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Customer Analytics

Turn Big Data into Big Value

Customer Analytics

All Your Data Integrated in Just One Place BIRT Analytics lets you capture the value of Big Data that speeds right by most enterprises. It analyzes massive volumes of data coming in from multiple sources and formats, and turns them into clear, highly granular information, so you can understand your customers needs and desires, segment accordingly and sell the right products and services to the right customers. Your data should effectively inform your customer relationship strategy. BIRT Analytics’ data discovery and mining tools let you quickly drill down into data to identify patterns and hidden relationships, profile top buyers and accurately forecast trends and profits. Easy-to-use advanced and predictive analytics tools optimize your marketing efforts, allowing you to identify more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, take action to prevent potential churn, give immediate attention to incoming leads, and effectively nurture your entire customer pipeline. Intuitive tools make working with data fast and easy for your entire team. Every table, diagram, tree and map is dynamic and recalculates instantly as you drag and drop data, and you can export your findings to

graphic presentations in seconds. Everyone in your organization gets a clear window into your data’s value without no IT team dependence, so efficiency improves across your organization. BIRT Analytics lets you clearly visualize and understand customer information as soon as it comes in, so you quickly pinpoint customer needs, adapt product roadmaps and inform business strategy that’s based on real customer knowledge. It integrates all types of information, from survey results to Tweets, to numeric purchasing data and campaign response rates, and even external data like demographics, market data or weather factors, so you get the most comprehensive understanding of everything that might affect sales. The result is an ability to really know your customers, to respond them and to offer them the right products and services. We’d like to introduce you to the tools and techniques that make BIRT Analytics the best customer analytics solution for companies with big data challenges that need to get the most value out of their data in the shortest period of time with the least amount of effort.

“Before BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzing information took considerable amount of our technical experts’ time, and as a consequence we were not providing the top service. BIRT Analytics has given our marketers autonomy and flexibility. They now get detailed customer knowledge, see behavior patterns and make movement predictions quickly and easily.” Francisco Magarite, CIO at Inversis Bank


Customer Analytics

Contents 1. Data Sources 4 2. Data Exploration & Visualization 5 3. Data Enrichment & Data Cleansing 7 4. Analytics & Data Mining 8 5. Gallery 11 6. Segmentation & Data Selection 12 7. Campaign Workflow 13 8. iWorkflow: Process Automation 15 9. Import / Export 16 10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases

A. Churn Analysis 17

B. Cross-Selling 18

C. Forecasting 19

D. Efficient Campaigns 20

E. Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM)

F. Social Media 22

G. Web Analytics 24



Customer Analytics

1. Data Sources BIRT Analytics integrates data from virtually any source into a single platform to give you a comprehensive, easy-to-analyze view of all your customers.






Social Media


Other Data Sources


Customer Analytics

2. Data Exploration & Visualization BIRT Analytics gives you a full range of exploration and visualization tools so you can see and interact with your data in a variety of ways. All of your findings can be easily exported to Excel and other applications.

Data Tree Provides a graphic view of the categories being explored. You can view all data, search for specific data and organize information for easy analysis.

Data Quality View details on the selected table, object or segment, including individual records, a summary, discrete values, graphics, statistics or numeric frequencies.

Representations See clear graphical representations of the fields being explored.


Customer Analytics

2. Data Exploration & Visualization

Frequency Representation You can summarize a field by categories and also see the percentage of the total value that each category accounts for within the field.

Values Charts View all values of the field being explored and all the individual categories and records that each one contains. You can search and select values by just clicking on them.

Statistics Used when exploring numeric fields. An exhaustive range of statistical values is available to you, including maximum, median, minimum, mode, sum, standard deviation and more.


Customer Analytics

3. Data Enrichment & Data Cleansing BIRT Analytics does not limit you to cubes or predefined analyses. You can organize your data and cross information in unlimited ways, without depending on your IT team for help. These tools allow you to view your data in full granularity and with total flexibility.

Aggregates Group information from different tables and cross them to understand relationships. You might, for example, group information about orders placed in a table that contains customer data to find out how many orders a particular customer has placed.

Decodes Decode information in your new fields, transform codes into descriptions, group different records into a single category value and normalize names.

Numeric Ranges Create new fields that convert continuously distributed variables into categorical variables. Numeric ranges divide a numerical variable into intervals.

Expressions Generate new fields that are calculated according to functions and operations found in other fields of the database.

Quantile Ranges Generate new fields that convert continuously distributed variables into categorical variables. Quantile ranges create intervals that contain the same number of records in each one.

Parametric Create a new column consisting of query-based values. Normalize and remap existing columns. Queries can be formulated with values or fields belonging to any table in the database, as long as the tables are linked correctly.


Customer Analytics

4. Analytics & Data Mining BIRT Analytics puts advanced and predictive analytics techniques at your fingertips, making it easy for you to gain insight into customer behavior and be able to make business decisions based on real data in much less time.

Venn Diagram– Discovering Hidden Relationships Combine multiple segments to discover connections, relationships or differences. Explore customers that have bought different categories of products and easily identify cross-selling opportunities.

Data Profiling– Identify Customer Attributes Select records from your data tree and generate customer profiles that indicate common features and behaviors. Use customer profiles to inform effective sales and marketing strategy.

Forecasting – Time Series Analysis Forecasting enables you to adapt to changes, trends and seasonal patterns. You can accurately predict monthly sales volume or anticipate to the number of orders expected in any given month.


Customer Analytics

4. Analytics & Data Mining Association Rules – Cause/ Effect – Basket Analysis This technique detects relationship or affinity patterns across data and generates a set of rules. It automatically selects the rules that are most useful to key business insights: What products do customers purchase simultaneously and when? Which customers are not buying and why? What new cross-selling opportunities exist?

Decision Tree – Classify and Predict Behavior BIRT Analytics has a dynamic classification algorithm that expands its knowledge and capacity as new classification rules are introduced. It learns as rules are applied across the entire database so that future classifications are fast and accurate. Classification helps you do things like select the right products to recommend to particular customers and predict potential churn.

Clustering – Group More Effectively Clustering helps you identify segments and homogeneous groups so that precise offerings and messaging can be defined. It also helps you group web visitors or prospects by specific attributes so you can more easily and accurately track customers and understand behaviors.

Mapping – Identify Geographical Zones
 Mapping uses color-coding to indicate customer behavior as it changes across geographic regions. A map divided into polygons that represent geographic regions shows you where your churners are concentrated or where specific products sell the most.


Customer Analytics

4. Analytics & Data Mining

Pivot Tables – Correlate Values and Build Reports on the Fly Pivot tables let you cross fields freely while the system instantly recalculates. Tables and charts change as values are dragged and dropped, but information can be captured in reports at any time. Pivot tables can give you a clear picture of things like the net profit for each campaign or the most-sold product by customer profile.

Pareto’s – 80-20 Rule BIRT Analytics makes it easy to test Pareto’s 80-20 principle on your data. It lets you see the financial dimension of customer performance and measure the efficiency of your business.

Evolution – Draw Dimensional Correlations Dimensional correlations present the evolution of values over time by crossing different variables and scenarios. You can see, for example, the evolution of a particular product or range of products during a specific time period.


Customer Analytics

5. Gallery The BIRT Analytics gallery displays indicators that help you to view, present, publish and distribute information. They are easy to create and can include results that come from analysis, data model, organizational needs and other sources.

Gallery views are designed from scratch in minutes. Each one can be set up to analyze a group of indicators that reveal key business insights. Use these measurement graphics to make sense of complex information at a glance. You can present your progress on all key variables defined in your customer strategy in a single view.

Cylinder Cylinder volume changes according to the value selected.

Funnel Displays multiple data segments in colored bands to allow for quick comparison of segments.

Speedometer Shows you where your data falls within parameters you define, which might be specific objectives you have established.

Equalizer Color-based bar indicator that shows you how data fall within established parameters so you can quickly spot any deviations.

Color LED Spheres that change color depending on whether they are greater than, equal to or less than an established baseline.


Customer Analytics

6. Segmentation & Data Selection BIRT Analytics allows you to graphically view and interact with records or groups of records. It’s the most intuitive way to gain quick insight from your data. You can extract records and apply complex conditions in seconds. Graphic segmentation even allows you to merge and correlate data from tables that are not directly linked.

Visual Segmentation
 Drag and drop interaction with your data lets you classify your database, assign discrete values, generate new customer groups, combine segments, filter them by category, and other actions that give you complete control and visibility of your data.

Complex Segmentation Simplified
 BIRT Analytics’ intuitive interface enables fast advanced segmentation across your entire database. Complex and parametric queries are easy to build from its dynamic graphical interface.


Customer Analytics

7. Campaign Workflow Campaign Workflow is BIRT Analytics’ integrated end-to-end marketing campaign management module. It gives you comprehensive visibility of all customers, suppliers and staff, so you can analyze responses better and make the right decisions.

Comprehensive Campaign Management
 BIRT Analytics makes campaign creation and management easy. You can schedule actions, grant specific user permissions per stage, and better define your target and overall campaign strategy. You get total control over your records and can perform every necessary campaign action, from random sampling to Robinson exclusions to applying marketing codes.

Stage-Based Workflow Management
 Campaign Workflow lets you define and order actions for every campaign stage, determine which team members will have access to the campaign, and assign actions to different users throughout each stage.


Customer Analytics

7. Campaign Workflow

Campaign Progress Visibility
 View your campaign as a timeline to quickly see progress and identify incomplete actions.

Campaign Results Evaluation
 Immediately identify micro-segments that represent high response rates in order to modify your campaign on the fly for better overall results. Easily analyze campaign results in detail to discover hidden patterns and trends and know exactly how to improve future campaigns.


Customer Analytics

8. iWorkflow: Process Automation Automate your workflow to stay on top of every process and collaborate more efficiently. Set up notifications to automatically assign incoming leads to regions, inform agents as soon as new leads enter, alert the sales director when no new leads enter the CRM in a 24 hour period or when purchases drop below a defined level. iWorkflow gets the whole sales pipeline running smoothly.

Workflow Definition
 Set up actions and user roles. When an action is triggered by an event, date or value, processes are executed. Team members participate in the process per their assigned roles, as one action flows to the next.

Task Scheduling
 The task planner allows you to define actions that you want triggered by specific events, and to delegate these actions across your organization according to established security criteria.


Customer Analytics

9. Import / Export This functionality allows you to build a strong data model by loading and linking unlimited additional information from external sources in order to gain deeper customer insight.

Import Enrich your analytical database by importing any kind of flat file containing external information such as demographics or market data.

Export Create new tables from data that can be either used as temporary bases of analysis or exported to a CSV text file.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases In this section we show you exactly how BIRT Analytics techniques and functionalities help you with specific sales and marketing challenges. When you have the capacity to understand customer behavior you can forecast more accurately, strategize more effectively and improve your every sales and marketing effort.

A) Churn Analysis

1. Using a Venn diagram you can identify customers that were previously active but are currently less responsive or completely unresponsive.

2. Extrapolate the characteristics of these inactive customers to all current customers using a Decision Tree, which creates a new table in your database.

3. The resulting database classification enables you to identify those likely to churn so you can modify marketing and sales campaigns accordingly.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases B) Cross-Selling

1. Use drag and drop functionality to cross data and identify customers who are buying certain categories of products or are not buying at all.

2. Add new segments to uncover additional cross-sell opportunities.

3. In a single click you will be able to identify customers that represent potential sales opportunities and customize campaigns that offer them exactly the product or service they are most likely to buy.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases C) Forecasting

1. Easily calculate the projection of a time series by dragging and dropping the table that contains historical information.

2. Perform a pre-calculation to determine if the available data is likely to produce a reliable projection.

3. The system will calculate based on the number of projections selected while adjusting for seasonal fluctuations.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases D) Efficient Campaigns

1. The Decision Tree uses a C 4.5 algorithm to quickly get information about a specific group (attributes that people who buy software have in common, for example) and apply it to another group (customers who have only purchased hardware).

2. It then takes the results of this calculation and performs a more precise customer segmentation for the group.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases E) Recency, Frecuency, Monetary Value (RFM)

1. Use an RFM analysis to accurately forecast sales over a period of months so you can identify possible decreases in sales and strategize to prevent them from occurring.

2. Start by identifying the percentage of your customers that are active and purchasing consistently.

3. Apply a decision tree algorithm to find out the best target out of non active ones. Inferring the RFM Classification to you potential target.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases F) Social Media: Twitter Followers

1. You can use BIRT Analytics to compare your Twitter success to that of your customers by extracting data from Twitter and tracking accounts with defined keywords.

2. You’ll be able to see how many people are following your accounts and those of your competitors, broken down by day.

3. The information is available in a chart that displays at-a-glance updates.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases Social Media: Other Analyses

1. Find out from which operating systems and sources people are engaging with your social media accounts.

2. Use sentiment analysis and get a matrix of influencers that impact your accounts.

3. Find out which accounts are most active, by hour or by language.


Customer Analytics

10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases G) Web Analytics

1. Gauge the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns by starting with a Venn diagram.

2. Cross the number of total website visits with the segment to which you sent the campaign. Cross in the number of website visits associated with the campaign. If a larger percentage of website visits is unrelated to your campaign, you can conclude that you need improve segmentation for the next campaign.

3. Campaign results can also be viewed by geographical region.


Customer Analytics

BIRT Analytics turns your Big Data challenges into big value opportunities. It integrates all your data sources into one intuitive tool. It even allows you to cross in external data that takes into account seasonal variables, market changes, demographic factors or anything that might impact sales. Your entire company benefits from a comprehensive analytics solution that gives non-technical users a range of easy-to-use graphical tools so they can quickly gain insight from complex data. They will analyze, segment, profile and forecast accurately with no dependence on your IT team. BIRT Analytics is the one data solution that truly gets the most out of your data. It gives your company total visibility of information coming in by the second and makes it easy to roll out sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty strategies that work.

Want to know how BIRT Analytics can address your specific customer analytics challenges and help you get the most value out of your data? E-mail us at and we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Customer Analytics: Turn Big Data into Big Value  

Turn Big Data into Big Value

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