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Family Survival System Review I was looking for other information when I first happened on the Family Survival System website and it caught my eye. Instead of earmarking it for later, I listened to what Frank Mitchell, creator of the system, had to say and I'm glad I did. I've watched the economy for many, many years, being a retired stockbroker. There's more going on than you'll read about in the paper or hear on the news. You can easily manipulate the market if you have enough money, with some people making money on the way up and then selling short to make even more when it declines again. No matter what the news says about an economic recovery, just look at the rising gas prices and ask your neighbor that's cut down to part time or took another job well below his previous pay to see if we are really recovering. Look at all the empty houses banks are holding until the prices of homes rise. It scares me enough that I watched the entire video, which was well worth the time. Frank Mitchell Is an Expert in Survival This man has the credentials and regardless of my ability to search the internet for information, I wanted it easy and in condensed form. He has 60 survival classes under his belt with years serving in a military capacity during various emergencies that provoked massive chaos. He knows what is necessary to survive during a crisis, which can last anywhere from weeks to months. Best of all, he passes the information to the reader in the Family Survival System in an easy to follow format. I'm a checklist fanatic, so when I found the Family Survival System Review had an easy to use checklist to insure you've taken all the proper steps, I was ecstatic. The Price Is Right Of course, I could go out and purchase the fancy kits offered in stores with all the dehydrated or radiated food, but that's expensive. Even then, you need water to rehydrate some of the food and if there's a disaster, water is often difficult to get. While we live at the edge of a city with our own well, we still need electric for water---and we often lose that during a small thunderstorm. That's why I was glad the Family Survival System had not only a section on making your own survival food supply---at a reasonable price--

-but also on ways to secure water without city water or electric. There's no huge out of pocket expense either. The course is far less than you'd pay for even a day's seminar and you have all the information available when you want to review it later. All of the suggestions and steps are within most everyone's budget. Knowledge Is Power It's all about having the right knowledge, not just a large bankroll. If the economic fall or natural disaster is great enough, money will be of little value. Frank Mitchell not only knows all the important information, he also knows how to impart it to make it easy to read and far better than any seminar I've ever attended. There's no need to leave your house to get this valuable information or take time from a busy schedule. You have it available to read, review and act upon any time of the day. You'll learn how to survive, whether you live in an urban environment or in the country, no matter what the circumstances. Guaranteed Satisfaction Frank Mitchell not only knows his business, he knows the reader will recognize the importance of this knowledge. If you have any reservations---which I did---there's even more enticement. The Family Survival System Review comes with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the information or the course. One last item not only caught my eye, but also convinced me to make the purchase----and I'm glad I did. Frank donates 5 percent of his profits to the Red Cross. You'll not only be preparing yourself to survive almost any disaster, you'll be donating to an organization that does great work during disasters.

Family survival system review

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