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Bismilla-hirrahmaa-nirraheem Al-hamdu-lillahhi-rabbil-aalaameen As'Salâm Alaikum Wa'Rahmatullâhi Wa'Barakâtuh

Faith (IMAAN) is the foundation of ISLAM. <42:52> Thou knewest not what the Scripture was, nor what the Faith. But We have made it a light whereby We guide whom We will of Our bondmen. Aalimul Ghaybi Wash-shahaadatil Kabir-il Akbar. (Allah is the Master of unseen, witness, most great and the greatest.) Faith=To Fear Allah and Submit oneself to Allah. Fear is the evidence of practice and trust in unseen Allah!!! Believe is not the indication of fear, but just to accept .


Al-lazina yakshiwoona bilghayb. (Those who fear unseen-Allah) Man khashiya-arrahmana bilghayb. (Who feared unseen Allah.) WHY? <9:18> and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ <33:1> O Prophet! Fear Allah, and hearken not to the

Unbelievers and the Hypocrites: verily Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ <64:16> So fear Allah as much as ye can; ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ SUBMIT ONESELF TO ALLAH <6; 71> “Say “Verily, Allah’s Guidance is the only guidance, and we have been commanded to submit ourselves to the Lord of the Worlds. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ WHY? <31; 22> Whosoever surrendereth his purpose to Allah being obedient with good deed, he verily hath grasped the firm handhold. Unto Allah belongeth the sequel of all things. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬

<3:160> If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in Allah, then, Let believers put their trust. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬

Each and every thing (A-Z) of the universe fears Allah!!! Except few human being, they have the choice.

<16:49> And to Allah doth obeisance all that is in the heavens and on earth, whether moving (living) creatures or the angels: for none

are arrogant (before their Lord). <16:50> They fear their Lord above them, and do what they are bidden. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ <22:18> Seest thou not that to Allah bow down in worship all things that are in the heavens and on earth,- the sun, the moon, the stars; the hills, the trees, the animals; and a great number among mankind? But a great number are (also) such as are fit for Punishment: and such as Allah shall disgrace,None can raise to honour: for Allah carries out all that He wills. Note:- Those who do not fear Allah, they are the moving death-bodies.

All the Prophets asked their pupil to fear Allah.

<5:28> "If thou dost stretch thy hand against me, to slay me, it is not for me to stretch my hand against thee to slay thee: for I do fear Allah, the cherisher of the worlds. (Sons of Adam (as) <3:50> "'(I have come to you), to attest the Law which was before me. And to make lawful to you part of what was (Before) forbidden to you; I have come to you with a Sign from your Lord. So fear Allah, and obey me. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ 1. All the Prophets, Angels and even Shaitan fears Allah. 2. Hundreds of Ah-deeth are commanded to fear Allah.

Fear of Allah is the root of righteous-deeds

3. The word fear is mentioned in Quraan about 133 times in different context. 5. Believe and work righteousness is about 68 times. 6. Submit yourself to Allah is mentioned many times.

Each and every thing represents Allah but nothing is like Allah. Allah has informed and commanded us to believe all other unseen things like Angels, Paradise, Hell and Shaitan etc. For example, Angels are also unseen, do we fear unseen angels or do we submit ourselves to angels? NO, never. We just believe in angels. <2:177> believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ Interpretation of Arabic in different languages and the human error has lead to lots of confusions. As it is a very tough job, even though Ulma-e-karam took keen interest to do the job as per their abilities. Hence the real meaning of faith should be interpreted to understand

the Islam, as it should be. We all know very well that no body can understand Quran 100% and there is no end for betterment. Actually idea behind this project is to consider the merit of Allah as the one and the only greatest. For example:- < Quran> <2: 2> This is the Book, no doubt in it, guidance, to those who fear Allah (righteous). ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ According to the context of sure Fateha, it is a choice for the human being. Those who wish to sign the contract, they have accepted Allah as creator and sustainer of the universe as well the lord of the Day of Judgment. Secondly, the term and condition of the contract is, they promise Allah, you alone we worship and you alone we seek help. And their invocation is, guide us to the straight path. (Without the help of Allah to achieve the right-path is highly impossible.) The above-mentioned points determinates that Ayah 2:2and3 are the beginning of the answer. First answer is no doubt in His book. Secondly, no doubt Guidance in it, to those who Fear Allah (righteous). Fear of Allah is the root of Muttaqeen. (Book is the source of Guidance. Guidance is wisdom.) < 2: 3> Who believe in the unseen, and establish Salaah, and spend of that We have provided to them; ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ Similarly, according to the context of the ayah, unseen refers to Allah. Establish the remembrance of Allah, and spend what Allah has provided us. 1. Believe in the unseen: - Allah. 2. Establish Salaah: - Establishing the remembrance of Allah. (Rights of Allah) 3. Spend: - of what provided by Allah to us. (Rights of the fellow human being) Explanation of Salaah. (Refer QURAAN and AHDEETH for more.) <20:14> "Verily, I am Allah. There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular Salaah for My remembrance. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ (In prostration one will be very close to Allah.) (Salaah restrains from shameful and unjust deeds;) Interpretation;. To stand before Allah as a obedient slave with fear to remember Allah.

Explation of spend. (Refer QURAAN and AHDEETH for more.) <3: 134> Those who spend (of that which Allah hath given them) in ease and in adversity. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ <64:16> listen and obey and spend in charity for the benefit of your own soul and those saved from the covetousness of their own souls, they are the ones that achieve prosperity. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬

Sunnah is the Practical explanation of Theory QUR’AAN.

<2:119> Lo! We have sent thee (O Muhammad) with the truth, a bringer of glad tidings and a Warner. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ (Does your president talk to you personally?)


(With these words the root of shirk has been destroyed forever.) Volume 1, Book 5, Number 257: Narrated Maimuna (raa): I placed water for the bath of the Prophet (saws). He washed his hands twice or thrice and then poured water on his left hand and washed his private parts. He rubbed his hands over the earth (and cleaned them), rinsed his mouth, washed his nose by putting water in it and blowing it out, washed his face and both forearms and then poured water over his body. Then he withdrew from that place and washed his feet. Book 002, Number 0497:Anas (ra) reported: A time limit has been prescribed for us for clipping the moustache, cutting the nails, plucking hair under the armpits, shaving the pubes, that it should not be neglected far more than forty nights. Book 002, Number 0502:'A'isha (raa) reported: The Prophet (saws) said: Ten are the acts according to fitra: clipping the moustache, letting the beard grow, using the tooth-stick, snuffing water in the nose, cutting the nails, washing the finger joints, plucking the hair under the armpits, shaving the pubes and cleaning one's private parts with water. The narrator said: I have forgotten the tenth, but it may have been rinsing the mouth. These are the basic teachings of Qur’aan and Sunnah to achieve Hikmah the wisdom. Those who disbelieve, make a mind at least to think it over. Quraan <As for those who disbelieve, lo! If all that is in the earth were theirs, and as much again therewith, to ransom them from the doom on the Day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them. Theirs will be a painful doom. Quraan <And if each soul that doeth wrong had all that is in the earth it would seek to ransom itself therewith; and they will feel remorse within them, when they see the doom. But it hath been judged between them fairly and they are not wronged. Islam is the religion of human being, those who say la ilaha illallah mohammadur rasool allh they are Muslims. ADAM (ahs) was the first man, prophet as well Muslim. Allah’s Guidance was started with Adam (ahs), completed on Mohammad (pbuh).

The ambitious of Muslims is to see all the fellow human being in PARADISE. Remember! Those who don’t believe in Allah, they can never see Allah. <23:52> In deed this Ummah of yours is one ummah, and I am your Lord: therefore fear me. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬

<22:15> If any think that Allah will not help him, in this world and the Hereafter, let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and cut (himself) off: then let him see whether his plan will remove that which enrages (him)! ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ No Fear! <2:62> any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. ‫ﷲ ﺁ‬ Fear parents and elders. Fear law of country Above all FEAR ALLAH The meaning of Imaan is to fear Allah unseen and surrender to Allah.


Faith is the foundation of ISLAM  

Faith is the foundation of ISLAM

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