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5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

The Fastest Way To 5k Per Month… There is so much confusion out there with all the “shiny objects” flying around it’s hard to know who to believe or what to do. I’m here to tell you the TRUTH today, in that you do not need to be spending your time skipping from opportunity to opportunity. You need to become really good at one thing and ONE thing only. If I was just starting out or needed to replace a job, I would not mess around with all these “lost opportunities”. I would simply set up these little profit magnets to generate revenue quickly. Then scale it until I was making more money than with a job. Making $5,000 per month with this method is not hard to do and the best part is that you are not chained to a desk for 10 hours per day. You would only have to spend 30-60 minutes per day and you could have passive income being paid to you 24/7. People tend to complicate things and it does not have to be that way. If you want to know more about this method, you can click here for a great little guide. Sometimes we can get so busy with the day to day that we forget the fundamentals. And of course as with anything it’s the fundamentals that makes the difference.

Here are some things I learned along the way: #1. Do a little homework and find a reputable teacher, author or coach that has proven track record and is a recognized authority in any given area. I’m referring to real world results, be it in SEO, PPC, product creation, list building, local marketing, social marketing etc.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

#2. Your teacher will be able to help you identify a proven, repeatable system which you can model. Choose something you can see yourself doing, something that you can make a connection with. Also, your teacher will be able to recommend other learning material that is beneficial, separating the gold from the crap.

#3. Once you identify a suitable mentor make every effort to learn everything you can from them from their free information, low priced paid guides up to the coaching and consulting options. Make this investment in yourself, believe me in the long run you’ll save a lot of time and money. This approach is more productive than chasing every new miracle of the week.

#4. Don’t try and learn everything all at once, it’s overwhelming. Absorb what material you can, take baby steps – but do get moving. For example, I’m not an expert coder but I’m an expert at manipulating code for the purposes of SEO. I know what I need to know and leave the rest to experts I can hire cheaply.

#5. Know that by doing you will find your own style and discover alternative angles of profitability that you could not have planned for in advance. For example, I know from experience when I try and speculate in advance how a product will sell, I’m almost always wrong, for better or worse – only by “doing” was the truth revealed.

#6. Be realistic in your expectations and treat this as a real business. Remember it’s sometimes discouraging what you can accomplish in 3 weeks but it’s amazing what you can do in a year!

#7. STOP buying every shiny product that comes out, STOP participating in boring webinars, STOP taking advice from unqualified wannabes and unsubscribe from ALL the distracting email lists.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

#8. Don’t get caught making busy work but never really accomplishing anything. It all comes down to spending your time on high priority activity that will directly make you money. Only work on tasks that have to do with building traffic, acquiring leads, product creation or JV possibilities and outsource the rest. Know in advance what you are going to work on. List 5 high priority tasks on a 3x5 card and accomplish these first. If you do not get through them add to them to the next day’s list.

#9. It’s what you do consistently that makes a difference, make an effort with whatever time you have to work your plan everyday – even if its baby steps it’s progress none the less. Make steady consistent effort executing your plan, noticing what’s working and what’s not, tweaking it along the way.

#10. If you want to succeed with IM you must be 100% committed. This can’t be something you wish you could do, or hope to do – it has to be a must. What makes you tick and what makes me tick is different, we both have different motivation. You need to write down a goal in detail with emotional intensity and visualize how this would make you feel when you achieve it. This is what will motivate you to move forward.

The key to it all - always strive for quality and make every effort to add value! Don’t get caught trying to scheme how you can make a dollar or two, if this is your mindset, believe me you will end up giving this back one way or another. Try your best to add value and by doing so you will make more money as a result.

Please be one of the few that sees things through. Once you establish yourself and start earning enough money online to sustain your lifestyle the freedom you’ll experience is incredible! Even though my online ventures have made me a lot of money over the years you would not believe it if I told you all of the things I have tried along the way and the countless times I wanted to or should have given up.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Help Is Here If You Want It... You don’t have to go it alone. You can skip the hours of frustration, overwhelm, painful trial/error and get right to making money. When you know what to do and how to do it with complete clarity you’ll see that this Internet stuff is not so hard.

New subscribers are always telling me, “I see people making money right and left, they make it seem so easy”. If you are one of those that has tried but never has been able to consistently make money, then you should know that it’s usually just a few small tweaks in your process that can have you spiralling upwards. The reality is if you don’t have someone in your corner that can show you what to do and how to do it then the chances of success are minimal. If you are on Facebook, make sure to join my mastermind group. It is a great place for people to learn from each other and share ideas. You aren’t on this journey alone, and the great thing about this community is we each want to see everyone succeed. Join The Facebook Group Sign Up For The Newsletter

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps you on your journey!

-Steve Walsh

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

The Blueprint: What You Will Be Doing The method I am laying out for you in this blueprint is not the only method of making money online, but it is a simple method that is very easy to master and can lead to big paydays if you work at it. It took me months, years even, of trial and error and buying course after course before I figured this simple system out.

Now I am not going to be giving you tons of “why” in this blueprint. You don’t need fluff, you need specific action steps you can take to find success. However, I am always available to explain why I suggest doing something or to help you use this same method with other affiliate offers in other niches. So here we go:

You will be promoting and giving away free trials of a few high-quality affiliate offers that are in high demand and have a large target audience.

Whenever someone signs up for these services using the link that you provide them, you will get paid a percentage of their monthly subscription fee for as long as they continue to subscribe to those services. This is called affiliate marketing, and it is perhaps the easiest and most lucrative way to earn money online.

However, many people struggle to get started with affiliate marketing since there are so many different programs and ways to do it. It can take years to become successful as an affiliate marketer if you are just starting out. So, I have simplified the process for you, chosen the affiliate programs for you, and given you all the tools you need to succeed.

If you follow this system step by step and are able to give away 1 free trial of these programs each day for 100 days, you will be earning approximately $5,000 a month in recurring passive income. So let’s get started:

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Step 1: Create Free Accounts and Sign Up For Affiliate Programs You will need a ClickFunnels account and either a GetResponse or Aweber account to make this system work. You will also be promoting those same programs as an affiliate. So you will need both a subscription account as well as an affiliate account. Even if you decide not to promote these as an affiliate but choose another product these are essential tools you will need to be successful at earning money online. Sign up for your free trial accounts here: ClickFunnels (14 day free trial) Getresponse (30 day free trial) Aweber (30 day free trial) (You only need a user account with either GetResponse or Aweber, not both) Note: You can cancel any time before your free trials are up and you won’t be charged, so there is no risk signing up for these programs. If you already use leadpages, instabuilder or another program you can use those, you don’t need to get clickfunnels as well, although it is by far the most powerful and flexible squeeze page builder.

Then sign up for their respective affiliate programs ClickFunnels Affiliate Program GetResponse Affiliate Program Aweber Affiliate Program (You can sign up to be an affiliate for all three of these companies even if you don’t have a user account with any of them)

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Why Are We Choosing ClickFunnels and GetResponse/Aweber to Promote as affiliates? 1) They are top quality tools that anyone who is doing business online can use. The target market is huge and growing every day

2) They offer lifetime recurring commissions. You get paid every month that someone who signs up with your link continues to use them. Plus these aren’t products that people stop subscribing too since their businesses rely on them.

3) ClickFunnels has multiple high-ticket back end products that you get paid 40% commissions on as well.

4) They each have their own excellent affiliate training program and tools. No need to pay someone else money to learn how to be an effective affiliate marketer. You can easily grow and expand your marketing efforts beyond what I am showing you here.

5) They all offer free trials to start. That means you don’t even have to sell the products, you are basically just giving them away for free!

6) ClickFunnels offers excellent pre-built lead magnets such as free books and free webinars. You don’t even need to find your own lead magnet!

7) Once you hit 100 subscribers ClickFunnels will also give you additional funds to purchase or lease your dream car (on top of the regular commissions you are already earning)

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Step 2: Access My ClickFunnels Affiliate Share Funnel I have prebuilt an Affilaite Sales Funnel with all the appropriate landing pages and lead magnets. They are already all set up and ready to go. Each page is designed to match a free offer such as a free book, webinar, or free report. Once you have created your ClickFunnels account you can click on the link below and this ShareFunnel will automatically be added into your ClickFunnels account. Click Here to Get Your Prebuilt Funnel and Squeeze Pages Please Note: This only works if you joined ClickFunnels through the link I provided above.

Step 3: Download Your Prewritten Autoresponder Sequence and Load It Into Your Autoresponder First you will want to create a new campaign in either GetResponse or Aweber. This campaign is where everyone who gives you their email will be added. If you need help doing this here are tutorials on how to set up new campaigns: Create A New Campaign in GetResponse Create A New Campaign in Aweber

Now make sure to turn off two-step confirmation. In GetResponse you can do this automatically, in Aweber you may have to message support and ask them to turn it off for you (one of the many reasons I prefer GetResponse) Once you have created your campaign you want to set up an autoresponder for it. So whenever someone enters their email they will automatically be sent a series of emails over the course of a month.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

I have put together a 30 Day Autoresponder Sequence for you that I have tested and is proven to convert well. You will want to go in and update the affiliate links in each message and upload them into your own autoresponder. Please feel free to edit and rewrite the emails to suit your language and style. Download Your Autoresponder Email Sequence Here

This step will take a little bit of time and attention to detail, as you will have to load each of these into your autoresponder sequence and then match up each email with the appropriate affiliate offer and your links, but you only have to do it once and then your emails will be sent on autopilot.

This step is very important because many of the visitors you send to the affiliate offer will not sign up right away, however once you capture their email address you will be following up with them automatically for 30 days, which significantly increases their exposure to the products and improves your conversion rate dramatically. Instructions on how to create an autoresponder series: How to Create an Autoresponder in GetResponse How to Create an Autoresponder/Legacy Series in Aweber

Step 4: Connect Your Landing Pages and Autoresponder You will want to connect all of your landing pages with your autoresponder and also update any affiliate links on your landing pages. Again this does take some time and you will need to be sure to connect everything properly of it won’t work So make sure to test everything out to make sure they are working properly before you start driving traffic to your landing pages.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Each Squeeze Page Matches an Affiliate Link. For some (such as Free Trial and FunnelHacks) I created a few different squeeze pages. To make it easier for you here is a list of the squeeze page names in the funnel and the related affiliate offer it should lead to: Squeeze Page Name

Affiliate Program Link

CF Free Trial Optin 1 CF Free Trial Optin 2 FunnelHacks Webinar Optin FunnelHacks Presale Articles Optin FreeFunnels Optin CF Certified Optin 108 Split Test Optin FunnelScript Optin FunnelUniversity Optin PerfectWebinar Script Optin DotCom Secrets Optin Affiliate Bootcamp Optin Car Giveaway Optin Aweber Email Course Optin Aweber Free Report Optin

ClickFunnels Free Trial Page ClickFunnels Free Trial Page FunnelHacks Webinar Registration Page FunnelHacks Presell Article Affiliate Page ClickFunnels 3 Free Funnel Giveaway Page ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program Page DCS 108 Split Test Book Giveaway FunnelScripts Video Optin Page FunnelUniversity Video and Webinar Perfect Webinar Free Script Video Giveaway Dotcom Secrets Free Book Giveaway Affiliate Bootcamp Training Video Course ClickFunnels Dream Car Video Aweber What To Write In Your Emails Course Aweber Grow Your Business with Email

Make sure to watch the video “How To Find Your Affiliate Links” video so you know how to access all of the different affiliate links and offers available to you.

When you create your form in your email autoresponder remember to select a Custom Thank You Page and place the appropriate affiliate link there.

Also make sure to put it in the Redirect Override in ClickFunnels.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Step 5: Drive traffic! Now it is time to get targeted visitors to your landing pages! You can go with paid traffic, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Solo ads, etc‌ And there is nothing wrong with paid traffic, and you can get very quick results. However, it does cost money and if you are just getting started it can be very easy to waste a lot of money on ads and see no results until you learn what you are doing. If you want to discover some super simple and effective paid traffic methods that get real results (these are my ONLY sources of paid traffic) you need to take a look at this. Of course there is also free traffic, which can take a little longer to generate but has the benefit of being completely free. There is no right way to do this, and there are too many ways to get traffic for me to cover in this brief document So I put together a free traffic training video course to help you out. It is completely free. Access Your Free Traffic Training Video Course Here

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

One More Important Point It is key that you send your traffic to the proper URL for the specific squeeze page you are promoting, rather than the general Funnel URL. Each of your squeeze pages will have a unique link here. I highlighted the correct link in the image below in green.

Advanced Tactics: Custom Domain Name With this method, you DO NOT need your own domain name. However, if you already have a website or prefer to have your own domain you can easily set up a custom domain with Clickfunnels. So instead of it being it would just be If you already have a website you can connect ClickFunnels with it, or if you don’t have your own domain name you can get one at Click here to learn how to set up a custom domain in ClickFunnels

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

How exactly do we get to $5,000 a month in 100 days with this plan? By Giving Away 1 Free Trial of ClickFunnels and GetResponse/Aweber Each Day for 100 Days! Let’s look at some numbers ClickFunnels offers 40% Commission on all their products. Their basic membership at $97/month with 40% commissions= $38.80 per subscriber $38.80 x 100 Subscribers = $3,800/month

GetResponse offers 33% Commissions $15/month plan= $4.95

$49/month plan = $16.17 $165/month plan = $54.45

Aweber offers 30% Commssions $19/month plan = $5.70

$29/month plan = $8.70

$49/month plan = $14.70

So if you have 100 users of each: 100 users of ClickFunnels = $3,800 100 users of GetResponse at the lowest plan = $495 Total Monthly Reccuring Income = $4,295

Wait…that is only $4,295. That still leaves $705 to reach $5k per month! Well if 50% of GetResposne or Aweber users upgrade to higher plans….you hit 5k! Or if only a few of your 100 ClickFunnels users purchase any of their high-ticket back end offers…you hit 5k! And if you continue to bring in subscribers (which you will) you just need 114 subscribers at the lowest level of each of these programs to break 5k per month! It is really that simple.

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Now…not every person who signs up for a free trial will stay subscribed, and you will have some users stop subscribing every month. So, you will need to keep promoting these offers, but that won’t be very hard. You will just need a couple new subscribers each month to stay at the 100 mark or above! That’s the entire process and that is exactly how I earn $5,000+ a month online.

Recap of This Method 1) Sign up for user accounts and affiliate accounts with ClickFunnels and either GetResponse or Aweber. 2) Access your prebuilt affiliate funnel with squeeze pages. Edit where appropriate. 3) Download your prewritten email autoresponder sequence, edit and add your affiliate links, and upload to your chosen email program. 4) Connect each squeeze page with your autoresponder. Remember to use the appropriate affiliate link as your custom thank you page. 5) Drive traffic and watch your subscribers, and commissions, roll in!

If you have any problems or questions about this process please let me know. Also if you think I am missing any important information pleat tell me. I want to make this blueprint as simple and easy to follow as possible for everyone and I will be updating it occasionally as I receive eedback. I try to respond to every email within 24 hours (48 on weekends). Email me at

5 Steps to $5k Per Month in Passive Profits

Resources Recommended Tools ClickFunnels Free Trial GetResponse Free Trial Aweber Free Trial

DFY Tools Affiliate Sales Funnel Autoresponder Sequence Free Traffic Training Course

Affiliate Programs ClickFunnels GetResponse Aweber

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$5K a Month Passive Profit Blueprint - A simple step by step blueprint showing one way that it is possible to make $5,000 a month in passive incom...

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