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Formula How I Make $100k Per Year With Clickbank And Facebook Ads

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Hey friend, It’s Peng Joon here. I am excited about you picking up this report because what you are about to discover can literally change your life and income (hey, I know you’ve heard that more times than you can care to count. But stick with me and you’ll see how this is for real this time ‘round). I encourage you to read EVERY word of this guide, as I am going to reveal an underground strategy with which ANYONE can make consistent income from Clickbank. As a matter of fact, it’s this same strategy that is lining my account with at least $500 every single day on autopilot! So you’d do well to read every word of this guide. FB ads guide


Creating A Clickbank Account If you don’t have one yet, you’re going to need to create a Clickbank account. Clickbank is an online marketplace where product owners upload products for affiliates (like you) to promote and earn commissions from. I like Clickbank a lot because it’s easy to sign up and start. I also like it because you can get anywhere from 50 – 75% as commissions on a product. Doesn’t that excite you? So to sign up, head over to At the top you will see the “create account” option. Click on it:

A new page will appear with a form which you have to fill up with your details e.g name, email address, country, street address etc. Once you are done filling up all of those things, submit it. Barring any fault detected by the Clickbank accounts creation team (they recently started taking more stringent approaches to vetting and approving new accounts), you now have a Clickbank account and are ready to command some hefty moolah with it. To help you, I am going to detail my $500 per day strategy so you can copy and paste for success.

FB ads guide


The Strategy The way my strategy works is very simple: I send traffic from Facebook (using ads) to a landing page and redirect leads to the sales page of the Clickbank product I promote as an affiliate. When anyone buys with my link, I automatically get my commission added to my Clickbank account. Usually ranging from 75% to 90%. It really is that easy. Traditionally, what most people do when promoting Clickbank products is this: They send traffic from FB to a squeeze page like the one below: You must have seen one of these lying all around the Wild, Wild West of the internet. What this page does is that it takes your details (name and email) in exchange for a free info and then the owner has permission to send you emails with contents and promotions. It’s an effective marketing medium. But there’s a problem… Facebook have become very strict with their advertising policy and are hitting many accounts with their ban hammer. And one of the reasons for this is the appearance of your landing page (the page people see after clicking on your FB ads), which is most often a squeeze page. So in order to avoid this, I decided to do something else. Instead of sending my traffic from FB to a squeeze page like the one above, I send them to a quiz page instead – which is more friendly and will give you absolutely no problem with Facebook.

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A Full Reveal Of This Strategy What I have just done above is to get your foot in the door. Now, I will strip back the layers and fully let you into this strategy so you can copy and deploy. You like that? Good, let’s continue… You now know that in order to make money from Clickbank you need two things:

1. A product to promote.

2. Traffic (People interested in buying this product).

To get a product to promote just login into your Clickbank account and click on “Marketplace” at the top of the page:

You will be redirected to a page like this:

FB ads guide


What you see above are the various markets in which you can promote products from. You can’t just promote any random products – that will lead to failure. Instead, you need to be smart and choose a niche from these numerous markets. There’s a lot of effort, time and technicality that goes into choosing a niche. All of which we can’t cover here. So to make things easier for you, I strongly advise that you go with the weight loss niche. It’s an evergreen niche: People will be desperate to loose excess fat this year, next year, the year after that and even ten years from now. Hope you get me? It’s a niche that has lots and lots of products paying out amazing commissions on Clickbank. So it’s time to pick a product from Clickbank in the weight loss niche. Here, I will help out again. There are tons and tons of good products in the weight loss niche, and you are free to promote any one of your choice. But the one I will recommend to you is the “2 week diet”:

I will tell you why I recommend it above others shortly. But before then, you should know that Facebook frowns against anything that has to do with Weight loss.

FB ads guide


It’s (near) impossible to advertise on the their platform, a weight loss product. Your ads will be disapproved or worse still, your account banned. So if Facebook do not approve of weight loss products why did I tell you to go with that niche? Relax my friend… That’s where my strategy comes into play. Remember earlier I told you that I don’t drive traffic to a squeeze page? I instead drive them to a quiz page that looks similar to the below:

With these kinds of pages, it’s easier to get your ads approved. And more importantly these kinds of pages get you higher conversions than the traditional squeeze pages. What happens here is that people answer the number of questions (like you see above) contained in the quiz. All they need to do is click on the right answer. Once they are done an email sign up form appears for them to drop their email so they can get their results.

FB ads guide


Due to the fact that people are eager to see the results of their quiz, they will be more than happy to drop in their emails. Then they are redirected to the page that sells the Clickbank product you promote. Again, they will be more receptive to this page because it will come subtly to them as a solution to a problem detected from their quiz score. So they need to solve it. Do you see how this is a no pressure way of selling? This, my friend, is how I collect huge check after check from Clickbank. Back to the reason(s) why I recommended that you go with the “2 week diet” product. If you look at the image I attached again, you are going to see that:

1. The gravity for the product is 139.13: That’s abso-freaking-lutely insane! It is an indicator that there are tons of affiliates promoting the product and more importantly, people are ‘eating’ it up maniacally.

2. You will get 75% commission from every sale you make.

3. It’s the same product I promote right now in the weight loss niche and it’s selling really well.

4. The most important reason is that they already have a well-prepared quiz page that you can easily start with, with any hassles.

Here is the link to the quiz page: All you just have to do here is replace “your name” with your Clickbank ID and send traffic to this link. Every sale that come from the link will be credited to you. So that’s what is working for me. And you can now copy and paste to make money with it too.

FB ads guide


Facebook Ads Before I end this guide, I will quickly like to talk about Facebook ads. Statistics tell us that there are over 1.94Billion monthly active Facebook users. That means Facebook is a community with a HUGE collection of people. These people all have various interests, demographics, behaviors etc. All these are things which Facebook are able to brilliantly record and help marketers reach the right people for their business through FB ads. To help you get started on the right path, here are two examples of Facebook ads some of my students are using to drive a boatload of traffic to their similar quiz pages:

With that, we come to the end of this guide. I prefer to use “find your body toxicity score” for my ads as provided by The 2 Week Diet, but you can make anything you wish like “find out your body type”. There are many options out there! This is exactly how I am currently making $100, 000 yearly income on Clickbank on autopilot. I am sure you will agree it is an easy-to-copy strategy? Feel free to go ahead and deploy everything you learn here into your own campaign. I wish you the best. Peng Joon FB ads guide


The $100k Per Year With Clickbank Formula - Discover how to make money with Peng Joon's secret guide on how to make money with Clickbank and Facebook Ad...

The $100k Per Year With Clickbank Formula - Discover how to make money with Peng Joon's secret guide on how to make money with Clickbank and Facebook Ad...