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exactly how to help get For many of us, getting a flat stomach can be so difficult that we just give up. Most people that try to get a flat stomach fail due to improper dieting and wrong exercise techniques. So what is the right way to get a flat stomach? Surprisingly, the path to a flat stomach does not lie in crunches or sit-ups. Cardio is the key to a flat stomach. Cardio exercises burn way more calories then simple stomach exercises such as crunches or leg lifts. A good aerobic exercise workout can burn fat on your entire body. This will lead to your fat burning on your stomach and your stomach muscles beginning to show. Your key to getting a flat stomach is starting today! If you're not ready to begin a new workout routine you can begin by changing your eating habits and lose some fat this way. Then once you've gotten your diet down pat, and a cardio routine in place, you can start adding in crunches to further strengthen your core and flatten your stomach. But there are also different crunches exercises. A basic crunch is best for the upper abs. You'll probably want an exercise mat, since you'll be lying on your back to do this exercise. With your hands at the side of your head, and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Lift your shoulders upwards like you were attempting to touch your chest to your knees. Remember not to move your legs at all! Just use your strength to lift with your stomach muscles. Do this for 3 or 4 sets, 15 to 30 times a set. It is best to rest a few minutes in between sets. For lower abs the best workout by far is a reverse crunch. To execute the reverse crunch correctly you will need to lie on your back on the floor with your hands directly behind your head, with your knees bent and your feet elevated around 5 inches above the ground. Then slowly bring your knees up toward your chest, lifting your butt off the ground slightly. Concentrate hard on tightening your stomach muscles. You will be doing this exercise in sets of 3-4. Each set will include 15-30 reps and you will need to rest 2-3 minutes in between each rep. While there are a wide variety of exercises out that claim to flatten your stomach, these two are the best. Use these exercises and tips, and you'll avoid the pitfalls of improper diet and poorly executed exercises. Seriously consider the pointers in this article and preform these workouts exactly as described. Do not cheat yourself at the opportunity to get a flat stomach. If the workout calls for 3 to 4 sets don't only do 1 and then try to make up for it the next day with 5. Consistency and routine is the key to success and achieving a flatter stomach. I wish you the best of luck! how to lose weight

Exactly how To help Get a Fat-free Tummy  

For many of us, getting a flat stomach can be so difficult that we just give up. That's because we're doing the wrong exercises and eating t...

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