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Middlegate Alcohol Rehab 10 Things you can do to increase your chances of staying sober Experiencing life newly sober can be frightening and daunting, especially if you have been drinking to cope with life for many years. Perhaps you’ve just left alcohol rehab or maybe you have been sober before but have found yourself returning to alcohol, despite your best efforts to stay sober. You may be wondering how you can make this time different. The thought of drinking alcohol again may terrify you but your experience shows that this has not stopped you in the past. Or maybe this is the first time you have ever tried to stop drinking and are wondering how you will fill your time and life without alcohol. Whatever you current situation, if you are newly sober there are certain things that you can do to help increase your chances of achieving long term sobriety : 1. Acknowledge that early sobriety is not going to be easy, but that with effort and time things will improve and get better and better. It is important NOT to have high expectations of others in your early days. Just because you have managed to stop drinking, does not mean that everything is going to be rosy, at least not at first. There will be work to do to repair relationships, address financial debt and any others areas of your life that have been effected by alcoholism. By keeping your expectations of sobriety low, you are more likely to flourish, to avoid resentment towards others and to feel gratitude for being sober. 2. Try to find support from others who understand This is very important, early sobriety can be a challenging and vulnerable time. By gaining support from others you are far more likely to make it through the tough times. Find support in others that understand what you are going through, who have the same goals and aspirations. Support and self help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or sober community groups can prove invaluable

3. Learn to be sociable In the depths of alcoholism is it likely that you felt very isolated from life and everyone around you. You may have struggled to speak to people unless loaded with alcohol, or maybe you became dangerously antisocial when drunk. No matter how much we wish to be self sufficient, in the early days, and in ongoing recovery, it is important not to isolate. Call friends and family and arrange to meet up with them. Join a new class or college course to widen your social circle. These things will help your self esteem grow and you will come to value having people in your life with your best interests at heart 4. Do things differently If you have been sober before but have ended up drinking again, think back to what happened. What were the warning signs? How were you living your life? What was you behaviour like prior to picking up a drink again? If you have experienced relapse, try and learn from it and do things differently. If you can do this, then your relapse becomes a learning experience rather than a failure. It will help you to see what you need to do differently this time around. 5 Take a break from socializing that will involve alcohol In the early days of sobriety it is not recommended to frequent places that sell alcohol and where others are likely to be drinking. This means staying away from pubs or clubs. Often someone in early sobriety finds that they can go to places where alcohol is served IF they are in good company and their motives are not to join in the drinking spirit, with or without alcohol. Parties and tagging along with friends who are drinkers is not a wise idea. However going for a meal where alcohol is not the main focus, with others who are not heavy drinkers may be okay. Really you can be the only judge of what you feel comfortable with, but the main thing is not to bow to pressure or be complacent when it comes to dealing with alcohol. Set your boundaries where you feel safe from temptation and explain this to friends and family who are usually more than happy to offer their support. 6. Do not avoid facing your past When in the thick of alcoholism it is usual that some sort of chaos and consequences will follow. You may have damaged ourselves and often others whom are closest to us. You may have neglected bills and finances and be in debt. You may have lost your job or be having problems with your employer. Whatever the consequences were of your drinking, it is important that they are addressed. You will never feel truly free from your past until you do. Seek guidance from others who have had experience with this sort of thing before and have overcome their problems. They will be able to guide and support you in doing the right thing. Not all things can be amended, but at least if you have tried your conscience will be a whole lot lighter and you are less lightly to feel fearful of facing things in future. 7 Be kind to yourself In early recovery it is easy to focus on what you have still yet to achieve. Whilst is is

healthy to have aims and things you would like to improve on, do not let it detract from what you have already achieved. Staying sober is not always easy, especially when faced with the daily challenges that life has a habit of bringing. Dont put yourself down for mistakes that you make, and trust us there will be some, you are only human after all. Instead of look at how you might deal with something differently next time. Try to put right any mistakes you make the best you can and learn from them, but do not dwell on it as this is counterproductive. Accept that making mistakes and facing your past is part of the growth you need in order to stay sober. As long as you have managed not to pick up a drink you have achieved the previously impossible for that day. 8 Be kind to others and help where you can Placing your focus on what you can do to help others, detracts from over thinking your own problems. Alcoholics can be obsessive and controlling by nature, by placing your energy into helping others you can avoid falling into the trap of feeling worthless and self obsessed. This in turn means you are much more likely to stay sober. Helping others has its rewards if done with the right motive of seeking nothing in return. Your self esteem and self worth will increase and you will feel a better person for it. Great friendships and trusting relationships are often forged in this way and the satisfaction of seeing someone benefit from your efforts can be immense. 9. Take time for personal growth During active alcoholism it is unlikely you were able to achieve anything worthwhile to feel good about. Now you are sober this is your chance to rectify this. Personal growth is important, learning how to cope with life and live comfortably with yourself is vital. Many find a recovery program, meditation and a spiritual way of life enhances them greatly as a whole being. It helps them to discover what they really enjoy and provides focus on positive things. Further education, training or voluntary work can also be a fantastic way of achieving a focus that boosts your self esteem. Other find counselling beneficial. Try to identify what is missing from your life and look at ways you can fill it, wether it be time or something more personal to you 10 Have Fun! Sobriety is not meant to be dull and this is many individuals worst fear; that they will find life tedious or that others will find their newly sober friend boring. The truth is, this couldn't be further from the truth!. Life is what you make of it, so be sure to embrace all that comes your way with a positive attitude. Build new friendships with others who have followed a similar path. Enhance your education and self development. Arrange days out and fun things to do. It might surprise you to find that most others people’s lives do not revolve around alcohol, and if they do, your hanging about with the wrong people! If you are enjoying your life sober, you are unlikely to ever want to return to alcohol and the misery that it brought. So make life fun and make the most of your new found sobriety. Find out more from Middlegate Alcohol Rehab Clinic London on 0808 250 2196.

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