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Slime One stormy night in the middle of Arizona a 36 year old man and his 6 year old son disappear on the 17th of August. The only piece of evidence from the crime scene was a puddle of sticky blue slime emitting from the corner. But the DNA tests that the government do on the slime it comes up as a material that is extraterrestrial. Then on the same day in Arizona on September a 20 year old girl in collage disappears with the same puddle of blue slime in the room. On Oct 16 the government places squads of swat team agents all around any populated areas. Then they place video cameras on every house in the state. Then in the middle of the night at about 4:00 a.m. a team of swat team soldiers sees an ominous figure turn a corner. Then they slowly creep around the corner and find 3 dead skeletons lying on the ground one was small about 6 and a guy another was about 19 and a girl the third was a man about 36, they matched the people that disappeared perfectly. Then as they turn to alert the other teams they see the giant blob coming towards them then when the other teams hear their screams of peril they come to aid them but they find the blob hauling all of their dead bodies being devoured by the blob they raise the alarm but when everyone gets there its gone, so then they try it again next month same day and the teams spot it again and then they corner it and try shooting it but it doesn’t work so someone throws a grenade at it and it blows up but it rebuilds back into the blob that it was but they held it off until they could trap it and ship it to area 51 to be tested on until the scientists find a way to destroy it. Then in area 51 they finally find a way to destroy it in 2102 / Nov. / 17.


a blob of blue

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