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It was in 1760 that Sebas ão José de Carvalho Mello Marquis õf Pombal have acquired Quinta do Railing, although the earliest references date back 1492 years to the document in which D. Mar nho de Noronha received from John II's le er giving the jurisdic on of the County and lace Cadaval and Quinta do Railing. In the 90s, Luis Vieira acquires the estate from Oliveira Sampaio and since then begins to modernize the winery and vineyards.


One of the oldest homesteads of Cadaval and Wine Region of Lisbon, has secular historical landmarks and is a significant architectural landmark. Located about 50 km from Lisbon between sea and mountains, its landscape invites to the calmness and harmony between wine and nature. There are several proposals that we have for our visitors and invite to discovery. Looking forward to your visit.

DIRECTIONS: A8 LISBOA - LEIRIA Out10 (Outeiro da Cabeça, Campelos, Cadaval) A8 LEIRIA - LISBOA Out11 (Lourinhã, Bombarral, Cadaval) GPS: 39º 12' 16.30'’N | 9º 6'55.06'’W


What was once a barn, is now restored and transformed into a restaurant. Integrated into the building of the cellar, between the bucolic landscape of vineyards and grandeur of the Sierra Montejunto. Here we oer a fusion of comfort, elegance and rurality, which appeals to the senses and emo ons in the form of a very genuine Portuguese cookery, which favors the good products of the earth and the avors of the West, with careful prepara on, wrapped in a nice environment. A tradi onal Portuguese cooking concept associated with our wines crea ng a perfect harmony. With a 34 persons capacity we have menus for groups or birthday par es as well. Hos ng other ac vi es to enjoy the landscape. Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and Monday, Friday and Saturday at dinner.


In our Shop you can ďŹ nd all products in the por olio of Quinta do Railing are available for purchase. In addi on to the wines and to complete the range we also have brandy (forty years old), olive oil and jams Quinta do Gradil, niche products in limited edi ons. If you want a par cular wine or a unique gi , please visit us.


Castelo do Sulco from Quinta do Gradil Selec on The wines of Castelo de Sulco are the latest products from the Quinta do Gradil, a selec on of entry-level wines that inspire medieval stories associated with the courage of our ďŹ ndings and resistance. Quinta do Gradil Selec on The Quinta do Gradil wines evoke the history and visionary Marquis of Pombal, resul ng in each harvest of excellence and fairly balanced wines. One of the best terroir in the Lisbon region, the wines of Quinta do Gradil reect the experience of the past combined with the advanced technology of the present. Quinta do Gradil Varietal A careful selec on of the best grapes that make up the vast acres of vines that surround Quinta do Gradil result in varietal wines facilita ng the discovery of the poten al of each of their caste and its harmony with the natural terroir.


Descrip on: Short Walk in the estate. We start this tour visi ng the ruines of the palace and the chapel, looking to the wide range of vineyards and the landscape, next we visit the winerie, culmina ng in the tas ng room , where you can taste 4 wines from Quinta Gradil, ďŹ nally in our Wine Shop you can know all of our wines. Dura on: two hours Includes: Walk and 4 wine tas ng a selec on from Quinta do Gradil Sugges ons: Complement with a meal in our restaurant Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons and upon 48 hours advance booking.


Descrip on: This route begins in our vineyards, discovering the varie es that make our wines, crossing forests and eucalyptus, to meet the corners of the history of the Quinta do Gradil. The mill, the Aqueduct, the Chapel and the many traces that invite us to visit this estate and the lost stories in me. At the end will have the opportunity to taste the nectar that today tell the story of the Quinta do Gradil in Portugal and worldwide. Route: Pedestrian Walk in estate, about 7 km. Dura on: Half day Includes: Course and guided wine tas ng at Quinta do Gradil Tips: You can make this route on horseback, by jeep or ATV. Complement with a meal in our restaurant Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons and upon 48 hours advance booking.


Descrip on: Quinta do Gradil and all agricultural component, allow many species of birds to choose this place as a refuge. In the chapel of Santa Rita next to the former palace of the Marquis, a couple of Owls (Tito Alba) nested here at this royal palace. This ac vity is supported by the Center for Animal Recovery of Montejunto a center from QUERCUS Na onal Associa on for The Proteccion of Nature. Where the wounded birds have treatment to future deliverance in natural environment. Type: Birdwatching Dura on: One day Includes: Wine tas ng, walking tour, lunch at Quinta do Gradil restaurant, visit to the Center of Animar Recovery Tips: You can make this route, by car, Jeep or ATV. Booking Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons, Advance booking of 48 hours and with a minimum of 4 people.


Descrip on: We start this tour in Quinta do Gradil with a Sparkling Wine welcome and some typical products of the region. Then we set off to explore the hill crossing fields and valleys to the Chapel of Nossa Sra. das Neves. Once at the top, we will have a small snack at ‘’Bar da Serra’’ with a selec on of products from the region and our Castelo do Sulco Wines, followed by a guided tour to the Royal Ice Factory. With the sun res ng on the horizon, we return to the estate, ending the day with a meal in our restaurant. Course: Quinta do Gradil - Montejunto Hill - Quinta do Gradil Distance: 20 km, high difficulty hikking Dura on: One day Includes: Pedestrian Walk oriented, Wine Tas ng, lunch at ‘’Bar da Serra’ and dinner at Quinta do Gradil restaurant. Tip: This route can be done in 4 bike, car or jeep Booking Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons, Advance booking of 48 hours and with a minimum of 4 people.

TOUR WINDMILLS OF THE WEST Descrip on : The windmills are a reference of this region , once with great ac vity, dot the landscape , according to the elders of the cadaval also the gra ng was a major with regard to milling grain , as their posi on allowed con nuous wind . This journey starts with sparkling wine welcome at Quinta do Gradil, pushed by the wind we headed to the top of the Montejunto Hill towards the windmill of Aviz . Arrived at the mill we will have the opportunity to taste some typical products of the region , accompanied by regional bread and wine of the Quinta do Gradil. While we know the molineira art . Then we returned to the estate to ďŹ nish the day in our restaurant . Course : Quinta do Gradil - Wind Mill of Aviz - Quinta do Gradil Distance : 20 km, high diďŹƒculty Dura on : One day Includes : Pedestrian Route oriented, Wine Tas ng , Snack in Mill Aviz and dinner at Quinta do Gradil restaurant. Sugges ons : This route can be done by bike , car or jeep Booking Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons , Advance booking of 48 hours and with a minimum of 4 people .


Descrip on: The House Gaeiras was founded in 1790 by Antonio da Silva Pinheiro, doctor of the kingdom and the royal Hospital of Caldas da Rainha administrator. In the '40s, José Ferreira Pinto Basto joined the family through marriage and thanks to his training in oenology in France the Wines of Gaeiras have achieved great fame and interna onal recogni on. At ‘’Casa das Gaeiras’’ garden today s ll dominate the trees and flowers of bright colors, a unique collec on that we shall meet. The tour ends with a wine tas ng of Casa Gaeiras. Route: Gardens of Casa das Gaeiras Dura on: Half day Includes: Visit to the Casa das Gaeiras gardens, and tas ng the wines. Booking Condi ons: This route will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons, availability of private house owners, Advance booking of 72 hours and with a minimum of 4 people.


Descrip on: The me of harvest is the high point of the produc on of wine, this is when the vines come alive for the harvest of grapes over a year ripened on the vines. A cycle that ends in the vineyards and ini ates another in the cellar. Come share and experience these moments in our Farm. Program: Morning: Harvest in the vineyard Lunch at Quinta do Gradil Restaurant A ernoon: Pisa walk and bo ling of wine in the cellar Snack: Wine tas ng and regional delicacies Includes: Dynamics of ac vity, Wine Tas ng, Lunch Supplements: Accommoda on in ArtVilla Booking Condi ons: This program will take place preferen ally with favorable weather condi ons during the month of September, Advance booking of 48 hours and a minimum of 8 people.


The farm was owned by the gra ng Sebas 達o de Melo a visionary who profoundly marked the history of Portugal. It is this imaginery that suggest that you bring your team of employees and will strengthen the spirit of the group. Come meet our challenges among vineyards and wines. CHALLENGE QUINTA DO GRADIL The discovery of a single caste of nooks day while working dynamics among your employees. MONTEJUNTO CHALLENGE Challenge your team to a lively and energe c challenge to discover the emblema c mountain, local delicacies and wines of Quinta do Gradil.


Quinta do Gradil is a place where your children (6 to 12 years) can give wings to your imagina on, either during a special event or birthday party, your children are our responsibility where'll take them to adventure and overcome many challenges . There are two op ons: The treasure of the Marquis One day deciphering the puzzles Thursday in search of the treasure of the Marquis of Pombal The Grape hunt An educa onal journey through the winemaking cycle where the Bago is the main character of this story.


Miller for a day The mills are part of our minds and West Zone is one of the main icons of the region. Be miller for a day and discover some secrets of this art.

There are stars in the sky By high al tude mountain Montejunto is a prime spot for watching the stars, come and spend an evening with us and discover the constella ons and major stars.

Trail of Nature The saw Montejunto is very rich in biodiversity, discover a path walked all the natural wealth of this mountain.

Waves West One of the symbols of the region are its beaches and flagship waves, such as Ribeira de Ilhas, Santa Cruz or North Beach.

Lisbon Sailing We propose to harness wind otherwise navigate the Tagus river and have a different look on Lisbon and the banks of the Tagus, while enjoying the best wines of Quinta do Railing.

Sweet flavors of the West Come to Sierra and discover the sweeter palate. Take a class in cake design or discover the typical sponge cake this region.

Golf d'El Rey The West Region is home to one of the most pres gious golf courses in Europe and will be in Praia d'El Rey we suggest you prac ce one of the major sports elite. Birdwatching The saw Montejunto allows observing various species of birds, discover iconic features such as the Sierra Real Bufo, the Barn owl, Bee, among others.

Four by four Be Jeep or Moto 4-venture in Sierra Montejunto. Montejunto Adventure Raise or lower the Sierra Montejunto and venture to the riskier rails. Serra Up Come discover the wines of Quinta do Railing an ac ve way, climb the Sierra de Montejunto.


The West is a region of beau ful scenery magniďŹ cently preserved, extending from the Atlan c Ocean to the mountainous group Montejunto-Aire and Candeiros un l the "gates of the capital" and the Pine Forest Diniz. It is a land of intense light and mild climate, where the coastline and countryside merge in a unique way, a green spot do ed with white houses with blue ocean in the background, peopled with friendly people, divided between a achment to land and ancestral call of the sea. Come enjoy a weekend and discover the diverse experiences we have for you. Consult us to present a proper proposal to their wishes.

BOOKING: Phone: +351 262 770 000 Fax: +351 262 777 007 Mobile: +351 917 791 974

Quinta do Gradil Wine Tourism 2014  

Just 30 minutes from Lisbon, discover the charms of the Quinta do Gradil and experience unforgettable moments between wines and vineyards.

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