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ONE STEP FURTHER One of the greatest fears of any property investor is that of default tenants. Wherever rental accommodation is offered, the risk of inheriting a ‘naughty’ tenant is always prevalent.

7. On approval of application, all monies must be paid in cash or bank cheque. No personal cheques will be accepted. 8. Applications will only be processed on a fully completed and signed application form.

The only information available to a landlord or their agent is the information a tenant is prepared to offer. It is highly unlikely that a tenant will advise you that they have trashed another property or owe money for rent. Your asset can very easily and quickly become your liability by approving the wrong tenant.

Our office reserves the right to allow for any changes or additions to the above. Should an applicant fail to provide the above details, the application may not be processed. This is a positive means to reduce the risk of accepting a less than suitable tenant for your investment.

At Next Rentals, we are a member of T.I.C.A. which is a default tenancy control system. By using the T.I.C.A. system you will be in a position to enquire if a tenancy applicant has previously defaulted PRIOR to placing them into a property.

By uniting thousands of property managers throughout Australia and New Zealand and collating their information on tenants, TICA has been able to reduce their members exposure to those people who believe they have the right to affect another person’s lifestyle.

Together with the following identification requirements, we are proud of our very high standard of tenants:

Remember, ‘naughty’ tenants will often target private landlords and tend to avoid reputable Real Estate agents.

1. Photo identification - Drivers License or Passport 2. References from previous landlords or agents 3. Proof of last residential address - i.e. Telstra account, electricity account or bank / credit card statements 4. Copies of previous rental records 5. Copy of previous lease agreement 6. Supporting proof of income for payment of rent.

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