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Calgary Executive Involved In Prostitution Entertainment Scandal We have often hear stories of high end corporate prostitution and have seen high profile executives and famous politicians being involved in sex scandals, especially in movies and TV dramas, but is this truth just fiction? This reporter reveals that high end prostitution is very much alive and happening, functioning at a very high level of corporate society, in very sophisticated ways, making it almost invisible to the general public – out of sight, out of mind. Most of the reputed top company executives clearly involved in high end prostitution never get caught. They not only appear well mannered and educated on the surface, they use prostitution as both a business enticement and a blackmail device that removes any chance of word getting out. Huge charitable donations also serve to keep their seemingly “good” corporate reputations intact. While researching different resources focusing on corporate prostitution rackets, it was only through coincidence that some trending tweets came to light with more than 15-16000 Retweets! See: How intriguing! Let’s dig a little deeper……. While going through the many tweets and retweets with such a huge volume of social media interest, it becomes clear this issue is of huge public concern. The path finally leads to Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Prostitution is legal in Canada, but making use of public communication for the purpose of prostitution, brothels and procuring are offences under the law and that can have some serious consequences as well. It’s clear the tweets point to one of the many private financing companies in oil-rich Calgary that seems to be entertaining investors, clients and themselves with hookers. An international funding company such as this, with ties to Canada, the US and global suite of investors, prostitution would NOT be legal in the many locations where they solicit & operate their activities outside of Canada, which is where this story originates from. If this sounds like a familiar story to you, this is because it echoes previous media exposure leading to prosecutions along the same line, where 17 people were indicted for using a high end prostitution ring in Brooklyn District that earned over $7 million from blue chip financial clients in just three years. However, things went wrong with our Canadian company when one corporate executive created a bigger and more public problem. Upon further investigation, it became clear that one corporate executive from Calgary’s leading oil and gas investment companies transmitted HERPES to a couple of escorts who are now

retaliating not through traditional legal resources (which would not be available to them engaging in illegal activities) but through a personal campaign against this individual. HSV also known as herpes simplex virus is a chronic condition that is infected through vaginal, oral or anal sex. The tweets say the corporate executive involved from ARC Resource Ltd., whose parent company is ARC Financial, however the tweets involve a @BJNoren – following that path, we find the Facebook account of this “lady” at where we find her pictured not with an Arc Resources executive, but an Arc Financial (the parent company to Arc Resources) executive! Lets look at the evidence - @BJNoren from the tweets:

One of many pictures from the Brigette Noren Facebook site (that are NOT x-rated – sorry!):

See? This guy is pictured clearly with BJNoren and is pictured again on the Arc Financial “team” page at Coincidentally, this is the same company that has given billions to the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business MBA program, for a school on business ethics. I think we can do without ethics like this creeping into our trusted business relationships and being taught to our easily influenced graduates don’t you? Who is @BJNoren then? Brigette Noren, it seems, is the former “property” of the dangerous Manitoba “ROCK MACHINE” biker gang who decided to run from her involvement in the wake of many arrests going back some years now, to far away Alberta, then onto Calgary where she’s living with this executive. Kind of a step up! It seems her previous “business associates” don’t like the gift of herpes and all hell is breaking loose with bikers and escort agency “security boys” tracking this guy and his people down using “non traditional” dispute resolution processes (to put it politely). Having using the resources afforded to her by her association with the “Rock Machine” gang, she decided to try and leave the past behind like it never happened, but like most organized crime organizations, that’s not so easy, so debts must be paid, especially if you leave an STD behind, pass it on and affect more in your “industry”. I guess if your twitter nickhame is “BJ”, one can only guess at her skillset and occupation under the circumstances!

So it’s all true, photographic evidence & all. Perhaps it’s just the one executive, but this path will go much deeper and warrants more investigation. The “apple never falls far from the tree” so they say, and this company and executive in particular seems to maintain a deliberately low profile. We can’t find the link between the “Rock Machine” activities & this world of high finance so far, but it would make a perfect marriage in many ways. This is the stuff of the 1970’s – does this guy think he’s “scarface”? Let’s not accept this, not now, not in today’s politically correct climate, where sexual harassment alone is a huge corporate liability and we don’t use “pay for play” sex in reputable situations where companies need to be able to stand on their own merits. Click here and contact the managing director of ARC Financial and let her know of your disgust.

Calgary executive involved in prostitution scandal  
Calgary executive involved in prostitution scandal  

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