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There have been several varieties of changes over the last couple of months, but the new owners have been concentrating mostly on customer service, community events, and of course the role of nightclub ownership with a gaming license. FREEZONE is the only gay club in Las Vegas that offers dining, dancing and slot machines. P.J. continues, “I have teamed up with Russ Taylor; he is my right hand man. With the knowledge that was passed on from his mother (Kaye Taylor), we plan to make this bar the best it’s ever been while carrying on her legacy.” The nightclub was completely revamped from an Italian restaurant in 1997 and opened it’s doors in April 1998. In 2001 it hosted the first NCOD Street Festival (that continues every October), and in 2005 FREEZONE was completely renovated. It has been bittersweet for Kaye Taylor to leave her creation and move on. “I have made a good choice, and I know my community will continue to support FREEZONE. I am confident that both P.J. and Russell will enhance FREEZONE events and play close attention to the very reason it is FREEZONE: the people,” said Kaye. Freezone is open 24/7 and offers drink specials, shows, dancing, dining and gaming. It’s located at 610 E. Naples, two blocks south of the Hard Rock Hotel in the gay district known as ‘the fruitloop’. For more information: visit 

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TO DEBUT AT THE SIN CITY GALLERY New York photographer Marne Lucas will debut her male nude exhibit “Mandwich Redux” at Sin City Gallery May 3-27. Lucas’ work explores nature, pop-culture and sexuality. On First Thursday, May 3, Sin City Gallery will host an artist’s preview from 7-10 p.m. “Mandwich Redux” is a photography project celebrating the male physique and character as Lucas sees men through her fantasies and dreams. With humor, warmth and intimacy her work portrays all types of men. Lucas’ visual style uses fashion design and art direction to achieve a sensual aesthetic. Performers Chad Ferro, Paul Soileau (aka Christeene) along with artists Walt Cessna and Scooter LaForge are among those appearing in her work. Lucas is inspired by the early works of artists James Bidgood, photographers Bob Mizer and Jim French and by her peer and contemporary photographer Michael Alago. Lucas is also moved by the energy and style of the late Mark Morrisroe, Klaus Nomi and Freddie Mercury. “I love to photograph the body and skin intimately to capture subtle nuances of emotions or moods, and I tend to concentrate

on creating a sensual aesthetic while making humorous or social commentary in my work,” explains Lucas.




Freezone is celebrating its 15th anniversary May 18th20th, and has stayed consistent with its mission. It’s of no surprise that in April, Kaye Taylor announced she had sold FREEZONE to the only people she could trust to carry on her vision of a community nightclub: P.J. Brazier and her son Russell Taylor. PJ has been with Freezone since it’s grand opening in 1998, and has become a community leader and one of the most popular bartenders in Gay Las Vegas. Brazier was promoted to General Manager several years ago and he, along with Peter Jobson, (owner of BlownOut Productions) has made a goal to involve the club in many of the local nonprofits. “I have been an advocate for seventeen years, and we have partnered up with many local and visiting nonprofits, Sin Sity Sisters, LGBT softball and tennis leagues, artist Nick San Pedro, NGRA Rodeo, Pride and now that I am owner, I plan to continue to play a larger role in being a voice for our community,” said Brazier.

Her most notable work is the award-winning cult classic “The Operation,” completed in 1995. It’s an erotic short film made with filmmaker Jacob Pander, employing black-and-white thermal imaging technology. The result merged invasive surveillance cameras and the body in the service of fine art. Lucas was co-curator with Teresa Dulce for the “Danzine Retrospective” (NYC) in “At The Mercy Of Others: The Politics of Care” and co-curator of “Sex By Sex Worker Film + Video Festivals” (1998, 2000), the first of its kind created to provide exposure for sex-working artists, support freedom of speech and advocate female health and safety. Sin City Gallery is located off the Strip in the famous Arts Factory at 107 E. Charleston Boulevard, Suite 100. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1 to 7 p.m. For information, updates and exhibition calendar, call 702-6082461 or visit:


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