quality USB webcam, which can be connected direct to PC for ‘live’ image capture. 1280 x 1024 (1.3 megapixl) resolution. Recommended for use with Securit ID software.



Speed up the photo process with this handy pan & tilt unit with remote control. Allows you to easily manoeuvre the camera without adjusting the tripod. Ideal for live image capture. Pan & Tilt

Our photo backdrop stand is a great addition to any Photo ID system. People spend thousands of pounds on acquiring photo ID systems only for the end result to be ruined by unprofessional photos. The Photo Backdrop stand ensures that all photos are taken with a uniform background so your ID cards all have a professional finish and they all look alike. The stand is sturdy, lightweight and is easy to quickly assemble or dismantle if you need to move it to another location.

Grommet clips on each corner ensure perfect fit every time with our exclusive hook & pull technology

Locking Nut holds Photo Backdrop in place


86.36 cm (34”)

NEW wrinkle resistant backdrop 71.12 cm (28”)

Adjustable Lower Cross Bar locks in place for a snug Wrinkle Free fit every time

Velcro attaches backdrop securely in place on both top and bottom cross bars

Two Cinch Nuts allow for easy height adjustment whether subject is sitting or standing

A small price to pay for professional looking ID cards

Sturdy Tripod Base is collapsible for easy portability

Light Blue, White, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow& Red NEW - REVERSIBLE Light Blue/White



Fingerprint Scanner Pan & Tilt For large projects, the Verifier is a rugged, durable & portable fingerprint scanner. For smaller projects, our Tru Blu scanner is a cost effective solution. Use with the Securit 6400 software.

It’s so easy to ensure professional looking photos

Telescopic height adjustment from 71cm to 198cm (28” to 78”) tall



Photo ID Backdrop Stand


Securit Camera Plug-ins Mini Tripod

For bringing in live images to your ID card software, Securit have developed plug-ins to work with a few digital and web cameras. These plug-ins allow you to capture live images and crop before saving to the database.

Get rid of those shakes with our desk mounted, adjustable mini tripod. Height and angle adjustable. Ideal for ‘live’ image capture. Mini Tripod



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