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Artwork is a real photo print using the latest exposed laser technology and classically developed on high-quality Fuji Crystal Archive, then framed and placed behind acrylic glass. Shipping cost and tax are included. For best interior design results, final frame color will be hand selected with the customer. Individual commission artwork sizes outside of our product catalog (up to 5m) are available upon request. All artworks shown in this book are available from Quynh Klaus and may be purchased at www.qk.gallery (subject to availability). The QK Gallery is currently the only authorized seller for QK artworks and artprints. All other sellers are not authorized and do not sell original and authentic QK products. Buyers of authentic products in the QK Gallery will be listed in the Quynh Klaus catalogue raisonee. Each piece is limited edition and custom made and comes with a separately shipped, hand-signed certificate of authenticity. Partner galleries, which will be authorized to sell our products, are going to be listed digitally online at the QK Gallery.

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This logo was created graphically on the abstracted initials of the artist. The integrated and stylized lotus flower has a variety of meanings. The stylized flower stands for creativity, development and success. In addition, the flower symbolizes the willingness and necessity to keep learning new things throughout life. The lotus flower also represents the artist’s middle name “Lien” and is a tribute to her cultural background. The “Q” from the artist’s first name offers a protected space for this, while the K opens up and thus expresses the willingness to share talent and knowledge with as many people as possible. The logo is designed with the intention to be used as a family logo and will be seen in slightly modified forms for other areas. Ronald Wissler (Logo Design)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. ” Albert Einstein

ARTSCIENCE is the fusion of art, music and science. Did you know, for example, that according to neuroscientists, everyone has the potential to have synaesthetic perceptions. Synesthesia is a phenomenon which stimulates and blends multiple senses, according to brain researchers, everyone has the potential to have synaesthetic perceptions, i.e. to be able to see sound as color, to feel color and/or sound as temperature or to even taste sound and color. Through our wide-ranging experience in the fields of art, music, and science (e.g. radiology), we understand the interplay between mind and body and enjoy using this knowledge to support people in their creative development, collaboration and to grow together.

Quynh Klaus

This project was realized through the vision and determination of Quynh Klaus. Her initial spark inspired everyone around her from her family, people she worked with, children, teenagers, and even strangers. With her medical background, using her extensive experience evaluating the imaging procedures in radiology as well as her passion for hypnosis (RTT) she has an extraordinary understanding of the human body and mind. You can tell in every aspect: QK ARTSCIENCE is her heart project. Quynh’s desire to help and branch away from the conventional started early in her life. By the age of 12, Quynh felt the calling of the arts and started holding painting courses as well as mentoring children and adolescents in various subjects. This experience paved the way for QK ARTSCIENCE as we know it now, a whole body and mind project that includes coaching, courses, and team bonding. She is the embodiment of the philosophy behind the QK ARTSCIENCE project.

"Sans titre" - 2021


Synesthesia is a perception phenomenon in which certain sensory impressions activate areas of the brain, which are usually not stimulated by these sensory impressions. This creates an additional sensory experience and is a very heterogeneous phenomenon in which, for example, music can trigger a number or color experience. Synesthesia is a special talent. The cause is an increased functional coupling between different brain regions. Synesthesia causes a heightened sensory experience and goes hand in hand with above-average creativity and memory performance. Examples of artists with synesthesia: Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Franz Liszt, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Kandinsky. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

One of the artist´s studios (Laubach, Germany) and Color pigments used in the creation process

My favorite color? Every color beyond black and white - the spectrum in between.

"Feuervogel" (Phoenix) - Artwork created and baptized by a radiological team at Lahn-Dill-Kliniken in a QK team coaching (2021)

One of the artist´s studios (Burg Gemünden, Germany)

"OCH" - 2021



"OCH" - baptized by Siegfried Brück of the LEICA Academy. A special work. This is not just the first sale of a series in cooperation with WhiteWall, but at the same time the beginning of a long journey around promoting the creative development of children and adults, accompanying a new generation and creating a mutual network of support and fostering.

Quynh Klaus There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres. (Pythagoras) Quynh Klaus presents her artworks "Pink Splash“, "Das blaue Mineral“, "Mondkrater“, "Ohne Titel“ and "Buntes Chaos“ for the "Aldilà“ Art exhibition at M.A.D.S. Art gallery. Pythagoras thought planets surrounded themselves with notes of vibrations. Celestial bodies as rhythm forces. Quynh states: "As a synesthete, I paint the music I am listening to“, where music is visible throughout melodies and harmonies created with different traced rhythms across the artworks she creates. Kandinsky perceived his work as pure visual music. The artist Quynh Klaus has the goal to go further than music and portray it as tangible as possible in order to make a registration of a particular moment while she is creating. The moment of creation is her „Aldilà“. "Pink Splash“ presents a subtext subtlety with very strong and precise rhythms in order to convey the idea of a strong fragility. "Das blaue Mineral“ undertakes the task of making a statement with accurate traces of pure enclosure as a moment to stop on our compelling path to reflection. "Mondkrater“ comes after a pause, the colors used on this art piece are heard with optimism and rejoice, as Kandinsky declared: „The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble“. "Ohne Titel“ is an artwork waiting for a title, for a perception of rhythm, which I believe can turn into a "Hopeful Chaos“. "Buntes Chaos“ is created listening carefully to the notes perceived with serenity and portrayed with a vast collection of colorful tones. The science of music is tangible through visible art with the compelling force of the synesthetic perception of Quynh Klaus. Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul. (Wassily Kandinsky, Concering the Spiritual in Art) Art Curator Karla Peralta Málaga (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan & Fuerteventura)

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery


"Moon Crater" (2021)


Through the training of mental images, sensual abilities can be developed that seem to exceed human rational abilities. This can also help to cope with everyday life more easily and to give space for creative thinking. "Creativity is intelligence having fun." A. Einstein. Imagine you were in space. How does it feel to walk on the moon? Is it hot or cold or are we perhaps feeling senses that we have not perceived or known before? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Colorful Chaos" (2021)

Buntes Chaos

Mental perceptions can vary and it is often difficult to draw the line between synesthesia and hallucinations. The boundaries between different forms of consciousness can be blurred and are fluid. Those who experience their particular form of consciousness often describe them as follows: "It is like arriving in your secret garden." Synesthetes report that after a long search, you feel like you have finally arrived home. Imagine which concert you could hear when you behold "buntes Chaos" (colorful chaos)? Which emotion would you associate with it? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.


Dance on Mars - "Sans Titre"

Interactive naming of the work by virtual visitors of the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery exhibition. Thank you again for each suggestion and we are looking forward to future creative collaborations! You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"The Blue Mineral" (2021)

Das blaue Mineral

Every synesthete experiences synesthesia differently. No two synaesthetic forms are the same. This applies, for example, to the relationship between color and temperature, music, sound and space. Synesthesia in the narrower sense is the perception of sensory stimuli by coexcited processing centers of a sensory organ in the brain when another organ is stimulated. How would blue, violet or purple sound to you? - Let your imagination run wild! You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.


Pink Splash

Imagination is required for subjective perceptions. Synesthesia essentially describes the coupling of two or more physically separate modes of perception. The term synesthesia is made up of the Greek words syn (= together) and aisthesis (= sensation). Synesthesia means something like fusion of the senses and is created through the interweaving of sensory modalities. This is individually different and unique. Imagine what taste or smell you might perceive when looking at "Pink Splash“. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

Quynh Klaus To depict an anthem. Chasing new paths and points of views due to the need of exploration. New surroundings to walk by. Can you restrain yourself? Or can you let yourself go and be guided by unrestrained stimuli to the point you listen to their anthem? Sometimes it is just enough to create pleasant emotions from memories activated by the energy around us. This energy carries a rhythm to walk with and if you pay attention, an anthem will be heard. To find your own pace can take you a very long time. The walk is amazing. To listen to the anthem is even harder. Taking a walk with new rhythms is what the artist Quynh Klaus presents. Her artworks "Green Spirit“, "Königin der Nacht“, "Ohne Titel - I“, "Ohne Titel - 2“ and "Polargewitter" are showcased for the "Hysterica“ Art exhibition at M.A.D.S Art gallery. A „Hysterica“ situation portrays unrestrained stimuli often guided by strong rhythms. Quynh welcomes the purity of one of the most reliable principles of art, which is rhythm. The artist embraces unrestrained stimuli, which exist in surroundings to explore, led by unheard anthems. Quynh’s pace describes a positive outcome with bright decisions and open compositions. She relies on existing anthems to depict her own unrestrained pace. The green spirit is the Queen chasing the night, while she walks by two different paths at the same time, a stroke of luck happens and a storm begins. A decision must be made without fear and the Queen chooses one path. The storm made it an easy decision, it led the Queen recognize that the anthems heard were actually only one and that one anthem was always inside her and with it, the answer. It always belonged to the Queen. Unrestrained to listen herself. Art Curator Karla Peralta Málaga (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan & Fuerteventura)

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery




The Big Bang, existence and the physical universe are basically playful. They are more "playful“ than "purposeful“. There is no necessity for the physical universe whatsoever. It is not going anywhere. Meaning it does not have a certain destination that it has to arrive at. But with music as analogy the physical universe is best understood, because music, as an art form is basically playful. The whole point of a composition or dance is the music or dance itself, the same goes for painting. "Polargewitter“ can be seen as the universe at play or the subconscious mind with ideas at play. Or many more analogies. How would you imagine the universe looks like when it plays? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.


Cosmic Castle on Diamond Milky Way

In this, the immediate, everyday, and present experience — is "IT". Therein lies the entire and ultimate point for existence of the universe. It is essentially playful. When thinking of life by analogy with a journey or pilgrimage, there is always a vision of a serious purpose at the end, and the thing is to get to that thing at the end. But we might miss the point the whole way all along. The point that it is about "play“, about being "in the moment“. It is a musical thing and we are supposed to sing, dance or paint while the music is being played. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.


Cosmic Mirror

The realisation of "play“ is profoundly liberating. It frees us from any misconception that we ought to become something other than who we already are or arrive at some destination. Take for example dancing. We do not aim at a particular spot in the room because that is where we will arrive. The whole point of dancing is the dance. The whole point of art is the art. It allows us to simply relax in our own essential nature - without pretense and without struggle. And, this relaxed state enables us to observe the manifestation of existence from the subconscious to conscious - from nothingness into reality without the need or desire to change, fix or improve upon the essential nature of things. Thus, the entire purpose of manifestation of existence is simply to facilitate and realize who and what we really are. Nothing more or less. The truest expression of ourselves. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Queen of the Night" (2021)

Königin der Nacht

The "purpose“ of our existence might simply be to release resistance to our experiences and dive into them as they manifest within each present moment. It is this process of letting go of control, letting go of ego, letting go of expectations that allow us to fully appreciate and accept reality as it unfolds in the present moment - with the recognition that beyond "this moment“ there is nothing we have to do or achieve. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.


Green Spirit

Exploring the subconscious is a vast journey and adventure. Questions arise as to is there anything to be feared? Are there any stimuli or deep disturbances we have to face. Well, there are indeed different obstacles to tackle while tearing down the veil that separates consciousness from subconsciousness. I asked myself the question what is the purpose of existence or is there any purpose in life? And at its most basic and fundamental level came to the conclusion, there is no "purpose“ to existence beyond the simple, for itself sufficient and miraculous manifestation of reality, as it is. Green spirit is a manifestation of the subconscious mind with "a vision of play“. With a vision of nature, of the surrounding world and our own organisms as much more like an artscience (art & science) form than like a business, politics or religion. As a play which like the arts of music, painting and dancing unfolds itself without aiming at future destination. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

Quynh Klaus Impermanent self. Ephemeral memories help the embedded ones to pursue an evolving continuum. The artist Quynh Klaus presents "Ohne Titel I", "Ohne Titel II", "Ohne Titel III", "Ohne Titel IV" and "Ohne Titel V" for the "Sacrifice" Art exhibition at M.A.D.S. Art gallery. The first artwork depicts an unknown environment using cool tones to delimit a space of tranquility, followed by "Ohne Titel II", which exists as an interlude of the third artwork. This sequence of art pieces is imperative to comprehend the process to portray truth from our surroundings. "Ohne Titel III", due to the bold choice of colors, brings us the strength to undertake any task with bold decisions and a bright future, able to take away our self and evolve into a non self being. Such term, "non self", is a Buddhist strategy for non attachment and to recognize life as impermanent, as an eternal evolving continuum. The fourth artwork takes the "Green spirit" as its muse, if you listen carefully you can witness how the highest tones are being depicted with bright ones in the middle of the art piece. "Ohne Titel V" states with royal purple, the end of a season with memories of nature, of the beyond, unrestrained memories, which reveal us the final Sacrifice: evolution. A non self role is needed as a strategy to be always aware of constant change and to let go what is not needed. Release the colors to showcase the exact moment when transformation occurs. Art Curator Karla Peralta Málaga (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan & Fuerteventura)

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery


"Sacrifice - sans titre I"(2021)

Sacrifice Ohne Titel I

Sacrifice – for me is an act of creation, a process in which we access the sacral sphere, or the subconscious mind. What do we mean when we talk about the real sphere and the sacral sphere, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind or maybe the world of matter and anti-matter? Is it really sacrifice or is it healing, or is sacrifice and healing interchangeable like Yin and Yang. An experience when we feel completely absorbed in something. Everyone of us has been experiencing a mental state that psychologists refer to as "flow state“, maybe in childhood even more often, when we were fully immersed in the process of play. When time and the moment seems to stretch like never ending, while we were fully focused and our senses simultaneously alert. Achieving this state makes us feel immense involvement, energy, enjoyment and satisfaction. Which colours would you associate with the given music title? For me the music contains light bluish, white, a little purple and yellow/gold aspects. Although we might perceive and associate sounds to different colors, I believe none of us would see just a black canvas while listening to this music title. Where does imagination end and reality begin to manifest itself? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Sacrifice - sans titre II" (2021)

Sacrifice Ohne Titel II

Put your headphones on while listening to this music title and imagine for a moment that you are flying... feel it, tap into it, imagine how this experience might feel “with all your senses“. This is an example of a "flow state“. FLOW or sometimes we also call it "being in the zone“ is a mental state that is hack-able, meaning we have full access to it anytime and anywhere. When we tap into this mental state, the addictive aspect should be welcomed. Our brain is wired to function creative. We are and have as a human race always been explorers, seeking out greater growth opportunities, which is the fundamental basis for accelerated creation, creating great and important achievements for humankind. When we tap into "flow“ we have mastered the art (or science? ARTSCIENCE) of switching into flow state. We can get immersed in the experience and are enabled to unlock our "creativity“ and "enlightened performance“ at will. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Sacrifice - sans titre III" (2021)

Sacrifice Ohne Titel III

Sacrifice - Mastering the secret of achievement and fulfillment. The psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi has examined this life-changing state of being and called it the "flow state". "The best moments in our life are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times ... The best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is pushed to its limits in a voluntary effort to achieve something difficult and valuable." Mihály Csíkszentmihályi Underskin - we have our senses to perceive the outer world. Which senses do we use to perceive our inner world. How do we train inner awareness or intuition. If the outer existing world is a collective sum of different individual perceived realities all equally real to each individual and each right in their own reality, how does the inner reality look like after removing the curtain of "self“ from it? Might there be a "collective reality“ even more vivid and intense than the outer sum of realities? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Sacrifice - sans titre IV" (2021)

Sacrifice Ohne Titel IV

It is therefore not surprising that martial artists in ancient Japan spent years mastering a meditative state called "mushin" which, once mastered, completely shed their fear and allowed them to move freely and strike without hesitation. The flow state, which I experience as being like water without form or conscious control, differs from our natural, “conscious” state. When someone enters the flow, their self-esteem decreases. When musicians improvise, brain tests show, for example, that the brain activities responsible for selfesteem fall off. In other words, they switch to flow. Musicians perceive the state as a certain serenity paired with multiplied creativity. Jazz musicians, athletes, monks ... they all have different terms for it, such as "Being in the pocket", "Runner's High", "Nirvana", and yet they describe the same thing. You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"Sacrifice - sans titre V" (2021)

Sacrifice Ohne Titel V

Imagine if we we're able to collectively ignite creative flow as earth habitants and work for a common goal like exploring space, finding solutions for green and floral architecture or transportation systems with a „green spirit“ while having fun as a collective like we did as children at play. Do you believe the speed of innovation and the process of implement them could be fostered and improved with collective flow? I believe playing creatively with music, arts and science not individually but as a fusion is a key for our common future. This artwork is still missing a name and waiting to be baptized along the journey. How do you imagine your inner world, the world of imagination and endless possibilities? You can find the musical inspiration for all artworks in the product description of each piece on our website to fully dive into it.

"OCH" (2021) - first artwork of common journey

That's what we stand for! Artworks that support the nurturing and flourishing of the next generation through creative collaboration: This is ARTSCIENCE. This is Quynh Klaus. Promoting CREATIVITY through German quality and Asian esprit.

"I knew as a child that I will learn, evolve and develop my whole life. Luckily, I had the privilege of pursuing my passions early on. This privilege cannot be taken for granted, and it remains one of the most important things to me: to create something new and develop a safe space that allows for the nurturing of creative expression and a mutually inspiring and supportive environment. I look forward to meeting your creativity." (Quynh Klaus)

“Every child is an artscientist. The challenge is to remain one when you grow up.” -Quynh Klaus-

"OCH" - Gallery The gallery is named after the title of the first artwork “OCH” of our common journey. https://ochgallery.de/

Get started - you are an artscientist, too!

The goal of ARTSCIENCE is to create an environment in which creative collaboration is encouraged: o Fusion of Art, Music & Science o Promotion of the creative development of children, teens & adults o Benefit from a worldwide network of companies, art galleries & artists

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