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Online Speech Therapy Solutions Speech therapy is the technique to solve stuttering and other voice related problems especially among children. It is practiced by speech therapists and speech pathologists who are accredited to give treatment to people with speech disorders. This can be conducted in a therapist's clinic, or in a school, hospital or home. A variety of activities like word or sound repetitions. Reading and comprehension, conversations, rhymes are employed in a speech therapy programs at Gr8speech. The length and type of the therapy may vary depending on the extent, difficulty and age of the stutterer. Basically, the speech therapist tries to know the extent of stuttering through a formal interview of the student and parent and recommend the treatment procedure typical to the child. Basically two different forms of speech therapy treatment for stuttering exist. In the indirect approach, a comfortable and relaxing environment is created for the child to improve the speech naturally. This is because, most of the stuttering children develop over a period of time and therefore it is better to monitor the progress. In the direct treatment program, a therapist interacts directly with the child face to face. The therapist teaches how to form words, how to speak slowly and try to relax the child while speaking. The child is taught how to eliminate unwanted physical gestures like eye blinking, lip movements etc. while speaking. He is learned to cope with the emotional stress during stuttering. In the fluency shaping therapy, the muscles, jaws and tongue are trained to slow down the speech using breath control. This program can be used with children having severe stuttering problems and may last for a period of two years. The program has a high success rate.

Parent counseling is another important part of a typical speech therapy programs with Gr8speech. The children prefer parents as good teachers as the love and affection they receive improve the recovery process. Parents are taught how to respond to the child's stuttering in the positive way to eliminate parental mistakes in managing stuttering children. Speech therapy as a remedy for solving stuttering is best preferred for the school children around ages 5 to 7. The therapy is difficult to get results in preschool children because they are not adjustable to the pressures of speech therapy methods.

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