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WELCOME We would like to thank you for allowing Next Rentals, the opportunity to offer our residential and commercial property management services. I am very happy to have appointed Karen Stehr as Residential and Commercial business manager for Next Rentals, a role created with Karen’s expertise and industry experience in mind as a complimentary extension of our successful sales team. We trust the following brief will provide insight into the Sunshine Coast rental market and an outline of our strategies and processes for the successful leasing and management of your investment.

Loren Wimhurst Loren Wimhurst Owner & Founder

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL If experience is a priority for you... we proudly introduce Karen Stehr, a Property Manager of over 25 years. At Next Rentals our Residential and Commercial Business Manager is committed to earning, creating and maintaining relationships with clients built on years of trust. Karen considers ‘the people behind the name’ at Next Rentals to be the most important asset of a business and it is her aim to ensure our clients understand they are our top priority. Karen commenced her career in real estate on the Sunshine Coast in 1989 and has witnessed the ebbs and flows of the market place with supply and demand often fluctuating. Karen’s extensive knowledge of both the industry and the Sunshine Coast rental market will ensure vacancy times are kept to a minimum and rental return is maximised. Karen lives, works and enjoys recreation in our local area, with her finger on the pulse of local developments, market trends and rental values. Karen is an asset to Next Rentals and her role is to ensure the smooth and effective running of our Commercial and Residential property portfolio offering a personal one on one service.

Karen Stehr

• Residential Business Manager • Commercial Property Manager • REIQ Finalist Commercial Property Manager 2009 • Australasia Commercial Property Manager 2009 • Qualified & Certified Industry Trainer & Assessor

WHY THE SUNSHINE COAST FOR YOUR INVESTMENT? The Sunshine Coast is one of the three large urban regions in South East Queensland. The coastline stretches over 60 kilometres from Caloundra in the south, to Noosa Heads in the north. Just an hour’s drive north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast represents a relaxed seaside lifestyle, with a touch of sophistication. With a population of over 300,000 the area continues to develop and with an average growth rate of 3.3%, the Sunshine Coast is currently the fastest growing region in Australia. With the Kawana Hospital Precinct growth and development there are plenty of exciting opportunities coming over the next few years on the Sunshine Coast.

What better place for an investment property

From the beauty of its vast beaches to the lush countryside of the hinterland, it’s not difficult to see why an additional 50,000 in visitors and seasonal workers flock to the Sunshine Coast shores yearly. Blessed with a generous mix of ocean beaches, riverfront, variety of restaurants, cafes and nightspots, Mooloolaba is a popular central Sunshine Coast recreation town. Education on the Coast is also a major attraction with University and Tafe centres second to none. Distance to Brisbane is 100km approximately and the nearest airport is the Sunshine Coast Airport at Maroochydore.

PREPARING YOUR PROPERTY A small investment in time and money will give your investment an edge and may also allow you to ask a little more rent! Here are some helpful hints...

„„ Cut lawns

„„ Replace burnt out light fittings

„„ Trim shrubs

„„ Pool Safety Certificate if required

„„ Weed and edge gardens

„„ Window covering cords that

„„ Remove any rubbish or garden debris „„ Repair gutters „„ Smoke alarms installed „„ Safety switch installed and compliant „„ 3 Wells Rating water efficiency „„ Repair any leaking taps and toilets „„ Clean and repair windows „„ Ensure all locks are working safely „„ General spring cleaning

meet legislation

„„ Remove any oil from driveways „„ Ensure paths are safe and clean „„ Store any excess furniture „„ Ensure all window dressings are clean, tidy and working

„„ Pest control „„ Pressure clean any mould from pavers and driveways

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU „„ Property Rental Appraisal

„„ Monthly and twice monthly disbursement

„„ TICA database check on all applications „„ Strict tenant selection criteria „„ Open home – we personally escort potential tenants through properties as opposed to simply handing out a key

„„ Advertise available property to clients on our potential tenant database

„„ Internet advertising to potential national and international tenants on major websites

„„ “For Rent” sign erected in front of property

„„ Window card in our high profile Minyama office

„„ Weekly Feedback Reports on property

and statements

„„ Regular routine inspections complete with photos

„„ Arrears control „„ Thorough condition report completed on entry and checked upon tenants vacation

„„ Arrange maintenance as directed, quotes and inspections

„„ Insurance claim preparation „„ Lease renewal negotiations and completion of new documentation

„„ Commercial tenancy annual financial analysis

„„ PAMDA ACT 2000 Certified Real Estate Professionals

while vacant and seeking tenants

„„ Regular review of market values to ensure rent is kept at a most attractive rate

your next property management team

Gary Neucom

Karen Stehr

Paris Grant

ESSENTIAL TOOLS ONLINE Internet advertising will attract almost 90% of enquiry to your investment while vacant. Next Rentals advertise on a variety of websites maximising the audience for your investment.


OUR OFFICES - BUDERIM, MINYAMA PELICAN WATERS AND BRISBANE Next Rentals will advertise your property in all three high profile offices through the distribution of rental lists. Next Rentals have the Coast and beyond covered.

„„ „„

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Professional photography will compliment


your property. Photos taken in the right light,

All enquiry to Next Rentals is captured and

the right time and angle, and the right weather

entered into a potential tenant database. An

conditions can vastly improve the appeal of

email alert is sent to all potential tenants

your property. This can be arranged at approx.

on a weekly basis to keep them informed of

$165.00 for a set of 8, alternatively Next Rentals

properties available.

will take photos at no charge.



Next Rentals constantly update media channels

When your property is For Rent with Next

with recent property management news, social

Rentals, we erect a sign on your property.

events, upcoming events and more. Follow us

These highly visual signs generate enquiry on

on our Facebook page;

your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


FOR RENT 1300 400 777

KNOWLEDGE OF LEGISLATION Next Rentals Sunshine Coast stay informed and up-to-date with any changes to legislation and ensure our landlords are compliant. It is knowledge of legislation that ensures the safety of your tenant and protects your investment.

„„ Were you aware a tenant may be charged for all water used if your investment is deemed water efficient?

„„ Were you aware safety switches and smoke detectors must now be installed in all leased residential properties?

„„ Did you know your non-shared pool required a pool compliancy certificate renewable every 2 years?

„„ Did you know smoke alarms need to be serviced 30 days prior to a new tenancy or renewal?

„„ Are you aware corded window coverings must meet new legislation?

Queensland Government Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 Certified Property Management has become a specialised field with vast legal implications. The need to have your property managed by a professional team is now more important than ever.

Knowledge of the following are essential:

„„ Anti Discrimination Act 1991 „„ Building and Other Legislative

The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 has complex rules and regulations relating to Property Management. It places immense responsibility on whoever manages the rental property to comply with these guidelines. Failure to do so can attract harsh penalties to either the owner or the managing agent. Agents involved in property management (and owners who manage their own properties) must possess a thorough working knowledge and understanding of this Act, as well as keeping up with changes to all legislation pertaining to property investment and management.

Amendment act 2010

„„ Property Agents and Motor Dealer and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

„„ Land Tax Act 2010 „„ Auditor General Act 2009 „„ Right to Information Act 2009 „„ Information Privacy Act 2009 „„ Water Amendment Act 2009 „„ Body Corporate and Community Management Amendment Act

THINKING OF MANAGING THE INVESTMENT YOURSELF? For such a minimal, tax deductible fee, do yourself a favour, put your feet up and allow Next Rentals to effectively manage your investment. Please take a moment to read the following scenario; A gentleman purchased two properties and decided to rent them out. Both properties were advertised for rent by the owner who didn’t receive very much response. In desperation, he accepted tenants on a handshake. No reference checks were done, no form of identification was received. The owner felt he had accepted ‘good people’. This was when the fun started. Both tenants failed to pay rent for various reasons, lack of work, an abundance of bills and general hard times. The owner being the gentleman he was initially felt sorry for the struggling tenants until the problem became severe.

Karen Stehr took over the management of the property and issued ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ forms to both properties for rental arrears. This led to ‘Notice to Leave’ forms also being sent. Rent remained unpaid and unfortunately the matter had to be handled by the Small Claims Court. The entire process was a lengthy one, leaving the owner without income. Finally, the Magistrate ruled the tenants to be evicted, however this isn’t an immediate process either. A warrant of possession is handed to police, who then formally visit the premise to serve the warrant over a 14 day period. The tenant is then usually given a few days to vacate by police. In this instance a further 7 days occupancy was given by police to the tenants.

Don’t let this happen to you - ‘naughty’ tenants will often target private landlords.

ONE STEP FURTHER One of the greatest fears of any property investor is that of default tenants. Wherever rental accommodation is offered, the risk of inheriting a ‘naughty’ tenant is always prevalent.

7. On approval of application, all monies must be paid in cash or bank cheque. No personal cheques will be accepted. 8. Applications will only be processed on a fully completed and signed application form.

The only information available to a landlord or their agent is the information a tenant is prepared to offer. It is highly unlikely that a tenant will advise you that they have trashed another property or owe money for rent. Your asset can very easily and quickly become your liability by approving the wrong tenant.

Our office reserves the right to allow for any changes or additions to the above. Should an applicant fail to provide the above details, the application may not be processed. This is a positive means to reduce the risk of accepting a less than suitable tenant for your investment.

At Next Rentals, we are a member of T.I.C.A. which is a default tenancy control system. By using the T.I.C.A. system you will be in a position to enquire if a tenancy applicant has previously defaulted PRIOR to placing them into a property.

By uniting thousands of property managers throughout Australia and New Zealand and collating their information on tenants, TICA has been able to reduce their members exposure to those people who believe they have the right to affect another person’s lifestyle.

Together with the following identification requirements, we are proud of our very high standard of tenants:

Remember, ‘naughty’ tenants will often target private landlords and tend to avoid reputable Real Estate agents.

1. Photo identification - Drivers License or Passport 2. References from previous landlords or agents 3. Proof of last residential address - i.e. Telstra account, electricity account or bank / credit card statements 4. Copies of previous rental records 5. Copy of previous lease agreement 6. Supporting proof of income for payment of rent.

LANDLORD INSURANCE Whether the purchase of an investment property is part of a long term superannuation investment strategy or to provide additional cash flow now for lifes little luxuries, it’s comforting to know you can insure your rental income. Tenants who look after your property, pay their rent when its due and ask permission every time they want to put a hook in the wall are a landlords dream come true. They respect your property as much as you do and are happy to treat your house as if it were their own.

At approximately $290.00 per annum it is a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind and added protection for your investment property and income. There are landlord protection insurance policies available on the market designed to provide cover for you as the landlord and your property. Policies may include, accidental damage, malicious damage, loss of rent, legal liability and contents insurance.

Next Rentals suggest landlord insurance as a safety net for your property should tenants default in rent payments or cause any type of damage.

WHEN YOU’RE READY TO SELL YOUR INVESTMENT The Next Property Group team are led by the dynamic and experienced real estate expert Loren Wimhurst who established the Next brand to provide clients with the service and results they desire.

experienced Sales Consultants specialise in residential, commercial, waterfront, rental, units, acreage and more. The sales team utilise a range of proven sales strategies to deliver results.

Next Property Group have one of the most prominent and successful sales teams on the Sunshine Coast selling over $170 million of real estate over the past 12 months. We offer

We invite you to visit any one of our high profile offices in the heart of Buderim, Pelican Waters Minyama or Brisbane.


WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING “Also, it’s coming up on 12 months since I’ve owned a little piece of Buderim and I just want to say a big thank you! We still haven’t met face-to-face, but you and your team have made everything a breeze - when the time is right for me I’d have no hesitations in investing in the area again and your service is a big part of that confidence. Your quick attention to EVERYTHING is greatly appreciated and if I ever hear of anyone looking for a property manager on the Sunshine Coast your details will be passed on.” D Church, August 2013 “I write to you to express my thanks for Karen Stehr’s excellent work and conduct beyond what could be reasonably expected by a client. I have owned numerous investment properties in both South Australia and Queensland and have dealt with the worst managers and the best. By far, Karen is the best. It has been patently obvious to me that Karen’s sole concern is our interests as the owners of the property she manages on our behalf. I cannot fault Karen’s approach, friendliness, professionalism and attitude and am extremely comfortable with her as our manager and confident that she is at the top of her discipline. My advice is that should Karen ever decide to leave your employ that you pull out all stops to keep her.” S Reiche, December 2012 “We recently purchased an investment property through Next Property Real Estate and our next task was to appoint a letting agent. Because of the pure professionalism of the agent that we dealt with at Next, we decided to appoint Karen Stehr (also from Next) as our Property Manager. Once again, another amazing, professional lady that has been very easy to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble – in fact she took care of settlement for us as we were overseas at the time!

Karen has a delightful mix of pure professionalism and a lovely lady to boot! She certainly knows her job inside out and I’m sure that she can be tough also if required. Without Karen, we would not have got such a great tenant with a fabulous rental return. In fact, Karen had the tenant all signed up prior to settlement. That left us with complete peace of mind knowing that it was all sorted. We feel very comfortable knowing that we have Karen looking after our investment property and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a lady that is an absolute pleasure to deal with.” D Schaumburg, August 2013 “We are so pleased that Chris recommended you to us to manage our investment property, you behave and engage with us in a most professional manor, there is nothing more that you could do to make us happy. Thank you very much, and keep doing what you have been doing.” P Cronin, June 2013 “Thank-you so much for your great work. You are to be commended for the professional manner that you employ in working to manage our properties. Your tireless efforts to secure good quality tenants for us have been impressive. You have communicated with me [by phone] not just during office hours but also in the evenings, at nights, on week-ends and on public holidays. Of course there has been some great communication via email at all times. I am grateful for your commitment to looking after our property at all times. On one occasion while you were driving you noticed people on the roof garden of our unoccupied unit and you alerted me] I also like the way you consult with your professional organization [REIQ] Thank-you for everything.” M Bambino, Property Owner, May 2013

WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING “How would I rate your performance as property manager? Fantastic!! Unit unit was vacant for a few months, so we thought it was time for a change of managers. Your professional approach and drive to change things to ensure as many potential tenants as possible saw the advertisements paid off. We now have happy tenants - which means happy owners!! You are always available to talk about any issues we have and your staff are professional and friendly too. Many thanks for your great work as our property manager, we are more than happy.” Darren and Jane Sharry, February 2013 “In 34 years as a property investor I can honestly say that I value your effort more than any other property manager I have met. I really appreciate the considerable time & expertise you have contributed to me, my business partners & my family. I will never forget the help you gave Ben when he was in a desperate & stressful situation with a tenant from hell. Your generous assistance gave Ben (& me) a shoulder to lean on when we knew nothing of the legal & RTA rules & regulations. You kindly helped us with no expectation that we would ever use your services in the future. I think that’s going way above & beyond what would normally be expected & I’m extremely grateful. Your expertise has also meant that our company CNN have secured a wonderful tenant & healthy rent at Yucca Ct Brightwater. I have nothing but praise & gratitude for your endeavours & I hope to continue a long professional relationship with you.” N Francis, August 2012 Thank you for your commitment this year and for your work in arranging maintenance and repairs to be completed prior to EOFY. Appreciate your support. Helene and Cameron, June 2013

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided as my Property Manager over the years. I know I can count on your assistance and communication with anything that needs to be done with my properties, whether it is organising for work to be completed or arranging inspections when I am in the area. No request or enquiry is ever too hard for you and you always respond promptly. Good luck with your nomination for the REIQ Residential Property Manager of the Year and I wish you every success because you really deserve it.” K Alikay, August 2012 I have been meaning to email and say that we are very happy with the service you provide. You are very quick to respond to any enquiry and have efficiently dealt with our requests. From the photos Gary sent us today the house is being very well maintained. S McMahon, July 2013 I have had the pleasure of Karen Stehr acting as my property manager for the last year and a half. I work in the oil and gas industry and work away for most of the year. This is important as I need someone that can manage my property capably and make decisions that are in my best interests without constant supervision. During this period of management Karen has acted on my behalf numerous times and with no fault. All of my financial and maintenance matters are taken care of with no problems and if I do have a question, the answer is always only a phone call away. Karen is a cheerful and very professional person that lets me know exactly how things are, always offering a no nonsense approach. Given the choice again, I would have no hesitation handing property over to Karen management. D Zarb, September 2013







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