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QuotesIn.com is a new and simple website which offers a free online service to consumers enabling them to request a tailored quote for a wide range of products or services that can all be found within one marketplace. Our unique “Network Quotation System” allows consumers to interact direct with businesses and alternatively enables them to find products or services of their desired choice with great ease, hence the term “Lets Deal Direct”.

Here at QuotesIn.com we focus on positioning a large range of relevant markets with targeted consumers needs, and assist our users in the best way possible to find the product or service best suited to their specific requirements. As a result, we are able to offer providers and advertisers access to a high volumes of informed consumers who, having received the valued quote/estimate for a product or service, are potentially ready to make a purchasing decision.

We believe our services offer a great proposition to both consumers and product/service providers. By simplifying consumer needs, improving the consumers experience and enabling product/service providers to advertise to their targeted marketing audience effectively.

Due to a recent decline in the economy, we understood it was important to position consumers and businesses at ease with modern technology. Studies show that over 60% of households are now using the internet to find and purchase products or services. With the majority of households using the internet for this reason, this somewhat gives the smaller businesses the short straw as larger companies are able to search engine optimise and sell online at an advantage. This inspired us to position businesses direct to consumers in a professional manner, therefore giving smaller and larger businesses an equal chance to receive leads. This in turn offers the consumer a large variation of valued services all in one place.

By researching, improving, and combining a mixture of existing technologies, we are proud to say that we have now developed something that delivers truly significant productivity and gives possibilities that to date do not exist when going about your daily business related activities.

Receive active leads from consumers directly to your QuotesIn.com inbox, you are even alerted via your personal email when a new lead arrives, so no need to be constantly checking your profile! We guarantee all enquiries will be sent directly into your QuotesIn.com active inbox.

Send tailored quotes attaching images and files, perhaps you would like to send a PDF pricelist or a Media pack with your quote? Your quote will then be sent to the consumer finished professionally with your business logo. A�Professional finish� is a great way to help gain potential customers! Also our easy quote status means you can keep up to date every step of the way to check if your quote has been accepted.

Once your quote has been accepted you are immediately sent the consumers contact details to your inbox and via email, leaving you free to contact the consumer and carry out your services. Alternatively setup email on your mobile phone, this is a great way to receive leads on the move..!

Each business profile has a consumer section as well, this allows businesses to search for products and services too! Maybe you would like to find a more efficient supplier..? For example, Need a printing service for your business cards..?

The NQ System stands for “Network Quotation System”. It is the coding of an email system that determines a destination for an enquiry given by consumers to certain businesses. This has been a key function when creating QuotesIn.com as it determines which enquiry is delivered to which business. It is directed by selecting from a range of products/services and location(s) which in turn carries to the businesses that fall under that search criteria. This was developed as we wanted QuotesIn.com to be a large network directory where consumers and businesses could interact by sending tailored enquiries and quotes to each other. This is where the NQ System plays a key part to the success of QuotesIn.com and its interaction. Whether you are a tradesman, driving instructor, photographer or simply a mechanic offering your services, QuotesIn.com will work for you and your business...

You can sign up by either, going to www.QuotesIn.com and clicking on the “Register Your Business” button on the homepage or by contacting one of our selected account agents via phone or email.

Yearly Membership

£199.99 Inc VAT Our Low Commission Rates (You only get charged for what you get accepted for, not for leads) These rates are only charged once the service has been carried out and fully completed. (Commissions can be made payable through PayPal) Quote price range £0 - £49.99 £50 - £99.99 £100 - £199.99 £200 - £299.99 £300 - £399.99 £400 - £499.99 £500 - £999.99 £1,000 - £4,999.99 £5,000 - £9999.99 £10,000+

Commissions (4% of the lowest price) No charge £2 Commission charge £4 Commission charge £8 Commission charge £12 Commission charge £16 Commission charge £20 Commission charge £40 Commission charge £200 Commission charge £250 Commission charge

(All commission rates are inclusive of VAT, so no hidden charges..!)

Address: QuotesIn.com Emeriss Ltd group 20 Rosedene House, Southway, Chester, Cheshire. CH1 5NN. Contact Emails: Need more information? Administration Department Need help regarding your account? Advertise your business Send all Paypal payments to

Contact Numbers: Direct Line: 0845 428 2628

info@QuotesIn.com admin@QuotesIn.com customerservices@QuotesIn.com advertise@QuotesIn.com payments@QuotesIn.com

QuotesIn.com are offering YOU a tailored service which will give your business the opportunity to grow in a unique market..!

Sign up today and you will receive 3 FREE quotes to send..! (This offer may vary subject to promotional offers)

No lucky draw or relying on being picked over larger advertisements! Ordinary directories do not offer a fair system and a lot of the time your services can be missed, due to consumers only calling a couple of selected directory advertisements

No waiting for the phone to ring! The NQ System is automated and keeps your business open 24/7

We have the lowest commission rates online..! Due to the broad variety of services we have to offer we are able to reduce our commission rates to one of the lowest commission rates online.

Thank you, The QuotesIn.com Team

QuotesIn.com © 2008 Emeriss Ltd - All rights reserved. Registered in England and Wales No. 6166042. UK VAT Registered: 907171632

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Quotes In Media Pack  

The Quotes In media pack, detailing why and how Quotes In can be such a benificial form of media for any kind of business.

Quotes In Media Pack  

The Quotes In media pack, detailing why and how Quotes In can be such a benificial form of media for any kind of business.

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