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To Martin Ferguson

From Solar City

7th Of November 2011


My aim is to build a solar power plant, in the Northern Territory, large enough to power the whole of Australia. I want to get this because there is too much coal being used and it will run out. Also the coal we burn is causing global warming. It will cost approximately $9,000,000,000 to build the solar power plant in the Northern Territory. We will save about 50 tonnes of CO2 production per family if everyone in Australia uses solar power. This is about 6,000,000 tonnes of CO2 production saved in one year. We should need about 6000 MW to give energy to the whole of Australia. We will employ about 6000 people to help get the solar power plant complete.

Statement of the issue or problem Did you know that the Earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the whole world does in one year from fossil fuels? Coal is a natural resource that we are mining out of the ground. We are fast running out of coal. Some experts believe that the earth will run out of coal in less than one hundred years. It will take millions and millions of years for the earth to produce coal again. Therefore we must find other resources to produce the energy we require. We also have to stop using coal as an energy source because it is believed that the carbon dioxide courses global warming. Global warming is a big issue because it is really bad for the environment and it is warming up the earth. We use fossil fuels in cars, busses, trains, trams, aeroplanes, houses and factories.

Statement of goals and objectives If everyone in Australia uses solar power for their houses and factories we would be able to save approximately 50 tonnes of Co2 production per family a year. This is approximately 6,000,000 tonnes Co2 production saved a year. Also if we get our solar power plant we would be able to power every single person’s house and factory in Australia. If we all did that we would be saving our environment and also saving ourself from pollution. We will need to employ about 6000 people getting this many people will help get it done quick and done well.

Description of the Project I want the solar power plant to look like the one in Gila Bend, Arizona, USA. This one is only 300MW. I want mine to look just like that lots of solar panels in rows and they will be in the Northern Territory where it gets lots of sun. The solar power plant will cover approximately 16 000 Hectares. The solar plant will need a big factory to get the power from the solar panels and turn it into energy. All this power will cover everyone’s power in Australia. This will save about 50 tones of CO2 production a year.

List of required recourses The solar power plant will need lots of solar panels, solar cells, Silicone Caulk (This is a waterproof seal that is commonly used for fixing bathtubs and kitchen sinks,) Paint (The solar panel is outdoors, it will need to protect the wood from things such as dew and moisture,) Diode (The diode makes sure that electricity only flows from the solar panel into the battery, never in the opposite way,)Plexiglass (This is a protective cover over the solar cells) and a Battery (Having a battery makes sure that your solar panel continues to run even at night or on very cloudy days.) Also we will need workers and money.

Budget My research has shown that in similar projects a solar power plant costs approximately $9,000,000,000. I will want all States and Territories to pay a percentage of the cost. The plant will be built in the Northern Territory because it is sunnier then the rest of Australia. Northern Territory shouldn’t have to pay for the entire plant as the whole Country will benefit from it.

Justifications and supporting evidence There are many solar power plants in the world that are successfully producing solar energy. These plants are supplying solar energy to millions of houses and factories. Some of these plants are located in America, Germany and Spain these supply approximately 340 MW. There are many more plants currently being built.

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Hi my name is Hannah and this is my proposal

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