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Who are you? A s for me, I believe there are several levels or lay ers of ME. Usually when asked „Who are you?“ people would answer me their name, their profession, career paths, some hobbies or interests or them within the context of the cul ture scape, family or environ ment. The question that really intrigued me along my journey is who are we after leaving be hind all layers that we assume to be us - what is left at the core root of it? On a conscious level we are the result of all variables that have formed us so far observed at a certain time and space, not fixed but merely a snapshot of me and us in a continuum. If we know US at the core of ONENESS and UNITY, we are perhaps able to walk through the process of individuation more conscious ly. Individuation according to Carl Jung described as the process of transformation, a completely normal and natu ral evolving process necessary for the integration of the psy che, whereby the personal and collective unconscious are brought into consciousness to be integrated into forming our whole personality, for exam Tip: The artworks showcased in this magazine have been inspired by music in a process of synesthesia. To fully dive into them, we highly suggest using headphones while listening to their inspiration.



θ  ple with the help of dreams, active imagination, or free association. We all grow up and believe we live our lives freely, go out and fulfill our dreams. But are we really do ing so? Or does the culture scape, parenting, experience in education system, personal experiences and relationships we encounter in life have a bigger framing on us than we acknowledge or are conscious of? Not because they want to put limiting beliefs on us or into a frame consciously, but maybe because it rather hap pens subconsciously or sys tems that have been designed do not match to current chal lenges we are facing in daily live in small as well as larger context on a societal and glo bal level? Maybe we are living in a much more exciting time than we are aware of. Social tension, chaos and as I would call it „hotpot“ situations also hide great opportunities within them, if we can em brace different point of views, accept holistic perspectives and see problems as challeng es that await to be solved with the help of collective creativ ity. CREATIVITY - the ability to use or produce original and unusual ideas.

Kids are artists.


I n recent years, I have asked myself the following ques tions: What is my real, au thentic self? What am I good at? How can I use the knowl edge I have learned so far to make a contribution to soci ety and create added value?

The desire to follow my voca tion and passion has devel oped, to make connections, to bring people together, to share and promote knowledge, creativity and talent. ART SCIENCE. It has never been a decision, either or, but always, “both and“. Both, Asian and Western culture and values. Both art and science. Both, being a radiologist and an art ist. Against this background, I share a deep resonance with Zao Wou-ki. As a synesthete, I paint the music I am listening to. For me, painting is a form of meditation, music and art a key to the collective subcon scious and creative flow. In the flow, you leave con sciousness aside. “A per son paints with his brain and not with his hands” said Michelangelo. Music is made up of vibrations and frequen cies, the same goes for colors. “We see colors, but not wave lengths.” wrote C.G. Jung, who dealt deeply with the col lective subconscious. “ If you always set limits, on everything you do,

θ  II

Polar Thunderstorm

θ  physically or everything else, then this will result in limits in your work and your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus. And you must not stop there, you have to go beyond that.” - B. Lee. I am convinced that there is creative potential in each and everyone of us, we just have to find the right key for the door. And what is more fun than making this a shared meditative & creative experi ence and exchange? I am look ing forward to shaping the fu ture creatively with you and I am looking forward to meet ing your creativity.

Throwback Art Event “Kunst in Licher Scheunen” 2021 C reating community paintings, exhibition and collective ti tling of artworks, mutual inspira tion.


θ 11 III

Gift Self Reflected

T o me, the potentiality of our brain is the greatest gift. It is a transmitter and a receiver at the same time. Us ing it, we have infinite poten tial to solve problems or chal lenges we are facing in life, society and globally. The in dividuation process with ex panding consciousness from subconsciousness is what ex cites me most. For me, this process is an ART SCIENCE - requiring to invite our in ner child to play along in the process of problem solving, since it is the one which is the most creative. Take for exam ple our eyes and the act of be holding a painting. Everyone of us looks at it differently. Some grasp the bigger picture first and are not so much fo cused on the finer detail. The next comes along and looks at a tiny detail on the right left corner and another one sees the spot in the middle right away. Let us say the painting is colorful and we pause and see the red, blue, yellow and green colors on the canvas. How do we know that we all see the same green and inten sity as the other? There might be so many different shades of green that we experience as a collective, without ever realizing it. To me, it has al ways been bewildering to ob serve how we can be so sure and certain on things that we were taught. Might there be another way of perceiv

θ 12 ing things? Everything comes with a manual, unfortunately not our brain. A study from Haddad et al. [1] comes to the conclusion that gender influ ences shade matching quality or Jaint et al. [2] comes to the conclusion that gender plays a role in color perception. I am always skeptical about stud ies. My motto is we should not trust statistics we have not feed into as a collective, question collectively while feeding it and double checked in theta state. But maybe we are missing on a completely different and more efficient approach. Maybe we could use collective consciousness and intelligence in answering those questions while experi encing infinite creative poten tial in theta and delta state awake. I often find myself overwhelmed by the amount of studies I find in different re search platforms like PubMed. So much work and resources invested into and I ask myself why we put so much effort and energy in doing these studies. For me, the overall “why“ is we want to understand, to be able to see the world through heaven’s eyes. Thus, maybe we should focus more on ask ing the right questions. I be lieve having access to theta and delta state and expanding consciousness is the most ef ficient way to improve under standing fast. All knowledge and understanding begins with self-knowledge - to know “thyself“. Thus we should ask ourselves what is the fastest and easiest way to get to theta and delta state and experience this while being awake. Medi tation guides us fastest on the track and I believe ART SCIENCE is of help. It is not only art or science. Art shows us our subconscious mind re flected. Everyone of us sees

θ 1 and interprets a painting, text or mirror work differently and art has the potential to unlock our creativity. It is rather a dance between art and science than only art or only science. And the best would be to write a manual along the journey to share with everyone to have a manual for his/her brain - the transmitter and receiver to collective intelligence, a plug to heaven’s eyes.

[1] Haddad HJ, Jakstat HA, Arnetzl G, Borbely J, Vichi A, Dumfahrt H, Renault P, Corcodel N, Pohlen B, Marada G, de Parga JA, Reshad M, Klinke TU, Hannak WB, Paravina RD. Does gender and experience in fluence shade matching quality? J Dent. 2009;37 Suppl 1:e40-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jdent.2009.05.012. Epub 2009 May 22. PMID: 19520478.

[2] Jaint N, Verma P, Mittal S, Mittal S, Singh AK, Munjal S. Gender based alteration in color perception. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2010 Oct-Dec;54(4):366-70. PMID: 21675035.)


Surface. Water surfaces can provide us such a calm and soothing atmosphere. Observ ing the reflections makes us pause and ponder about our selves and life. As a child, I felt repelled against wa ter surfaces, partly also be cause of a childhood trauma. It seemed so mysterious to me and I would not know as to how deep it goes below its surface. I felt it to be rather mischievious to lure us in only to fall into a deep sea or pond without knowing where we will land. In Asian culture every birth year is associated with an element, mine is fire in the year of the rabbit. It took me some time to con nect with the element water on a deeper level and learn to appreciate it. I have come to embrace the characteristics of water. It helps us to stay “in flow“ throughout life. Water is formless, shapeless, it can flow, it can crash and it can overcome anything while still remaining soft. Water is like a MIRROR and can help us to not only better understand ourselves, but also life and our place within it. Having a look at our own reflection and dive deeper to know our tru est “self“ takes courage and can at times be frightening. But rising up on the other side makes this journey worthwhile and self-fulfilling.

θ 15 IV Reflections

θ 16 “ The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.“ - Claude Monet

Teenagers are artists.


HContract“.istoryis of help if we wish to understand more. History repeats itself in one form or another just with a different melting pot. Rousseau proclaimed that the general will, the will of the people, should be sover eign. This is where we get our catch. Herein lies the key as to where we regain our free dom inside society as a whole. Only the general will – gen eral interest as opposed to private interest – guarantees man his autonomy. No society can be free unless individu als within its society or the world as a whole understands that the general will or gen eral interest should prevail over their own individual one. The process of individuation should lead us to self-actuali zation until we find our pur pose in service for the group as a whole. Each and everyone of us has due to his or her own experiences in life, environ ment, upbringing, talents and traits a unique way of think ing, combining thought proc esses and ideas differently, which applied as a creator can serve the collective. The proc ess of individuation that Carl Jung wrote about and which has fostered individualism

Breaking Chains

“ Man is born free and eve rywhere is in chains“ is the famous opening of JeanJaques Rousseau’s “The Soci etal

θ 19 V

θ 20 along the last century and decades is not fulfilled and completed yet until each of us reaches the other side and be comes aware of our individual strengths and are empowered to do our unique work and creations everyone of us is ca pable of, in service to provide to the grander artwork of life and creation as a whole. Thus, to know “thyself“ in the con tinuum of energy, frequency and vibrations, to co-create and contribute. 79%* of the participants in a survey con ducted by the Association of Univer sity of Radiology claimed to have at least one symptom of burnout. * Source: AJR 2022; 218:370–374, “Physician Burnout in Radiolo gy: Perspectives From the Field”, American Roentgen Ray Society

The project of our heart Teaminbondingthe Lahn-Dill-Kliniken Y ou just read it, Quynh as a radiologist experiences it. This makes us even more proud to be able to collabo ratively get creative with the medical care centres (MCC) Lahn-Dill-Kliniken and their radiology team as part of an ART SCIENCE team bonding. In addition to strengthening to view their own artworks on the walls of the building floors in the future. The project is currently still actively being realized and we are already looking forward to expanding the activities to other teams and hospitals. We will con tinue to document events and their outcomes online for eve



VI Inner Child W hat did you love to do at the age of 12? I loved to paint, dance, jump, sing and explore either on my own or with friends. Every day from waking up, opening my eyes until closing them to sleep I would ask myself many questions and think about what I could explore next. Time seemed to stretch endlessly. Days had so many hours that needed to be filled with exciting things. Why is it that kids and teens are the most creative? It is because we are free and have not yet been filled with limiting be liefs as to what we can do or achieve. Why dreams and im agination are so important to me? Because it is with dreams and imagination that we cre ate our future. I would like to invite you to open your eyes and remember the way you were looking at life, the world and future as a child again. Look at everything afresh with an open heart and mind. Along the journey, you will realize how vivid and in tensely we can perceive our surroundings. It is not that the world around us changes and becomes more intense. But it is us who become more aware of it and are able to en joy it together. I often came across the saying “to find love and be happy one has to look within”. And it is something so many movies, books and creations write about and try

θ 2

- Henry David Thoreau

θ 2 to show us. As for me, it of ten felt like a peek-a-boo and I was missing a guide to join in the journey. But if it is one trait that I have, it is radical curiosity. Well, I have several more traits, but this is as far as I am aware of now my domi nant trait. I would love to in vite you to join me along our journey to unlock our RADI CAL CURIOSITY and CREA TIVITY.

“ The world is but a can vas to the imagination.”

Adults are artists.


θ 2 VII Impossible = I’m possible “ IMPOSSIBLE BRO KEN DOWN EQUALS I`M POSSIBLE” - Audrey Hepburn Hotpot situations, be it on a small to a larger scale, are the results in 3D after having boiled up long before in the individual or collective sub conscious mind in 5D. Every new era is preceded by a cha otic situation, which calls out for coming up with creative solutions collectively. “ Order is for the primi tive, genius rules chaos.” - Albert Einstein So therefore we should em brace chaos and see it as an opportunity for collective growth. According to Kaufman et al. [1] openness/intellect is most closely associated with creativity and creative achievement. In their study with four demographically di verse samples totaling 1,035 participants, the hypothesis, whereas openness predicts creative achievement in the arts and intellect predicts creative achievement in the sciences, has been confirmed. In addition, extraversion ad ditionally predicted crea tive achievement in the arts independently to openness.

Ever since scientists like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Nico la Tesla, Carl Gustav Jung and many more have integrated an


θ 2 artistic as well as a scientific approach into their research. “ The pioneer scientist must have a vivid in tuitive imagination, for new ideas are not generated by deduction, but by artisti cally creative imagination.”

WE ARE ALL POSSIBLE DOING RESEARCH IN AN ART SCIENCE WAY. LET US COLLECTIVE LY EXPLORE THE HOW! [1] Kaufman SB, Quilty LC, Grazioplene RG, Hirsh JB, Gray JR, Pe terson JB, DeYoung CG. Openness to Experience and Intellect Dif ferentially Predict Creative Achievement in the Arts and Sciences. J Pers. 2016 Apr;84(2):248-58. doi: 10.1111/jopy.12156. Epub 2015 Jan 28. PMID: 25487993; PMCID: PMC4459939.

- Max Planck Along my journey through medical education, I was won dering why we have not been trained to do scientific re search the way former great scientists did it. Thus, I have been diving deeper into my personal subject of inter est and went down the rabbit holes of investigating their researching approach. I am looking forward to sharing with my findings along our journey on the blog. I BELIEVE

Yes, YOU are an artist! Participate in one of our workshops and convince yourself. Youth Adults


Rethink Framing Art F RAMING - is an ART to change our perspective of our subjectively perceived reality. Psychology, neuro science, linguistics and cog nition research show us how our brain manages to depict, organize and expand the world we can experience through frames and provide us with a kind of map for everyday life. Framing comes with a cer tain responsibility. Because frames often do not represent reality itself, but are merely a perspective on it. And this perspective, which we sub jectively perceive as truth, is usually nothing other than an attempt to help a personal in terest to succeed. One could also say: frames are “interestdriven constructions of real ity”. If you take a look at the history of the development of the human brain, it becomes clear that its orientation pri marily enables us to ensure our survival. At no point has it been a key function of the brain to enable us to discern truth objectively. Therefore, we should say goodbye to the illusion of “absolute truth”. With this knowledge, there is a certain responsibility, and this enables us to look behind framing in everyday life.

θ 1 VIII


U NIFIELD FIELD - being in awe. It was by the end of December 2018 / beginning 2019 that I experienced this field for the very first time. At that time, I did not know how this experience is called. And I did not get there by classi cal practice of meditation in the sense of how we usually associate meditation to be practiced. I felt like arriving at a secret garden of bliss and expanded consciousness. The feeling was so overwhelming that I could not express it in words. I had no words for it to explain or talk about. It was a feeling of being overwhelmed and in awe. This secret garden feels like ONENESS - UNITY - HOLISTIC. At that level of pure consciousness we expe rience abundant love, accept ance and infinite creativity. It was very irritating to come back to daily life and environ ment, not being able to share with the people I love and people I care about. Energy is contagious. But if you are not able to truly express yourself and only have your own ex periences to share, it can be quite challenging in daily life to believe in yourself and the reality that you experienced. Luckily, I was able to travel and find other people to con nect with and dive deeper into understanding what has hap pened to me. Still, coming back to my innate environ ment was very challenging to

IX Unified Field - Oneness


θ  me. It felt sad, sad to know that there was a new way to experience life, and me not being able to share it for all to understand. This path of awakening lead me to experi ence all kinds of frequencies. I often find myself in the seat of the observer, observing not only my environment, but also my own thought processes. I always questioned my experi ence and truth and the truth of others. Since there is no abso lute truth. Reality is relativein my perception it is rather a spectrum of infinite realities formed by our consciousness based on the cultural scape, upbringing, parenting, educa tion and own experiences we evolve through in life. What I experienced has probably been delta state, but while being awake.

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