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What our

clients are saying

“He cares so deeply about the client’s happiness.

While every Garrison Hullinger room is unique, they are all equally lovely. A lot of people quail at the thought of hiring a designer but working with Garrison has saved me a fortune through designer

negotiated discounts. He also works swiftly and is incredibly fair with billing. Mistakes add up quickly, save yourself expensive errors and hire Garrison.” —D. Pillai

Your Style By Design Creating sophisticated comfort for real life—yours.

Fresh Outlook

Listen, See,


That’s how we work together, you and us. At GHID, we begin by (and never stop) listening to your desires, seeing how you and your family lives, and understanding how to shape your environment to

your dreams with sophisticated, award-winning design that is both timeless and up to the minute. We craft rooms that fit you like your favorite clothes, yet seem fresh every time you enter. We are client-centered, value-focused and absolutely committed to

designing with verve, elegance, color, warmth, calm, practicality, flexibility and livability. We don’t design art projects meant solely for magazine covers, we create beauty in which you can truly feel at home—and which often turns up on magazine covers.

Contemporary Interiors

At the Heart GHID is a team of professionals who work together on your project, but’s fair to say that the vision and ethic of the firm comes from its founder, Garrison Hullinger. He brings a wealth of experience from

many disciplines to his designs. At the heart of GHID, Garrison brings a deep understanding of color, form and construction to all of the firm’s work, and insists that your style be faithfully-yet-surprisingly interpreted in every aspect of your project. Widely quoted within the

industry, perhaps his greatest asset is the ability to instantly see the potential in any space, and to artfully facilitate every detail from start to finish.

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Easy Does It If you haven’t worked with interior designers before, or if you have worked with less easy-going designers, set aside any qualms you might have.The process of working with the GHID team is not one of being lectured to about high art and told how you will henceforth live.

What to expect (and not to) expect from us. Expect exceptional design for residential projects, remodels, re-dos, re-imaginings and new construction. Expect unexcelled experience. Expect great work. Expect new ideas based on up-to-the-minute knowledge of what’s available. Expect results based on sound thinking,

Our process is easy-going, collaborative and responsive. Smiling and laughing will definitely be involved. As noted, we listen first. Which doesn’t mean we won’t come back to you with something fresh and surprising, but it will reflect what we know and understand about you.This is living well in your space, by design.

powerful creative and intelligently pushed boundaries. Expect us to listen and hear. Expect us to pay attention to goals, budgets, timelines and issues. Expect our best. Expect flexibility and responsiveness. Expect to hear from us often. Expect to have fun. Don’t expect excuses. Do expect honesty, professionalism and service in every interaction.

And we believe that design is in the details. Everyone on our staff, from the principal designer to the front desk person, is relentlessly detail oriented. Not to mention relentlessly human and downto-earth. Even though we are an award-winning firm with a national presence, there are no prima donnas here. That’s just not our style.

What do we

expect from you?

Be real, be engaged, be open, be happy.

How it happens First you will meet with the principal designer, Garrison Hullinger, to detail your preferences, your lifestyle and how the space will be used. Your partnership with GHID officially begins when a project designer visits your space to inventory existing assets and identify positives and challenges. We will then create a design plan and cost estimate for any custom installations or planned furniture. The principal designer will then present the plan to you and make revisions based upon your input.

Once the concept for your project is finalized, one of GHID’s project designers will take the lead by specifying materials, finishes and furniture needed. Although a project designer will be leading your effort, Garrison supervises every project at GHID so yours will never be out of sight of the firm’s principal. We will also work closely with your existing building contractors and any new vendors and contractors necessary for your project. GHID will be responsible for setting timelines, coordinating contractor schedules and making sure the work is completed on time.

Some clients prefer continual input and oversight, while some prefer to take a more hands-off approach. In this, as in our design process, we are committed to accommodating your personal style. Leading up to and throughout the project, you will have a clear sense of our current and anticipated billing.You will be surprised and pleased by the value and cost-savings we can bring to your design project by leveraging our buying power on your behalf wherever possible.

New Home Design What WE DO GHID provides professional services by the hour, or by the project, depending on your needs. Our expertise includes:

Full Service Interior Design Interior Decorating

Space Planning for Residential and Commercial Interiors

Redesign of Existing Furnishings

Bathroom and Kitchen Design

Construction Specification, New & Remodel

Flooring, Plumbing Fixture, Lighting Fixture and Countertop Selection

Fabric, Color & Interior Finish Selection

Custom Furniture, Built-ins & Accessories Design

Furniture Reupholstering, Refinishing & Restoration

Area Rugs and Carpeting Antique Purchasing

Custom Window Treatments & Bed Fabrications

Original Artwork

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