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High Paying Yacht Stewardess Jobs I remember when was standing nervously on the pier, waiting for my first day to start. Anxiously I was watching the yacht that would become my home for the next few weeks. To call her boat it was like calling something huge like the Cologne Cathedral... a villa. It was truly a floating palace. This is one of the main reasons why the yacht stewardess jobs are so popular.

Welcome to the thriving international industry where sea going vessels worth millions and crews are recruited among people who are tempted to work without spending money on everyday expenses such as accommodation rents, water, gas, electricity and... you name it. A people who are fascinated by the lifestyle of the jet-set society are willing to get their yacht stewardess jobs.

Most of the yacht stewardess jobs seekers are attracted by the possibilities shown above a willingness to travel and the salary and tips, of course.

Well, in my case, I realized that this boat will be my working place for months. Nearly the same time I have spent looking for yacht stewardess jobs on the net. When you once take in hand the tray with the order, you pull the handle of a door leading to the lounge, and you're a different person.

Different is sometimes and the behavior of the owners. Most of them like to see the friendly faces of smiling stewardesses on board, but sometimes the pretty common requirements escalate into nagging them in absolutely unique unacceptable ways. Somewhere hostesses are chastised because of a string found in pure Palacio, or because of suspicions that her (owner’s) clothes were washed in the same washing machine with the clothes of the crew (!!!). And somewhere the vessel owners do not even know how many exclusive dishes were broken apart by some negligent stewardess and how many are there on the yacht sets. Someone takes out the whole team on the yacht-free vacation in Las Vegas (not stretching the truth; our crew once was so lucky), and somewhere was also taken out - clean the abandoned apartment in Monaco (with the " luck " I also had that kind of a chance encounter).

List's duties are also very different. Actually, not all can be called duties, but the separation between the duties of the good stewardesses, and the desires of the yacht guests should not be existed. That yacht stewardess jobs are for. Of course, we are not talking about sex (with these things all on board are very strict, but it's worth mentioning about that separately). I note that the second, but no less important aspect of characterization of the yacht stewardess jobs is the indication of performance: whatever fatigue, mood, etc. You may feel inside before guests you always have to be hospitable, to salute with a smile and proud bearing. Well, with colleagues, you ought to behave more or less kindly, trying to keep a positive attitude. To survive in difficult conditions you have to support each other. This, incidentally, is a very helpful reflex: instead of complaining you... smile and say what you need to say jokingly. However, this work shaped some ridiculous reflexes, too. After returning home, I spent some time “frightening� friends, for example, in a restaurant, when I took in hands incidentally a tray. Suddenly it seemed I instantly was transformed: shoulders straightened; my head proudly raised, and lips gestured a glued smile of duty.

When you are looking for yacht stewardess jobs don’t forget that sometimes the stewardesses must have a driver's license – needed to drive on their own, without the cook (on whom this obligation usually lies) to purchase products and everything for the boat. By the way, if you rent a yacht for charter be sure to check that any of the future customers would not detect a lack in their favorite dish or drink in the middle of nowhere.

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High paying yacht stewardess jobs

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