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ON    TRACK   September  2013  

With QUT  Motorsport  

QUT Motorsport  welcomes   Century  Yuasa  Batteries  

QUT  Motorsport  is  proud  to  welcome  on  board  Century  Yuasa  Batteries,  as  a  gold  sponsor   of  QUT  Motorsport.  Century  Yuasa  is  Australia’s  oldest  battery  manufacturer,  with  a  history   spanning  75  years.    As  a  gold  sponsor,  we  will  be  working  closely  with  Century  Yuasa   throughout  the  development  of  our  2014  car.     Through  Century  Yuasa’s  kind  support  we  have  received  a  well  needed  boost  to  continue   designing  and  building  a  racecar.  Project  Manager  Ash  Kennett  is  excited  about  what  the   future  holds  for  us.  “With  Century  Yuasa  as  a  gold  sponsor,  we  are  able  to  continue  to  build   on  student  learning  opportunities  and  gaining  valuable  real-­‐world  experience.”     The  production  of  each  QUT  Motorsport  vehicle  is  a  team  venture  that  extends  beyond  the   QUT  Gardens  Point  campus.  Each  year  we  rely  on  the  generosity  of  our  sponsorship   partners  who,  like  Century  Yuasa,  kindly  provide  donations,  materials,  and  volunteer  their   expertise  to  assist  us  in  the  manufacturing  of  each  Formula  SAE  vehicle.     Through  their  kind  support  Century  Yuasa  contributes  to  the  enhancement  of  training  and   education  of  students,  and  the   development  of  a  sustainable  future  for   all  Australians  through  their  support  of,   and  influence  on,  enterprising  and  

Team member  profile:     Amy  Gunnell       In  this  issue  of  On  Track  the  spotlight  is  on  Amy   Gunnell,  Project  Manager  for  QUT  Motorsport  for   2014.  Amy  is  currently  in  her  third  year  of  studying  a   Bachelor  of  Engineering  majoring  in  Electrical.     What  attracted  you  to  QUT  Motorsport?     I  had  friends  in  the  team  who  used  to  talk  about  it  quite  a  bit  and  it  sounded  interesting.   Mainly  the  ability  to  work  on  a  real  project  and  learn  a  bit  about  design  and  manufacture.       What  do  you  enjoy  most  about  being  part  of  the  team?     I  enjoy  the  friendship  and  community  that  the  team  has.  We’re  all  in  the  same  boat  with   university  and  are  fairly  similarly  minded.  We  sometimes  get  to  relax  and  hang  together   and  get  up  to  a  small  amount  of  mischief  and  that  makes  the  pressure  of  university  seem   not  so  bad.       Do  think  that  being  in  QUT  Motorsport  is  a  rewarding  experience?     It  is.  At  the  end  of  the  day  being  able  to  say  “I  was  a  part  of  that”  feels  fantastic.  But  you   also  get  to  learn  so  much.  For  me  I’ve  learnt  a  lot  about  leading  peers,  communicating  with   stakeholders,  project  management  and  a  lot  about  machining.  There  are  so  many  people  in   the  team  and  supporting  the  team  that  are  all  too  happy  to  pass  on  expertise.       Do  you  think  that  being  in  the  team  will  help  you  in  the  future  with  your  career?   I  really  do.  I  think  everything  I’ve  learnt  through  motorsport  gives  me  an  edge  over   everyone  else.  I’ve  had  (mind  the  cliché)  real  world  project  experience working in a project. Through motorsport you’re also able to build a network. What  do  you  enjoy  doing  in  your  free  time?     I  don’t  get  much  free  time,  but  in  the  free  time  I  get  I  enjoy  watching  movies  and  TV  shows,   baking  and  relaxing  with  friends  over  a  BBQ.    

Beam axle  leading  new  era  of  design   2013  marks  a  new  era  for  QUT  Motorsport,  with  a  new  suspension  and  powertrain   concept  hailing  the  beginning  of  a  new  era  for  the  team.  With  emphasis  placed   particularly  on  weight  reduction  and  simplicity  in  manufacturing,  this  exciting  new  focus   extends  to  a  new  component  called  the  beam  axle.  The  beam  is  used  to  transfer  the   engine  power  to  the  wheels  also  forming  part  of  the  vehicle’s  suspension  and  beam  axle   allows  many  new  design  goals  to  be  maximised.  This  type  of  suspension  assists  in   reducing  mass  and  overall  vehicle  polar  moment  of  inertia.  It  does  this  without   compromising  a  third  design  goal  of  lower  centre  of  mass.  Driveline  complexity  is  also   reduced  by  minimising  the  number  of  moving  parts.   Several  Iterations  were  created,  evaluated  and  discarded  before  the  final  revision  was   approved.  By  developing  the  axle  the  team  involved  learnt  a  great  deal  about  an   incredibly  complex  design  concept.    The  beam  has  to  withstand  a  complicated  load  path   produced  when  racing,  yet  at  the  same  time  must  be  simple  enough  to  easily   manufacture.  Budget  and  resource  availability  must  also  be  factored  in  to  the   development.  

QUT Motorsport  visits   the  V8  Supercars  

Upcoming Events    

Bathurst in  the  Bar   Join  us  in  the  Botanic   Bar  at  QUT  Gardens   point  on  13  October   for  the  Bathurst   1000  V8  Supercars,   entry  $5.    

Gold Coast  600   If  you’re  at  the  Gold   Coast  600  on  the  25-­‐ 27  October,  come   and  say  hi  to  the   team  at  the  QUT   Motorsport  marquee  

QUT  Motorsport  recently  had  the  opportunity  to  display  the   2012  car  at  the  Ipswich  360  in  July.  We  had  a  lot  of  interest   in  the  team,  and  had  a  great  time  talking  to  visitors  about   who  we  are  and  what  we  do  here  at  QUT  Motorsport.  We   were  joined  by  our  friends  from  UQ  Racing  a  little  further   down  merchandise  alley.     We  will  also  be  at  the  Gold  Coast  600  25-­‐27  October,  so  drop   in  and  have  a  chat  to  the  team.  

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On Track September 2013  

QUT Motorsport's newsletter On Track September 2013 Issue. QUT Motorsport welcomes Century Yuasa Batteries as a sponsor, Design Focus on the...

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