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4 Point Home Inspection – A Gate Way to Reduce Costs New Home inspection in Florida is gaining importance these days as most of the buyers want to get their home inspected before making a final decision considering the safety of themselves and their families. In order to reduce the financial burden of home inspection the new method of 4 point home inspection is getting more popularity than the conventional home inspection. Nowadays new home inspection in Florida has become a mandatory task for every buyer before he/she takes a final decision. Home buyers generally do not have complete idea about the home construction and its components. Many cannot make out which defects are serious and needs immediate attention and which are not. So, in order to prevent any future difficulties each and every home buyer should get the place inspected thoroughly. Since the buyers had already invested huge amounts in buying the place, getting a home inspection will be a burden on them. Some can not afford to get a home inspection done. For all those buyers who cannot afford a full home inspection, 4 point home inspection is a boon. Usually a full home inspection considers 10 aspects of home components and construction. But a 4 point home inspection inspects only the Foundation, Roof, Plumbing and Electrical which are of the primary concern of a buyer and are very expensive to repair. The 4 point home inspection does not inspect the Interior, Exterior Structure, Ventilation / Insulation, Heating, Appliances and Air Conditioning of the home which makes the 4 point home inspection cost less. Some of the insurance companies are considering the 4 point home inspection for issuing insurance for residential homes. There are many home inspection companies in Florida which has incorporated this new technique. They provide you with many packages and offers that are quite reasonable. Hire a reasonable home inspector and get your dream home inspected before buying and prevent any mishaps and live happily and comfortably with your family and loved ones. For more information about 4 point home inspection and home inspection companies in Florida. Please visit our website:

4 Point Home Inspection – A Gate Way to Reduce Costs