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SILK Printing Supplies in Fashion Silk is one of the best luxury fabrics available today. Although the exact date is often debated, it is believed that silk first came into existence in China around 2640 BC. Back then, silk was used only by the royal family and other members of the upper class. There were 14 varieties of silk discovered which were each used differently. Even today, silk is quite expensive and exclusive in nature. A touch of silk to an ensemble can change the glamor of the whole outfit. For instance take a gentleman wearing a suit with a silk tie. Designers often use silk for their Haute Couture collections simply because silk sits very well on any kind of figure, gently enhancing the curves, and gives the whole garment a polished look. In addition, the fabric is strong, supple and resilient, is easy to wash and mixes well with both animal and vegetable fibres. Today silk is featured in many garments for both men and women. Plain silks, printed silks and blended silks can be found at all high end retailer boutiques. Fashion experts suggest that all men should have at least one silk tie in their wardrobe, and if they can afford it a well cut silk shirt as well. In a boardroom full of people dressed alike, a touch of silk can make you the center of attention. Women can take their pick from silk blouses, silk shirts, silk dresses, silk belts and silk tops like ponchos to jazz up their wardrobe. Silk scarves in particular add a very stylish touch as well as a dash of color to a sober work wear ensemble. Often embroidery work and other fancy embellishments are added to a silk garment to enhance the beauty and delicateness of the fabric using SILK printing supplies. Many designers consider silk to be the ultimate fabric for a woman, because its grace and beauty can help accentuate one's femininity. In fact, silk is also blended with other fabrics such as cotton and used particularly in the manufacture of shawls. Interestingly, silk is an important part of Asian culture and features in the history of many countries. In India, a garment called the sari is worn by the women. The sari itself is 9 yards in length and can be worn in different styles, along with a blouse. In the south of India, silk saris are highly in demand especially for occasions like a wedding. The cost of a silk sari depends on the embroidery work and patterns as well as on the quality of the silk used in the sari.

Although one such sari can cost a bomb, it guarantees to make heads turn. In Japan, the best kimonos are made from pure silk. The value of a kimono not only depends on the quality of the silk, but also depends on the intricacy of the embroidery on it. In China and Thailand, silk robes have been worn for centuries by men and women alike. One can assume that this radiant fabric with a rich history will always have a special place in the world of fashion and culture. Nowadays with the help of SILK printing supplies we get more vivid colors which make cloths look fabulous.

Silk printing supplies in fashion

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