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Welcome to the first issue of Quirky Bombshell Magazine. You may be asking yourself “What IS Quirky Bombshell.” Let’s start with her fashion. Her style is affordable, stylish, and even iconic. She can transform the most mundane looks into high fashion works of art. She’s energetic, sensible, and in-the-know. Her style isn’t necessarily quirky, but her mindset is. She’s aware of how influential her decisions are, and how they can mold the world. She’s earth conscious and makes great efforts to inspire others with her individualism and beauty. This magazine is a useful tool for discovering the Quirky Bombshell in you! All too often people experience obstacles when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s accessibility, affordability, or style, it’s always something. I want to encourage people to look at fashion in a more sustainable and creative way. For the month of July, I decided to dress my cover model in something truly patriotic. It is my duty to provide you with the most approachable, attainable, and sustainable fashion available now. With the help of some very talented industry alums (my staff *hugs*), we aim to show you the versatility in sustainable fashion and even give you hints on where to find your most fashionable pieces. Welcome to the world of the Quirky Bombshell!



Editors PickS:

The most satisfying shopping experience is finding that “sweet spot”. It’s when you find more than one must-have item in the same area. That’s how I found these shoes. They were all on one shelf, and each under $15. There’s so much variety in second hand fashion. You find the most unique items in stores that specialized in thrifted, vintage, and up-cycled clothing. The purpose of my pics section is to share some interesting finds from stores like these. Boutique fashion is also important, and although they cost a little more, they have great quality and style. I aim to get you charged up and eager to shop, because if I can find these “sweet spots” then you can too!

It’s all about DIY fashion! Turn something plain and used into a work of art. Take this vest for instance. It was originally blue! Yes, it was given new life with bleach, studs, and fabulous styling. Here’s how: Step 1: Find a used denim vest. (This vest was $5). ! T KE Step 2: Create a grid pattern on C A J the inside of the vest with chalk AN E J or a pen. Carefully cut uniformed D E D squares as seen in the picture. The quickest TUD S L A tool for this project would be Tailors Scissors MET Y I that have smaller blades. D Step 3: Adjust the color. A 1:2 ratio of bleach to water should dye the blue vest white. Let the vest sit in the bleach water and check every 30 minutes until you’re satisfied. Remove from bleach water immediately when specific color is reached. Step 4: Wash with laundry detergent TWICE and dry ONCE. This will give a great frayed effect. Step 5: Add silver studs in all sizes anywhere you see fit! Studs like the ones featured here are available on eBay. (100 pieces for 99 cents!) Step 6: When the studs have been applied, you are free to add other elements like buttons, pins, etc. Step 7: Your done! style your new vest anyway you want!

Handbags & Hot shorts Cool Stuff for Summer time Great Deals

Too many options to choose from! Sustainable fashion comes in all forms from eclectic to chic. This is what’s out there NOW for the month of July. Some pieces are very patriotic, and for some reason that color palette works well with many tones. These items take no effort to coordinate. They are the go-to in fashion because of the easy styling factor. Don’t think red, white, and blue belong solely to the month of July. These are staples that can be worn on any occasion. There are no road blocks in fashion. Wear it however and whenever you want! Bags are no exception either. The ones featured are casual, and work well for the summer. The beauty of sustainable fashion is its ability to always be trending and heavily accessible.

Quirky Bombshell Style is creative style. It’s fashion that is real, attainable, and of course sustainable. Like Madonna in the 1980s; she never endeavored to be a fashion icon. Madonna simply wore the clothes she could afford in creative ways that matched her unique personality. Ultimately, it’s up to the wearer. Quirky Bombshell fashion could be street, modern, eclectic, and anything else you could think of. It’s undefined really.

Combining monochromic clothing pieces with brilliant pops of color gives the wearer a cool yet urban chic look. It’s a fun approach to styling, and creates a versatile casual feel. This entire look was created with sustainable pieces, but the approach is new and fashion forward.

Bold bright color is a given for summer. Denim pieces tend to act as a cool contrast when styling clothing that is pattern heavy or full of color. The cool denim jacket against the multi-colored orange dress is unconventional and makes a powerful fashion statement. Transform mundane into modern.

Having an everyday care free look is also QB style! Simplistic and minimalist fashion is easy to wear and perfect on the go. For summer, a spaghetti strap dress, cool fringe bag, and nice pair of tinted shades is all you need for quick styling.



By Neka Brown

Sustainability and creativity is

something necessary to continue positive progression in the environment as well as the fashion industry. Discovering the versatility in affordable fashion is key. Knowing how to style and source investment pieces have importance too. As we move towards a brighter future, we endeavor to keep people in-the-know about unique style and affordable fashion. It’s the Quirky Bombshell Way.

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Quirky Bombshell Magazine July 2017  

Quirky Bombshell Magazine is geared towards fashion enthusiast who embrace sustainable style in the form of second hand, upcycled, vintage a...

Quirky Bombshell Magazine July 2017  

Quirky Bombshell Magazine is geared towards fashion enthusiast who embrace sustainable style in the form of second hand, upcycled, vintage a...