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Hello and welcome to the new age style of quiz conduction in India.

There is hardly any secret that quizzing has been popular since ages; however with the introduction of technology and with the beginning of the commercially viable option in the last few decades quiz conduction has gained a whole chic dash.

Look around and you will be pretty happy to notice that the Quizmasters in India are nowadays enjoying a great deal of importance in the infotainment sector.

Possibly this is why more and more students and youngsters are looking ahead to become the next Derek O Brien or the Gautam bose quizmaster. The idea is luring more and more youngsters to test their IQ, stage presence and charisma (the three significant factors behind any successful quiz presenter and quiz master) in order to be the next talk of the town.

The students are now inspiring to be the next Derek O'Brien, Siddhartha Basu or the next Gautam bose quiz expert. And you guessed it right; youngsters feel that ultimate adrenaline rush every time they are under the spotlight, conducting quizzes.

Introducing Greycells where ideas transcend all barriers!

Possibly you know this already, the genesis of Greycells goes back to more than a decade. It all started in the year 2000 when its cofounder & present chief Mr.

Gautam Bose brought together his lifelong passion of Quizzing and managing different events at college fests under one roof and under a professionally managed set up. Yes, that was the humble beginning of Gautam bose Greycells

Greycells has emerged as one of India's biggest Knowledge Services and Event management company and currently operates from Noida & Kolkata and Mumbai. Greycells conducts Quiz events in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and all other destinations across India. Over the years Greycells has emerged as the best Quiz company in India, which uses the platform of Quizzing as an alternative form of people engagement and interaction. The popular quiz company in India – Greycells has been hosting quiz shows, events and much more!

To quote Gautam Bose, “A good quizmaster should not only appear intelligent, but be intelligent!”

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As typically the brain child of Gautam bose quiz show expert Greycell has been instrumental in setting the benchmarks in its quality of work...