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BUILD WELL TO LIVE WELL A Multibillion Dollar Real Estate Trend


hat do you think of when you hear the word “Wellness?” Exercising or spending time outdoors? Eating healthy foods? It’s defined by the World Health Organization as a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, and here at Serenbe, we develop and design in a mindful way to encourage wellbeing in all aspects of our residents’ lives. We’ve been doing it for nearly 15 years and now wellness communities are becoming a world-wide trend. Nearly 400 residential wellness real estate projects are in the planning stages to be built in just the United States, and demand is only increasing according to recently-released research from The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research and educational resource for the global wellness economy. They also found that Wellness is a $3.7 trillion industry growing faster than the global economy, with residential real estate as the latest to be transformed by this important movement.

The in-depth research report Build Well to Live Well: Wellness Lifestyles Real Estate and Communities defines wellness lifestyle real estate and wellness communities separately and not necessarily mutually exclusive.Wellness real estate focuses on “homes that are proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of their residents,” such as Southface’s Earthcraft certification, geothermal heating and cooling, solar ready and smart home technology – all required in every Serenbe home. Wellness communities “incorporate the type of lifestyle, neighborhood feeling and shared culture that connects people together…where people live close to each other and share common goals, interests and experiences in proactively pursuing wellness across its many dimensions.” At Serenbe, wellness lifestyle real estate provides the foundation for cultivating a wellness community. Building the connection between real estate and community requires intention in design and operational principles, and Serenbe

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Jeny Mathis, owner of yoga company Zoetic, leads a yoga session in the Inn at Serenbe’s Open Air Function Room. (Below) Steve Nygren, pictured with his daughter Garnie, receiving the Leader in Innovation Global Wellness Award at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit. (Opposite Page, L to R) Residents walk or bike the trails and sidewalks to The Blue Eyed Daisy for food or to catch up with neighbors. Serenbe Farms’ annual Plant Sale is April 21st, the perfect time of year for you to pick something up to start your own vegetable or herb garden. Materials for The Manor at Mado were chosen to reinforce the Scandinavian inspiration of the project.

has mastered this connection. In fact, GWI featured Serenbe as the top wellness community in the United States and awarded Serenbe’s Founder and CEO, Steve Nygren, with the 2017 Leader in Innovation Global Wellness Award. “We’re much more than the agrarian movement…this is a real town with people of every age,” said Steve in a recent Fast Company article. “[Society] has been building places that remove us from [nature and community] for the last several decades.” Serenbe’s community design includes incredible access to both and encourages spending time outdoors and connecting with your neighbors. The World Health Organization recently found that 80-90% of our health outcomes are tied to where and how we live, with factors including pollution, air quality and food. In the words of GWI’s research – “The way our homes (and communities) have been built in the last century is reinforcing lifestyles that make us sick, stressed, alienated and unhappy.”

“There’s a health benefit coming out of almost every [Serenbe] household,” Steve noted. “Whether it’s the kids don’t have asthma and have less allergies, or people have gotten rid of their antidepressants…We’re even having [families] and retirees move here just because of the air quality.” Residents at Serenbe have found it’s faster to walk the forested trails that connect homes to restaurants and retail, rather than get in a car and drive. They see neighbors at the mail houses or at the Blue-Eyed Daisy Bakeshop, while at the dog park or on a hike or run in the hundreds of acres of preserved woods and meadows. While 25% of Americans feel they have no close friend to confide in, Serenbe resident Honey Hurwitz said, “I didn’t expect to make such good friends at this point in my life.” And she’s not the only resident that feels that way. All report that they’ve established lifelong friendships, at all ages and with people of all ages. Wellbeing is in reach for everyone, it’s about making thoughtful choices in where you live and how you live. As the GWI research notes, “It is time to treat where we live as an investment in our wellness.” Visit to read more about the key findings on the Future of Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate and Communities and how you can live a well life.


The Wellness industry makes up 5% of the world’s GDP Wellness Real Estate was a $134 billion industry in 2017 (USA $52.5b) 60% of Americans will pay more for healthier homes than traditional ones Sales price premiums for wellness lifestyle real estate average 10-25%, but can go up to 55% Developmental sprawl costs the American economy more than $1 trillion annually Homes, communities and surrounding environment determine 80-90% of our health outcomes vs. less than 15% genetics 38% of Americans say they lack outdoor spaces in their community to walk or exercise 23% of global deaths (12.6 million) in 2012 were due to modifiable environmental factors Demand is growing as there are 1.3 million potential buyers in the U.S. looking for wellness communities each year.

Global Wellness Institute. (2018) Build Well to Live Well:Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate and Communities (1st ed). Johnston, Katherine and Yeung, Ophelia.





Stages of Creation photos provided by the mural’s artist.


Serenbe’s Labyrinth Influences Local Muralist


alking a labyrinth can be a transformative, spiritual experience. It is said that if you state an intention before you enter, by the time you exit you will have a solution, an answer or creative inspiration. For the artist of Serenbe’s latest public art piece, it was the latter. Where many would see the side of The Blue-Eyed Daisy as just a blank wall, one artist saw an opportunity for art in “a place that connects to the heartbeat of daily life at Serenbe.” After contacting The Serenbe Institute’s Public Art Committee, his mural concept was approved to transform the Daisy wall into their first commissioned piece – a colorful acrylic painting of Serenbe’s stone labyrinth. The Public Art Committee was formed in 2016 as a way for The Serenbe Institute to provide a formalized process for


donating art as well as commission original works, according to Institute Chairwoman Dianne Cohen. The committee’s first donated piece was a Windmill sculpture, which has found a home in Serenbe’s Wildflower Meadow. This piece has inspired two more moving sculpture donations, creating a “windmill farm,” which Dianne says is “a peaceful place for reflection and meditation” in the protected meadow. Serenbe’s labyrinth, located on Inn grounds and also a peaceful place, is based upon the most well-known 13th century labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France and was created at Serenbe’s inception. Steve and Marie Nygren were beginning plans for the community and welcomed friends and family from around the world to help build the stone labyrinth in the vast forest that would eventually become a community.


“When a labyrinth is properly used, it is a mysterious and effective tool to focus human evolution,” said the artist. He considers the Serenbe Labyrinth to be “a unique and powerful, but somewhat hidden resource,” and it is his hope that his mural will lead people into the woods to experience it. Stop by The Blue Eyed Daisy and snap a picture of the new mural or book a stay at The Inn or a Wellness Sunday to walk the stone labyrinth. The Serenbe Institute looks forward to installing more public art pieces in 2018 that have been donated in honor or memory of Serenbe residents. If you are interested in commissioning a piece or serving on the Institute’s Public Art Committee, please contact Gretchen Butler at

Art lovers gather to appreciate the photographs of Jessica Ashley. (Bottom, L to R) Grange Hall Gallery Wall has displayed the photography of Paula Susarte, Judy Walker’s “Zen in Grange,” and the photography of Billy Newman.


Grange Hall Transforms Into Pop-Up Gallery


or Art Farm Director Megan Schaeffer, Grange Hall was not just a space for meetings, cooking classes and dinner events, it was an opportunity to showcase art. “When I see a big, empty wall, I think ‘art exhibit,’ said Megan, and “I thought Grange Hall would be a great place to highlight new and talented artists. With The Inn at Serenbe booking the space for a wide variety of events, visitors from all around the country get to experience something that makes Serenbe special – its diverse artists.” Part of Grange Hall Gallery Wall’s purpose is to give rising and experienced artists the opportunity to work in partnership with The Art Farm to curate their own show in a multifaceted space. The first artist to be featured in the space was Jessica Ashley, a commercial photographer and fine art painter. “I last exhibited my work at the Woodruff Arts Center in early 2000; after suffering a personal trauma I stopped painting for the next 15 years,” Jessica said. “Exhibiting at Grange Hall was the first showing of my personal work in years and I’m happy to say I sold 8 pieces. This experience has given me the opportunity and confidence to move forward as an artist.”

“There is a tremendous amount of talent here in Serenbe. Our December 2017 exhibiting artist, Serenbe resident Judy Walker, focused on ‘zen painting’ using watercolors on a special paper called Yupo. Our neighbors work in a range of media – I’m interested in making the space look different with every show.” Looking forward, Megan wants to continue to diversify the media highlighted at Grange Hall. With new installations every 4-6 weeks, the Art Farm uses the space as a showcase and celebration of local talent. “We’re supporting visual art, we’re supporting the people who are part of the community, and we’re getting artists excited about something that serves them.” Grange Hall Gallery Wall’s next artist is Rob Brinson, whose show opens Saturday, March 10th at 4pm with a cocktail celebration. Grange Hall docents are available on Saturdays to view and purchase work or visit the Art Farm website to see all Grange Hall Gallery Wall artists. For more information on 2018 exhibitions, visit



Photos from the Atlanta Magazine HOME shoot by Anthony-Masterson Photography.

INVITING HOME EDITS Mister + Mrs Sharp’s Stylish Designs Begin At Home


riving through Serenbe’s first neighborhood Selborne, it’s easy to spot Meghan and Patrick Sharp’s home. The statuesque, white stucco modern design stands out among traditional cottages, yet also seamlessly fits with the street’s warm and inviting aesthetic. Warm and inviting is what The Sharps wanted for their home interiors as well, so the self-named “Home Editors” took themselves on as clients when remodeling their house in 2015. “We believe that comfort and luxury can coexist,” the Sharps state on their website. “It’s possible to have that ‘I can’t believe I get to live here’ feeling every time you walk through your front door.” According to Patrick, the kitchen is the part of their home that best represents his and Meghan’s relationship. “We like to spend time and cook together.”


Mister + Mrs Sharp have been featured in The Huffington Post, Design Milk, and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. Their most recent feature was in the Fall 2017 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME, where they were delighted to find themselves on the cover - and of course it’s Meghan and Patrick smiling at each other from their ‘Sharply’-stylish kitchen. The EarthCraft certified Sharp House was designed by architect David Daniels and built in 2005.When Meghan and Patrick moved from San Francisco to purchase the 2,300 sq.ft. home, they led a total remodel of the kitchen, bathrooms, pool and flooring with general contractors BCC Builders. The main floor boasts an open-living concept with living, dining and a kitchen with professional grade appliances, Ann Sacks marble tiles on the walls and backsplash, boxed oven hood and island of stunning white quartz. Gray cabinetry by Wood-Mode has knurled Buster + Punch hardware, with contrasting walnut floating shelves. A long wooden dining table from Restoration Hardware serves as a home editing and meeting space in addition to being an inviting place to bring friends together. It is surrounded by slipcovered side chairs from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and punctuated at each end with iconic walnut chairs by Norman Cherner. Step onto the balcony from the main level and enjoy outdoor living and dining areas, complete with a lounge area facing the swimming pool. On the terrace level you will find a guest bedroom with en suite bathroom and a private balcony leading to a boxwood-trimmed courtyard with a calming water fountain in the center. Two more bedrooms with en suite baths and private balconies are on the third floor, connected by a “cat walk” that serves as “his and her” office space above the carport. An outdoor spiral staircase leads to the roof-top deck, perfect for looking out into the tree-tops and surrounding forest leading to the ultimate ‘I can’t believe I get to live here’ feeling.


Looking for more home editing and styling tips? Follow Mister + Mrs Sharp on Instagram (@misterandmrssharp) or visit their website






Photo by Stevie Seayacot

New Product Mix of Homes Drive Serenbe Real Estate Sales To New Highs

(Above) Two shotgun homes are already occupied. (Below) Scandinavian Row Homes have broken ground and are selling briskly. (Opposite, L to R) Exterior shotgun home, interior of Anders Walk Garden Cottage and rendering of One Mado building and Live/Work Units.


he first homeowner moved into Mado in January 2017. By the end of the year, more than 42 homes were under contract. Mado has everything from larger, single-family homes and attached cottages to live/work spaces and efficient-living concepts from 900 to 1,200 sq. ft., and this new product mix is driving sales to new highs.There are only two Anders Walk courtyard cottages remaining, 3 bedrooms start from $569,000, and the fastest selling homes were the six Modern Shotguns, which all sold out in under 5 weeks. “It’s an architectural evolution,” said Garnie Nygren, Director of Operations at Serenbe. “The Modern Shotguns’ success will be an iconic moment for Serenbe in that it’s bringing new energy not only to Mado, but the whole community.” The 900 sq. ft. homes proved so popular that a similar architectural style just broke ground called Scandinavian Row Homes, also focused on the popularity of small spaces living. The success of the Modern Shotguns prove buyers are looking to live more efficiently, and Serenbe will deliver with the Scandinavian Row Homes. The architecture plays on traditional row houses with the addition of interior courtyards, and buyers have options for size, layout and exterior. With a limited number being built by McKinney Builders, the Scandinavian-

inspired homes are on track to leave the market just as fast as the Modern Shotguns. This year brings the first commercial offerings to Serenbe’s Mado neighborhood. The One Mado building, a $5 million project adding nearly 30,000 sq. ft. over three stories, broke ground in December 2017, and will include sustainable office spaces from 110 sq. ft and up as well as retail options. The ground floor will be anchored by an upscale fast casual restaurant, which will serve as a regional dining destination while creating another culinary space for residents, visitors and One Mado office clients to frequent. “My retail dream is to have a veterinarian come into One Mado. Also, to have physicians [for both mental and physical health] who understand the connection to nature for themselves and for their clients’ treatment,” said Garnie. Next to One Mado will be 15 newly-imagined live/works – a combination of publicfacing retail on the bottom level and personal office and living spaces plus apartments on the top floors. “[Serenbe] has continued to evolve to meet what people want. Mado is aestheticallydifferent from the Grange neighborhood, which is different from Selborne, and all are truly unique from anything else you’d find outside Serenbe.”



Things To Do When You Stay at The Inn at Serenbe


AFTERNOON TEA Included in your stay as an Inn guest is an afternoon Southern-style tea, set in the Main House daily, 4 – 5pm.



YOGA CLASSES Choose from a range of yoga practices and floor pilates at the studio located in the community. Outdoor yoga options also available.

3 3

S E R E N B E FA R M S Take a 1 hour tour of Serenbe Farms on Saturdays at 1:30pm for $10 per person. For reservations or to schedule private group tours, please contact



LABYRINTH Walk the stone labyrinth by the lake – complimentary during your stay.


TRAIL RIDES Experience Serenbe on Horseback. Our skilled staff and gentle horses ensures you to have a comfortable and relaxed ride, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Serenbe.





Hayrides and Animal Feeds are offered daily at 10am for Inn guests. Appointments may be scheduled on the weekends for hayrides at 1pm or 2pm.





The Spa at Serenbe offers a range of services including massages, facials, peels, reflexology, manicures, pedicures, and make up consultations. The spa specializes in offering a comprehensive whole person approach to care. 770.463.0880 |


B I K E & G O L F C A R T R E N TA L S The Inn offers bicycles and golf carts to rent per day for Inn guests. Reserve at Guest Services. Rentals are based on a first come, first serve basis.



BONFIRE Our fully stocked bonfire is located near the Lake Pavilion, complimentary for Inn guests. S’more packets are available for purchase at Guest Services.

10 9




D I N E AT T H E FA R M H O U S E Join us for lunch or dinner at the critically acclaimed Farmhouse Restaurant and enjoy seasonal cuisine of locally grown ingredients. Plus enjoy Happy Hour from 4 – 6 Daily. 770.463.2622 |


FEEDING THE ANIMALS Animal Feed is available in Guest Services for Purchase.


W E E K E N D WA L K I N G TO U R O F THE COMMUNIT Y Saturdays 10:30am. Check Serenbe Events Calendar for location.



SERENBE IN THE NEWS Business Insider

Sunday TODAY

“Local food, fresh air, and a focus on wellbeing create a new standard for community living at Serenbe. Blueberry bushes line the sidewalks, and residents can pick fresh produce from a 25-acre organic farm. The development also hosts concerts, artist lectures, and outdoor dinners.”

“Serenbe, with its 300 homes and 30 businesses, is an experiment in new urbanism; a new model for development blending concentration with urban convenience.”

TravelGirl “The Nygren family exemplifies a mindfulness that most city-goers don’t observe day to day, from the importance of maintaining a relationship with mother nature to achieving happiness and wellbeing by stepping off the treadmill of life.”

Dwell “Formed around the values of nature, passion, creativity, and community, Serenbe, a sustainably-oriented community outside of Atlanta, Georgia is ripe with modern homes, local produce, and a deep appreciation for the natural landscape.”

VoyageATL Modern Luxury

“It goes without saying that the quality of life that we are able to offer people sets us apart. Serenbe has changed the lives of so many people.”

“Get Clayton, or his wife, Kali, on the topic of miniature heirloom tomatoes and winter squash—all grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals—and you’ll quickly understand why Serenbe Farms is at the center of life in this upscale new urbanist village.”

NBC Nightly News “Just 20 minutes South of Atlanta, The Bacot family lives in a place that harkens back to simpler days; a community that’s built on a farm.”

CLADGlobal “We’re pretty sick in America,” says Steve Nygren, founder of Serenbe, a wellness community just outside Atlanta, Georgia. “If you look at the amount of money we spend on healthcare in the US, and the amount of disease we have—most of which is preventable—you’ll understand why a lot of folks are starting to look for alternatives.”

The National

Fast Company “Wellness communities like Serenbe increasingly attract homeowners looking for a refuge from modern life. Serenbe is built for walking; numerous nature trails lead to four subcommunities modeled on English countryside hamlets. Blueberry bushes line roads in case residents need a snack along the way. Medicinal landscaping makes it easy for one to pick up a natural remedy should they feel unwell.”

“It’s the evolution of the luxury development, repackaged for changing tastes. A golf community without the golf course.”



Take a behind-the-scenes look at Serenbe Playhouse’s process in planning their seasons, from choosing a show and site to set design and casting. Tickets sell out, so reserve your’s today at

ANCHORS AWEIGH! Voyage Behind The Scenes Of Serenbe Playhouse’s 2018 Season


alking through Serenbe, it’s hard to believe Serenbe Playhouse danced out the doors of Rydell High in the middle of the Wildflower Meadow, fought the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Farmers Market’s Sherwood Forest and took the Scottish throne at the Waterfall. And that was just in 2017. Director Brian Clowdus and his team have reimagined nearly every corner of Serenbe for their outdoor, site-specific performances. For 2018, they will leave the land and voyage to the Serenbe seas. “Titanic I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and also The Little Mermaid, so after our season of Rebellion we decided to stop fighting and embrace the Voyage to water, which gives life and replenishes. We then decided to bring in Chekhov’s The Seagull as our drama and found a newer version of Peter Pan that takes place on water to round out the season.” Seems like a natural enough evolution, but finding the shows is just the beginning. Now, Serenbe Playhouse needed locations. Have you ever wondered how they choose? Us too! So, we followed Brian, Artistic Associate Ryan Oliveti and Production Manager Joel Coady on their site walk. Since they’d chosen a season of shows on water, sites were narrowed down a bit and the logical plan was to look at all of Serenbe’s water features. “The bar is raised for us for what we do environmentally, so if it’s a show that takes place on water it has to be on water,” said Brian. As we traipsed through the brush next to The Inn at Serenbe Lake & Pavilion, Brian Clowdus said “For Titanic, this just feels like where a boat would be docked.” In 2016, his vision landed a Huey helicopter every night in their production of Miss Saigon, so even though the area currently includes tall grass, marshes and muddy ground, you find a way to trust what he sees. And of course, Brian only sees the potential. The tall grassy area where we stand? Bring in a lawn mower and the natural incline is perfect for a seated audience. Surrounding trees will make excellent light stands. Where will people park? Over here. Where should the bar be? There. How about placing the orchestra? Got it covered. The Playhouse team also considers the impact of Serenbe businesses when choosing locations. For instance, The Inn at Serenbe hosts weddings nearly every weekend in the Spring, meaning the Spring musical The Little Mermaid wouldn’t work on that lake but Titanic – their summer show – would. Grange Lake is the only other large body of water in Serenbe so it’s a natural choice for The Little Mermaid.That was our next stop, and after those


plans were set in motion we traveled to the spots that will become Neverland and Sorin’s country estate, in Mado and Grange respectively. It seems the only hurdle would be imagination, but Serenbe Playhouse certainly has plenty of that. Get ready to voyage to the seas this year with Serenbe Playhouse.






Photo provided by The General Store

(Opposite): Nadine Bratti poses for the General Store’s feature in Beekman 1802 Almanac.


The General Store at Serenbe Three Years Later


rtisanal and specialty foods fill the shelves. Residents and visitors drop in during the day for homemade sandwiches and coffee, or on weekend afternoons for a Wine Tasting. Special nights throughout the year mean Wine Dinners with The Farmhouse or local Chef Dinners. When Nadine Bratti opened The General Store at Serenbe three years ago, she had no idea what was in store (pun intended). “I felt like I had so much support [from the community], and everyone was contributing to ideas and operations, helping with planning. That made me feel like I could do it,” said Nadine. And she did do it. Nadine wanted to focus on bringing in local suppliers unless the item was a special request, which she felt was key to being successful and supporting the regional food community. Souper Jenny saw The General Store as a south-side opportunity and began bringing sandwiches and salads down on summer weekends for a pop-up cafe that started in 2017, and look for it again this summer. Nadine also has partnerships with brands like Garnish & Gather, the local meal service that features Atlanta farmers and artisans, and is the only place that sells Storico Fresco products, outside of the Storico Fresco store, because Mike Patrick “wanted to be in Serenbe and have a presence here,” according to Nadine. The General Store’s popularity has led to features in local and national publications. Beekman 1802 Almanac called it “a sophisticated shop,” and Bloomberg said The General Store is “fit for Brooklyn [with craft beer, French cheese and organic cleaning products].” Nadine, as a former Manhattanite, was especially proud of that one. “I never thought in a million years as a New Yorker that I’d make Bloomberg as a store owner in Georgia,” she said. One of the highlights of the store is the carefully selected wines. Nadine’s weekly wine tastings began as a way to familiarize the community with the many wines she’d sourced from small estate vineyards in Lebanon and Slovenia in addition to French, Italian and California estates. Of course, the community fell in love and wine tastings became more and more frequent, with most attendees now coming from Atlanta and beyond.The General Store even has a Wine Club, where you can choose to get 2-4 bottles specially curated by Nadine each month. What is Nadine’s plan for the next three years? Stop by and she’ll tell you over a glass of wine. The General Store at Serenbe is open 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm Friday and Saturday and 11am-6pm Sunday. Wine Tastings are Saturdays at 4pm, $20 per person. The General Store’s Wine Tastings feature wines from around the world. Reserve your spot at






EXPLORE TODAY Groups and individual rides for up to 8 guests. Add on a private picnic lunch at the waterfall.

Ali Harper Photography

Let the historic Inn at Serenbe be the backdrop for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, luncheon or corporate retreat.

770.463.2610 | Now Booking |





Your real estate experts on everything Serenbe

Located in the Grange neighborhood of Serenbe, the event space can accommodate up to 40 guests classroom style and 75 theater style. Grange Hall’s close proximity to our many Guest House accommodations also make it the perfect location to host meetings and events.





We encourage you to experience the Serenbe lifestyle. Stop in the real estate office to pick up a community map, check for open houses or tour available homes wherever you see an OPEN sign. Real Estate Office 9055 Selborne Lane 770.463.9997 OPEN DAILY

770.463.2610 | Now Booking |



Visit us online at




The historic Inn at Serenbe has been a memorable wedding backdrop for more than 18 years, and we are sharing a few of our favorite images of those priceless moments. Our first wedding was even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.




{ z

Photo credits: u Harwell Photography v J Ashley Photography w Jihan Cerda Photography x Harwell Photography y Lauren Carnes Photography z Jihan Cerda Photography { Lauren Carnes Photography



CSA photographs by Ali Harper Photography





ave you ever looked at a new vegetable and thought “I’ve never even heard of this!” or “How do people cook this?” Since Serenbe Farms produces a wide variety of vegetables and herbs for members of their CSA program and customers at Serenbe Farmers Market, you’re bound to come upon unfamiliar items from time to time. Serenbe resident Eliza Bacot is an acute care nurse practitioner whose journey of research and practice has led her on a mission to help others achieve wellness. She is also a member of the Serenbe Farms CSA and can get creative in the kitchen, so she shared some tips on finding recipes and go-to methods to reap the benefits of your fresh produce. “If you find yourself with a vegetable you have never cooked before, think about what you have in your pantry already. Take into account what ingredients you already have on

hand so can you combine the new with the familiar for your family,” said Eliza. Plus, who wants to make an extra trip to the grocery store? She also stresses to get specific when Googling recipes or cooking methods, using words like “healthy,” “quick,” and “easy.” “Otherwise you’re bombarded with elaborate recipes calling for excessive steps or ingredients that may be high in calories or bad for you.” Eliza’s go-to cooking method is sautéing with a safe, high heat oil such as avocado or ghee. Sorry, canola oil but Eliza says throw it out. She also oven roasts veggies, 425 degrees and parchment paper are her go-to’s, or she simply eats them raw. “Overcooking vegetables can deplete their nutritional value, so eating them in their raw state is the most beneficial,” she said. “Plus, giving my kids raw veggies as a snack or adding them into smoothies makes feeding them a breeze.” Her final advice? “The key to cooking new vegetables is simply keeping an open mind. Ask a neighbor about their favorite tactics, keep a journal of recipes or go the easiest route— do a web search!” You can find more advice and recipes at Eliza’s website Looking for a way to save money on organic produce? Join the Serenbe Farms 2018 CSA for <$35/week by visiting

POTATO SOUP FROM THE KITCHEN OF ELIZA BACOT And just like that…it’s soup season, my favorite time of year! I made this recipe for the crew of NBC Nightly News when they visited Serenbe in November 2017. It goes great with grain-free dinner muffins or homemade cauliflower bread.You can also freeze in quartsized mason jars for reheating later.

Photo provided by Eliza Bacot

2 Large jars of bone broth 2 large boxes of organic chicken broth 2-3lbs organic potatoes 2 leeks, chopped 2 onions, chopped 1.5 bunch organic kale 3 packages organic chicken sausage (no pork casing) Fresh rosemary and thyme

Method: Sautee leeks and onions in 1 tablespoon of ghee, then add finely chopped kale. Cut potatoes into chunks and add along with bone and chicken broth. Cut sausage into thick slices and add all ingredients to a stock pot. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and cook for 1-2 hours on low. Add rosemary and thyme in the last half hour. Add salt to taste.






FARMERS MARKET Local and sustainable growers, artisans and craftsmen.

Live Music, Breakfast Burritos, T-Shirts, Water Bottle, Prizes & Beer! With Live Results and Chip Timing Date

APRIL 14, 2018

Start Time Location Registration

9:00 AM



Come shop the market on the green.

Early Bird 5K $40 / 15K $50 Children 10 & under $30

April - November Saturday 9am to 1pm seren b efar m s. c o m / m ar k et

JUNE + JULY R WEEK AGES 3-12 • $225-$395 PE


for Serenbe Farms




Serenbe Farms Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, allows members to purchase local and seasonal produce directly from our Certified Organic farm each week.


Accommodations at the Inn at Serenbe

CSA Share Details

Includes a Full Country Breakfast Sunday - Friday: $745

• • • •

CSA Season is March 31 - November 17 Full or Partial Shares Available 6-12 items per week Pick-up Saturdays at Serenbe Farms




L E A R N M O R E A N D S I G N U P AT S E R E N B E FA R M S . C O M / C S A

Photo by Ail Harper Photography


Make Nature A Part Of Your Everyday


erenbe has a 25-acre organic farm that feeds our community and beyond, large pastures and meadows – which are home to horses, goats, donkeys and many events – and edible plants line sidewalks and trails. There is so much “greenspace” at Serenbe that every home backs up to nature. “We believe a community is a living part of its natural surroundings, not something to be built at nature’s expense,” said Steve Nygren, Founder and CEO of Serenbe. His belief is based in Biophilia, the theory that people have an innate desire to seek connection with other life forms. When Steve began developing Serenbe’s 1,000 acres, he worked to protect 700 of those acres in permanent conservation so residents would always have the ability to connect with nature. But did you know our protected nature isn’t just a farm, parks and “greenspace”? Serenbe also has expansive forests, and connecting each of our neighborhood Hamlets to those forests are more than 15 miles of hiking trails.These trails make walking easier than driving between shops and homes, and provide wellness as an everyday activity for residents. “We need nature in our lives today more than ever,” said Steve, who cut the first trails on property as a retirement project when the Nygren family moved to the land that is now Serenbe back in 1994. “We need fresh air, fresh food with trees and grasses around us. A place to grow and restore, to foster deep connections to nature and each other.” Your body craves nature, it’s in our biology, it’s biophilia. Want to take a walk in the woods of Serenbe? Join us on our weekly community walking tours, run the Spring Trail Race 5K/15K on April 14th or stay at The Inn at Serenbe and check out a trail map. Serenbe also hosts the annual Biophilic Leadership Summit, a place for policy makers to learn how they can change the way communities develop with nature in mind.Visit or contact for more information.





1-14 AIR Artist Residency – Deantoni Parks Percussionist, Composer, Actor & Record Producer

2 Farmhouse Wine Dinner 7pm, The Farmhouse, $





AIR Artist Residency – Julianna Barwick Composer

An Evening of Spoken Word with Buddy Wakefield 8pm, The Inn Pavilion, $

Spring Farm Party 5pm, Serenbe Farms, $



Mike Farris Concert 8pm, Grange Home, $

Serenbe Trails Tour 10:30am, The Daisy

The Other Night School: Silence as Substance 6pm, Hills & Hamlets Bookshop


Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Shiitake Mushroom Log Inoculation Class 3pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

23-26 AIR Artist Residency – Dr. Charles Bardes Physician/Poet

History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am, The Inn


Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Architecture + Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am, The Daisy

Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

Serenbe Farm Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Billy Newman Gallery Opening 4pm, Grange Hall

Shiitake Mushroom Log Inoculation Class 3pm, Serenbe Farms, $

4 Wellness Sunday with Zoetic 10:30am, The Inn, $

10 Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30am, The Daisy

10 Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30am, The Daisy Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Rob Brinson Photography Exhibit Opening 4pm, Grange Hall Gallery Wall

11 Art Over Dinner with Decatur Book Festival founder and author Daren Wang 6pm, Art Farm, $

17 Serenbe Trails Tour 10:30am, The Daisy Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $ An Evening with Poet/Dr. Charles Bardes 5pm, The Inn, $

Valentine’s Wine Tasting: Pink & Red Only 4pm, The General Store, $

History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am, The Inn Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $


18 Right Off The Farm Cooking Class 2pm, Grange Hall, $


Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

4-8 Serenbe Playhouse’s The Little Mermaid 8pm, Grange, $


1-15 AIR Artist Residency – Adejoke Tugbiyele Artist/Activist

3-17 AIR Artist Residency – Buddy Wakefield Spoken Word Artist




Serenbe Farm Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Shana Tucker Concert 8pm, Selborne Home, $

Art Over Dinner: Atlanta Film Society featuring Molly Coffee, Danielle Deadwyler & Marcus Rosentrater 6pm, Art Farm, $

28-April 1 Serenbe Playhouse’s The Little Mermaid – Opening Week 8pm, Grange, $

Architecture + Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am, The Daisy

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $


Wellness Sunday with Zoetic 10:30am, The Inn, $

History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am, The Inn Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $


6-May 6 AIR Artist Residency – Amanda Torres Writer, Singer & Teacher

7 Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30am, The Daisy Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Sarah Potenza Concert 8pm, Grange Hall, $

8-11 Biophilic Leadership Summit The Inn, $




Laila Biali Concert 7pm, Grange Hall, $

Plant Sale 1pm-4pm, Serenbe Farms

Serenbe Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green

Serenbe Farm Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Architecture + Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am, Selborne Green

10 The Other Night School: B-girls & Bombshells, The Other 1950s Women 6pm, The Inn, $

11-15 Serenbe Playhouse’s The Little Mermaid 8pm, Grange, $

Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $ Eliot Bronson Band Concert 8pm, Art Farm, $

28 Serenbe Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am, The Inn

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

27 Atlanta Design Festival: MA! Architecture Tour 10am-2pm, Serenbe, $

Atlanta Jazz Festival at Serenbe 8pm, The Inn, $

31-June 3


Serenbe Playhouse’s Peter Pan – Opening Weekend 11am, Grange, $

Wellness Sunday with Zoetic 10:30am, The Inn, $

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

29-May 2 Nygren Placemaking Conference The Inn, $

14 Spring Trail Race 5K/15K 9am, Selborne Green, $



Mini Farmers Market 9am-12pm, Selborne Green

Serenbe Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30am, Selborne Green

15 Wellness Sunday with Zoetic 10:30am, The Inn, $

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Art Over Dinner with Lulie Wallace and Raven Roxane 6pm, Art Farm, $

Art Over Dinner with Huff Harrington Gallery, featuring painters August Wilson & Melissa Payne Baker 6pm, Art Farm, $

25-27 The Vertical, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre 8pm, Deer Hollow at Serenbe, $

18-22 Serenbe Playhouse’s The Little Mermaid – Closing Week 8pm, Grange, $

26 Serenbe Farmers Market: Memorial Day Market + Ice Cream Social 9am-1pm, Selborne Green

21 Serenbe Farmers Market – Earth Day Celebration with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day 9am-1pm, Selborne Green Architecture + Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am, Selborne Green

History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am, The Inn Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $

Event listings accurate as of printing. For up-to-date listings, tickets or to RSVP, visit

6 May Day Festival 12pm-5pm, Selborne, $

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12 Serenbe Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green

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Serenbe Trails Tour 10:30am, Selborne Green Serenbe Farms Tour 1:30pm, Serenbe Farms, $ Beginners Gardening Class: The Kitchen Garden 11:45am, Serenbe Farms, $

$ = Ticketed Event

Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $

Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store, $


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Make Your Dream of Living at Serenbe a Reality

L315, 11261 Serenbe Lane $459,900

L318, 11279 Serenbe Lane $799,000

L337, 268 Mado Lane $659,000

This charming 2-bedroom, 2-bath home provides singlelevel, efficient living, allowing residents to make the most of Serenbe’s vibrant, active lifestyle. Flowing, open floor plan with lots of bright windows leading you to the rear porch and private courtyard. Master bath features double vanities, walk-in showers and walk-in closets.

The 2017 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Showhouse boasts the latest in designer, high end fixtures and finishes. The luxurious open concept main floor is defined by its 12’ ceilings with reclaimed beams, white oak floors, and European style designer kitchen. The bedrooms upstairs are generously appointed with private baths and walk-in closets including a master retreat complete with an astounding private sky terrace overlooking the stunning Anders Court.

This handsome home takes inspiration from eclectic Scandinavian architecture and sits steps off of the beautiful cobblestone pedestrian walkway of Anders Court and everything Serenbe has to offer. Bedrooms upstairs are generously appointed with private baths and walk-in closets. The attention to finished details are coupled with sustainable building efficiencies to make this a choice for the most discerning home buyer.

L305, 1197 Serenbe Lane $399,000

L407, 446 Anders South $419,000

379L, 1180 Serenbe Lane $749,900

These Scandinavian-inspired homes play on traditional row houses with the addition of interior courtyards. Choose from 1-2 bedrooms, clean stucco and metal roofs, or board and batten with cedar shingles.

Move into this new build with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The open kitchen and living area let in expansive natural light, allowing you to look out into the plaza courtyard that connects to an expansive community trail system. Step out your front door and sit in one of the outdoor rooms, set among medicinal gardens. Each home has rear parking and a private courtyard.

A luxurious 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom with master on the main floor. Enjoy outdoor living with porches on the front and back of the house. Amazing views of the woods, nestled right amongst the tree tops with direct access to the nature trails out your back door.

MADO Whether you are in the market for a weekend retreat or year-round home, Serenbe offers single-family homes, townhouses, live-works, condos and apartments. Or choose a wooded lot and build your dream home. Explore architectural floor plans and pick your finishes or choose a move-in-ready home today. All homes are EarthCraft certified for sustainability with geothermal technology for heating and cooling. For a complete listing of all Serenbe properties visit, call 770.463.9997 or stop in the office located at 9055 Selborne Lane, just up the street from the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. *All prices and plans are subject to change.

Winter/Spring 2018  
Winter/Spring 2018