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Calgary Prostitution Scandal Heats Up Further to the reports of last week, the Arc Financial Calgary prostitution scandal is running rampant throughout the corporate world, but why is no local media reporting? It seems Alberta has had more of its fair share of prostitution scandals in recent months, and attempts by Arc Financial, the largest private venture capital funding company in Canada, to keep a tight lid on recent events to minimize damage, is quite successful, however, information and further clues continue to leak. First, let’s consider recent events: July 2013 Alberta MLA for Fort McMurray (one of Alberta’s

key oil & gas industry locations) Mike Allen resigns from PC caucus after arrest in a Minnesota, USA prostitution sting. Also in 2013, Mike Kudlow reports in “The Gauntlet” in his article “selling sex” on the realities of high end prostitution in Calgary, telling the tale of one escort “Nicole” stating: “Nicole isn't the product of a broken home or a poor upbringing. She greatly enjoyed telling me about the second house she recently bought in Scenic Acres. The conversation really took a turn for the unexpected when she answered a call from her dad, demonstrating her parents weren't divorced and were still involved in her life. In fact, both are executives for local oil companies. Educated in a private school in Calgary and brought up in the lap of luxury, Nicole is a walking enigma. Although I never confirmed it, I had a strong sense Nicole was not being victimized by a rapacious pimp.” See more at: It seems the link between the oil & gas industry supporting prostitution and/or escort services is deeper and more closely connected than ever imagined. Then of course, there is this locally ignored piece of news, leaked out on the TSX newswire just before Christmas 2013: “Oil and gas company ARC Resources Ltd. (ARX.TO: Quote) Monday said Chief Operating Officer Cameron Kramer has resigned for personal reasons. The company appointed Terry Anderson as the new COO.” See more at: Arc Resources is one of the many companies that Arc Financial parents. That was it, Cam Kramer was gone. Off the Arc Resources website, just a tiny mention in the news release on the TSX, not mentioned on the Arc Resources website – like he never existed. Of course, we originally reported on the trending tweets that first alerted us to something in the wind:

Seems local media is not interested in the current and ongoing scandal. Former “Rock Machine” biker gang “property” ( Brigette Noren ) turned financier groupie pictured living with an Arc Financial executive ( Douglas Freel ) in our last report, nor her previous connection to an outlaw organized crime syndicate, but this is the seedier side of the whole escort industry. Who is the criminal? The escort or the “Johns” supporting the escort industry? Prostitution is still illegal in Canada, though the laws are difficult to interpret and someone, somewhere introduced “BJ” into this industry and/or corporate structure. She has a firm grip now, between her apparent twitter friendship with W. Brett Wilson (see @BJNoren tweet feed) and whoever is the man of the day in the Arc Financial group. Seems adding herpes into the mix in these relationships (as in our last report “Calgary Executive Involved In Prostitution Entertainment Scandal”) goes unnoticed, but perhaps the industry or this company in particular is rife with STD’s after years of Corporate Entertainment using prostitutes is nothing new to the international corporate scheme, from the Zumba Instructor in Maine running an escort business on the side to the US Secret Service Agents caught with Columbian Hookers, to the corporate “business expense” write offs (unreceipted) by Volkswagen for both escorts, and the Viagra to ensure “good value for service”. You just didn’t think it would happen in Canada, but more and more stories surface, and it’s time to put a stop to this corporate cancer. This is not a group of “good guys” this is a group using women for sexual gratification outside of their marital homes (in many cases) and under the cloak of safety afforded by business reputation, external appearances, power and money.

Brigette Noren with Douglas Freel of Arc 1

Click here and contact the managing director of ARC Financial and let her know of your concerns and sentiment on these important issues.

Calgary prostitution scandal heats up  

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