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Disaster Recovery Report, Quarter 1, 2013 Top Causes of Disaster Downtime for Small to Mid-Sized Companies Download Now

Disaster Recovery Report, Quarter 1, 2013 Natural disasters have always made headlines. The fallout is extreme. Lives and property are worst affected. Businesses are ruined too. But many other disasters can have a worse impact on small to mid-sized businesses.

The four most common causes of system downtime according to the Report:



lead the list

is second

Hardware Failures

Human Error



Natural Disasters are a distant fourth

Software Failures come third But the resulting downtime from any of these disasters can bring small to mid-sized businesses to a standstill.

Time and Expense The Report highlights the Time and Expense of bouncing back from a disaster and how small to mid-sized companies should safeguard their data.

Disaster Recovery Planning The Report reviews the frequency of various disasters, and puts into sharper focus the importance of disaster recovery technology as part of an overall business continuity plan.

Disaster Recovery Solutions The Report examines the Disaster Recovery Solution Landscape, the three common solutions - Tape & Disk Backup, Cloud Backup and Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud - and their effectiveness, in detail.

Predictive Tool By using this Report as a predictive tool, small to mid-sized businesses can now have a heightened awareness of the spontaneous nature of disasters.

Key Role of Regular Testing In conclusion, the Report underlines the Key Role of Regular Testing in preparing for a disaster that can strike any time. It stresses the need to deploy a Disaster Recovery System that enables automatic testing and works effectively in an actual disaster.

Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions deliver the advantages of virtualized data center replication, without the high cost and complexity. These solutions run up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of a company’s critical systems, locally or in the cloud. They transparently take over for failed servers within minutes, so recovery is instant with no break in business.

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Disaster Recovery Report Quarter 1 2013 by Quorum, Inc. (Quorum.Net)  
Disaster Recovery Report Quarter 1 2013 by Quorum, Inc. (Quorum.Net)  

Download Quorum’s Disaster Recovery Report: Disaster of any kind can have a major impact on small to mid–sized bus...