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Strategies and Networking for Large Automotive Dealer Groups

What Routes to Profits for Large Automotive Dealers?

12th and 13th October 2011, Verona (Italy) An initiative by

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International Top Dealer Forum is an initiative by Quintegia srl – Viale Luzzatti 88, 31100 Treviso (Italy) Tel. +39 0422 262997 – Fax +39 0422 029903 –


International Top Dealer Forum is the only European event focused on the strategic and operational issues affecting Top Dealers in Europe, dedicated to professionals, managers and dealer owners that focuses on the strategic and operational issues affecting Top Dealers, meaning dealerships that have grown over the years in terms of size and sales volumes. Changes in distribution patterns due to the reorganization of the global economy in the past couple of years have brought to the necessity of sharing more information between entrepreneurs in all the different business areas of the Dealership. As a matter of fact, it is crucial today to generate value through new cars sales, as well as through after sales, used car market and services. Sharing the experiences of Italian and international large Dealer Groups has the goal of providing stimulus and ideas in this direction, facing the different important topics with “strategic building blocks”. The increased international direction, the practical experiences shared directly by dealers and the multiple opportunities for networking make the Forum a specific business event and a unique opportunity for: dealers from Italy and abroad, managers from automakers, other players in the supply chain as well as selected press representatives. The forum is built on the basis of previous research experiences that have been developed within ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme), the leading European research network on automotive distribution and servicing. Such researches have implied the profiling of the largest dealer groups operating in Italy and Europe.

Who it is directed at • • • •

Top50 Dealer Groups of the main European markets other large automotive dealers managers from automakers managers from companies the supply chain

interested in being updated about the strategies and the evolution of the most important operators of the automotive distribution industry



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The Forum will be held at the Palazzo della Ragione, in the historical center of Verona, just 5 minutes by taxi from the Verona train station and 15 minutes from the International Airport of Verona.

The Agenda Wednesday 12th October 2011 - Palazzo della Ragione (Verona) 20.00 – 20.45 20.45 – 23.00

Opening Cocktail with entertainment International Dinner & Networking – Dinner Sponsor

Thursday 13th October 2011 - Palazzo della Ragione (Verona) 08.30-09.00

Registration and Welcome Coffee


Multibrand: less risk, more business Emmanuel Labi (autobiz) Luca Montagner (ICDP, Quintegia) Charles Mills (J.D. Power & Associates)


Networking Break


International Best Practice Steve Young (ICDP) introduction Volker Borkowski (AVAG Holding AG) Trevor Finn (Pendragon PLC)


Networking Lunch


Participants Interactions & Questions

International Best Practices Matthew Watkins (

The role of dealer group brands in relating to customers Leonardo Buzzavo (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia)


Networking Break


Market trend updates and innovative distribution models Luca Ciferri (Automotive News Europe) Massimo Pasanisi (Ford of Europe)


European Top Dealers Italian Top Dealers Brand Overview

Used cars as a strategic lever Proactive after-sales

Web and social media

The Forum Topics – Strategy building blocks

Multibrand for risk spreading and business opportunities Emmanuel Labi (autobiz), Luca Montagner (ICDP, Quintegia), Charles Mills (J.D. Power & Associates) • Forecast for the multibrand • Evolution of Top Dealer Groups in Europe

Used cars as a strategic lever

Proactive after-sales for sustainability

Steve Young (ICDP), Volker Borkowski (Avag Holding AG) KPI, processes, active purchasing Best practice: AVAG Holding AG

Trevor Finn (Pendragon PLC) Proactive advisors, KPI, incentive schemes Best practice: Pendragon PLC

Implementing the web channel and exploiting social media

The role of dealer group brands in relating to customers

Matthew Watkins ( Key element: web reputation, how to manage in the best way the company website Best practice:

Leonardo Buzzavo (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia) Distintive kit product/service How to build a good dealer group brand? This interactive session will involve the audience with the remote control commanders

Market trend updates and innovative distribution models Luca Ciferri (Automotive News Europe), Massimo Pasanisi (Ford of Europe) Overview: what are the main strategies of the car manufacturers? Interview







Speakers Volker Borkowski AVAG Holding AG He is Chairman of AVAG Holding AG since 2007 and heads up the strategic direction of the company, such as the Finance, Controlling, Information Systems and Human Resources areas. He studied computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and economics at the University of Hagen, and carried out a doctorate in economics. He joined the AVAG Holding AG in 1995.

Luca Ciferri Automotive News Europe Born in Saskatoon, Canada, grown in Pavia, North of Italy, living near Turin, began working as a journalist in Milan in February 1980 at Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera, Italy’s largest publishing group. In September 1983 he moved to Turin as VP communications of Italdesign Giugiaro, because he wanted “to understand more of the business he was writing on”. In June 1988 left Italdesign to go back to journalism, this time covering only the auto business, beginning with product. His first client was Auto Motor und Sport (Germany), where he covered Italy. Many other publications followed more or less from everywhere (Autocar in the UK, AutoWeek in USA, L’Equipe in France, Navi in Japan, Car & Driver in Hong Kong, the Motorpress Group in Spain and Portugal, Revue Automobile in Switzerland, Carro in Brazil and Wheels in Australia). In Italy, we wrote for La Repubblica and other financial dailies such as Italia Oggi, MF-Milano Finanza and Finanza & Mercati, In September 1988 he also began covering Italy for the American trade paper Automotive News. In March 2010, he returned covering the auto industry in Europe for Automotive News Europe, still covering Fiat-Chrysler for Automotive News.

Trevor Finn Pendragon PLC Trevor Finn joined the vehicle division of Williams PLC in 1982 and subsequently became divisional managing director. He was appointed chief executive of Pendragon prior to the demerger from Williams.

Emmanuel Labi autobiz Emmanuel Labi is one of the three founders of autobiz. In charge of the company research and International sales, Emmanuel has focused over the last six years on the European distributor’s strategies and the Internet car sale trends and best practices. Among other services and studies, autobiz uses every year its dealer databases to publish and exclusive ranking of the top 100 dealer groups in Europe. Emmanuel’s team also helps car portals, OEM, car importers and dealers to improve their online marketing in 19 countries in the World (including Europe, North and Latin America).

Charles Mills J.D. Power & Associates Since 2009 he is Vice President Europe at J.D. Power & Associates. He led European consulting operations for product and customer experience improvement in Europe, as well as Asia. Conducted several largescale improvement activities, including several innovative customer-facing solutions. Part of a team which supported the linking up of two automotive OEMs in 2009. Also supported a European OEM in developing its strategy for China, Russia, and India - including product portfolio planning and customer requirements definition.


Luca Montagner ICDP – Quintegia He has been involved since 2000 in the research activities carried out by Atlantic Consulting Srl in the auto motive industry and member since 2001 of the research network ICDP. He has been involved since 2004 in the research and training activities carried out by Quintegia srl in the automotive industry.

Massimo Pasanisi Ford of Europe Has been hired in Ford in 1989, where has held different managerial roles both in Italy and abroad, with increasing responsibilities, beginning as Zone Manager in the region of Emilia Romagna, before moving to England in 1990 where has worked in Ford of Europe in the Marketing&Sales field. After three years he returned to Ford of Italy, initially in the position of Sales Planning and Distribution Manager, then as Marketing Director, Responsible for the innovative launch of the Ford Ka in Italy. In 1999 has been nominated Sales Director in Ford Italy and in 2001 has held the position of Marketing Manager for segment C and D in Ford Italy. Exactly one year later has been nominated Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Italy. In September 2007 is nominated Western European Sales Operations Director, with responsibility for 8 European markets – Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland – with a total sales volume of more than 600.000 units. Since January 1st, 2011, Massimo Pasanisi is Vic President Sales of Ford of Europe.

Matthew Watkins Born in Manchester, grown up in Toronto, for the past 20 years has been living in Italy. Graduated at the Ontario College of Art in “Communication and Design”, has work in the advertising, communication and marketing field, collaborating with leading companies such as Natuzzi Spa, and Gruppo Maldarizzi. Speaker at University Masters, Post-Graduation courses on arts, design and tecnology, collaborator of prestigious digital art magazines, Mr Watkins is now a consultant of several international enterprises such as Adobe Systems and Autodesk.

Steve Young ICDP Steve joined ICDP as Managing Director in March 2010, but has links to the program going back to its formation in 1994. He has worked extensively on the new vehicle supply system area with cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural products. Prior to joining ICDP, Steve was Chief Executive of LDV Group and Chief Operating Officer of GAZ International until December 2007, when he left due to his wife’s illness. During his tenure there, he led a turnaround of LDV, recruiting new dealers in the UK and launching export markets in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Spain. He also introduced new channels for remarketing of used vehicles and a branded daily rental business From 1985-2004, he was one of the leaders of the A.T. Kearney global automotive practice, working with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Europe, America and Asia. He led the development of the IndeGo “next generation car company” concept which incorporated a number of fundamental changes to the distribution model on both new car supply and aftermarket customer relationships. He started his industry career with British Leyland and Ford Motor Company, having originally graduated in Production Engineering, and has a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies.

Leonardo Buzzavo Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia - Quintegia Leonardo Buzzavo is Aggregate Professor of Enterprise Strategy and International Marketing by the Faculty of Economics of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. With a Doctorate Degree in Economics, he has been selected for a one-year scholarship by the UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Since 1994 he is involved in research activities with the international network ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme) and has collected several teaching experiences in different colleges and firms, also participating as speaker to more than 200 convention in 15 Countries. He is President of Quintegia. di un anno presso la UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Dal 1994 è coinvolto nella rete di ricerca internazionale ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme) e ha svolto attività di docenza e formazione presso numerosi istituti e aziende, partecipando inoltre in qualità di relatore a oltre 200 convegni in 15 paesi. È Presidente di Quintegia.


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Findomestic Banca SpA, a leading Italian consumer credit company, specializes both in lending and complementary financial products for the automotive sector. Established in 1984, the company focuses on providing flexible, transparent and fast financial services. Findomestic is known for the effectiveness of its resources throughout Italy, utilizing a network that features innovation and specialized expertise. Contatti: Indirizzo: Via Jacopo da Diacceto 48 - Firenze Telefono: +39 055 27011 Fax: +39 055 27011 E-mail: Sito: Premium Sponsor

ADP Dealer Services, a global leader in information technology for the automotive sector, is part of Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP), which boasts tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries worldwide. For more than 40 years ADP Dealer Services in Italy has offered the broadest and most complete range of services, specialized management software certified by the most prestigious automobile manufacturers, focusing on its philosophy of partnering with its customers, providing them support with the challenges of their work. We provide DMS, CRM and Business Intelligence applications that are designed to promote and develop every aspect of dealership activities. We propose “best practices� processes that improve the dealership’s daily activities and offer greater quality to the final consumer. is the leading website for the purchase and sale of cars in Italy. 300,000 cars online, 25,000 motorcycles, 7,000 customers including dealers and trade shows: these are the numbers that make AutoScout24 an essential sales tool for dealers and the first place 4 million Italians look for a car each month. The company has more than 12 years of experience in the field and belongs to the European Scout24 group (owned by Deutsche Telekom), based in Munich (Bavaria), with branches in all major European countries.

CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG is partner to more than 30 car manufacturers and importers, as well as approximately 22,000 authorised dealers throughout Europe. Today, the company is one of the leading and most experienced suppliers of warranties and internationally active in 18 countries. CarGarantie has been present in Italy since 2002 with a branch in Verona. As a warranty specialist, the company has continually enlarged its product range and offers authorized dealers not only comprehensive warranty products for new and used cars, but efficient programs for strengthening customer loyalty as well.


Castrol, part of the BP Group, is present in 150 countries around the world. The Castrol brand is recognized as a technology leader in products and services. It is also known for its extensive product range and continuous innovation.

DriveK is the new platform for the selection, configuration and purchase of new cars and commercial vehicles. Its database includes all brands marketed in Europe with over 10,000 installations and 6 million options and pieces of equipment. DriveK allows brands and dealers to receive price estimate requests, paying only on the basis of the performance results achieved.

Gen-Art is a young and dynamic company founded in 1983. It is the market leader in the field of consumer products for cars and auxiliary equipment for auto repair shops and has a catalogue of more than 40,000 items that is updated with about 30 new articles every month. Efficient service, product quality, continuous technical updating, the sensitivity to changes and careful selection of suppliers, are the keys to Gen-Art’s success.

INSIDE has many years of experience promoting the sale of insurance in conjunction with car sales. We use an integrated system in which the product, training, process optimization, performance monitoring, and technical/highly specialized business personnel, come together to create synergies and extraordinary results. With INSIDE, insurance sales change from being an additional sales service, to an important source of “oxygen” to the dealer’s business.

A leader in synthetic lubrication for over 40 years, Mobil 1 is a brand of the Exxon Mobil Corporation, the largest private operator in the energy sector in the world. Since 1891, Esso Italiana has been the largest ExxonMobil company in Italy. Sponsor

The Continental Group is a European market leader in the production of replacement and original tire equipment, and ranks among the top five automotive suppliers. As a manufacturer of tires, brake systems, systems and components for engines and the chassis, etc., the company contributes greatly towards increased driving safety and protection of the environment.


The organizers QUINTEGIA AUTOMOTIVE INTERACTIONS Quintegia is a company that was established in 2003, with its headquarters in Treviso, promoting research, networking, training and intelligence activities, with a special focus on automotive distribution both in Italy and abroad. The company integrates the experience and competencies of the different founding partners, namely Leonardo Buzzavo, Enrico Gallorini, Luca Montagner and Giuseppe Volpato with a team of several project managers and researchers, and is able to count on a network of business relations and collaboration on a national and international level.  The initiatives developed by Quintegia are directed at car manufacturers, automotive dealers and other operators in the network, and find expression in different projects:  

RESEARCH Quintegia has developed an internal centre for research and statistical analysis, focused on the structure and performance of distribution networks. Data has been collected and processed since 2003 from more than 1000 dealers and the entire spectrum of car manufacturers. The analyses, reports and data processing are directed at car manufacturers, associations and companies operating in the automotive distribution sector. Â

EVENTS Every year, Quintegia organizes a variety of networking events and activities that have been specifically developed for the auto distribution sector in both Italy and abroad. These initiatives typically include training and information sessions with the participation of speakers (workshops), business networking opportunities with sponsor or exhibiting companies, and purely networking opportunities between participants.

TRAINING Quintegia has also developed Audea (Automotive Dealer Academy) an internal training forum for operators in the automotive sector. Audea promotes highly specialized courses for the chain of distribution, directed at car dealers, manufacturers and service providers. The courses integrate the involvement of a range of competencies from the academic to the professional.



International Top Dealer Forum will be held in Verona on 12th and 13th October 2011 Address: Palazzo della Ragione Piazza dei Signori 37121 Verona (VR) - Italy Wednesday 12th October 2011 h. 20.00-23.00 Thursday 13 th October 2011 h. 8.30-17.30

How to register For information or to register visit: Registrations close on 5th October 2011 Dealer registration fee

€ 295 + 20% VAT

Regular registration fee (additional participants from same company)

€ 895 + 20% VAT € 495 + 20% VAT

Early bird registration fee (deadline 19.09.2011) € 695 + 20% VAT (additional participants from same company) € 495 + 20% VAT Per information please write us: The registration fee is valid for the participation to International Top Dealer Forum and to International Top Dealer Cocktail&Dinner. Every accreditation allows admission to the event for one person only, but it is not strictly nominal within a given company. That is, if one person attends the event only during the first day, a business partner or colleague can participate the other day, simply introducing himself/herself to the desk with the badge of the colleague asking for a change of names, at no additional cost.

Contacts For information about the event contact the organization:

Quintegia Srl Viale Luzzatti 88, 31100 Treviso (Italy) Tel. +39 0422 262997 Fax +39 0422 029903 Email: Web:

EN - International Top Dealer Forum  
EN - International Top Dealer Forum  

What Routes to Profits for Lange Automotive Dealers? Strategies and Networking for Large Automotive Dealer Group 12th and 13th October 2011,...