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The “First Timer’s Guide” to Custom House Plans One question that we’re often asked is, “What exactly is a custom house plan?” And custom house plans are just as the name implies. The house plans are custom drawn to meet your family’s specific needs.You would go in and meet with your local design professional or in some cases a licensed architect in the geographic location close to number one, where you live or number two, where the home would be built. You then talk to him or her about your specific needs, square footage requirements, design style you’re looking for, exactly where the home is going to be built and a variety of other items. At that point, you will get a price quote and an estimated timeline, which averages about one to two months to draw off the plans to your specific requirements. From there, there would be a series of meetings and drawing review sessions whereby you would fine-tune your drawings until you got to a point where they were finished and you were happy with the final product. You would then pay the design professional his or her fee which would typically be from $2000 to $5000 depending on where you live and the level of detail in the plan. Then you could take those plans and build from them.

However in some cases, custom house plans may be the only viable option based on your needs, home location, special building conditions, etc. Finally, some of the advantages of custom house plans include the homeowner can get exactly what they want in their home design and secondly, special needs can be addressed in the design. For example, an extra large garage for the boat, larger than normal master bath, special needs access, et cetera. Some of the disadvantages of custom house plans are that they’re typically much more expensive than stock house plans and secondly, the custom home design process is typically much more time-consuming and requires more time from the homeowner since so many more meetings are required. Now if you need custom house plans, House Plan Gallery can definitely help you. However we always recommend that you try to find a stock house plan that fits the majority of your needs and then we can easily modify those plans to fit your exact requirements. That’s going to give you the best value for your dollar and get it to you, as quickly as possible.

As a result, the custom design process is normally much more involved and timeconsuming than that required for a similar set of stock house plans since your specific requests will need to be integrated into the overall design of the home.

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Here’s Just A Few Happy Client Testimonials... The house and its design brings rave reviews from everyone... We had a great experience with your company, website, plans and the people who helped us.

HPG-2000B-1 The Pecan Meadow

We are about 3 weeks out from completion with the cabinets and painting on our new HPG-2000B-1 home being completed this week.The house and its design brings rave reviews from everyone. It sits on an acre of land that gently slopes to a wild type habitat with a small creek just off the property.We used native limestone (chopped) and used a 30 year matching shingle.The house and setting are really great. Thanks to you and all your wonderful people. James C. Taylor, Texas

Our experience with HPG was a home buyers dream... We found a plan we liked, made the adjustments that best fit our family, and never had a bad experience in the process. We have had people from our subdivision and others, as well as people from out of state, stop us in our yard to ask about the house and where we purchased our plan. Thank you for making the home building experience magnificent!

HPG-1800B-1 The Pecan Orchard

James and Amy M. Hattiesburg, Mississippi

We could not be more pleased! House Plan Gallery has been very professional and easy to work with.We would recommend them to anyone who desires a well thought through plan that is incredibly detailed. Even across the country, these true professionals see that their clients are serviced in an extremely timely fashion and make themselves available for any questions that one may have.

HPG-1509B-1 The Wilson Creek

We could not be more pleased! Tim and Debbie C. Developers, Lakeside at Cross Creek, Camdenton, MO.

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I would highly recommend House Plan Gallery to anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable house plan... Randy and Ginger M. Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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