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The Accident By Clodagh O Reilly

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It was a bright autumnal morning as bare trees waved their empty branches to the sky. After a late Sunday night I struggled to get out of my warm cosy bed. When I eventually got up I dressed sluggishly. I went down stairs and got my lovely breakfast. After breakfast I got my heavy schoolbag and went out the front door.

I walked down the slippy lane and out on to the icy footpath.

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I saw my friend Fiona at the other side of the busy road. I looked to see if there was any cars coming and I walked out on to the road.

Suddenly this red car came out of no were and it hit me. I fell down onto the hard, rocky road. I banged my head hard of the road. Blood oozed from my forehead. I could feel the trickle become heavier and more like a stream. The ground beneath me felt cold and damp to the touch. My head started to ache really badly. Page 3 of 5

Then nothing! The next thing I remember is waking up in hospital puzzled. I looked around to see my family and Fiona. Fiona was excitedly telling my family what had happened. The beeping machines and long wires going in all directions looked very serious as they hummed in the background.

The doctor came in the big white door and he told me I had broken my arm and had a severe concussion. Page 4 of 5

However, he told me it could have been a lot worst and that I was very lucky that there was no serious damage.

By Clodagh O Reilly

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The Accident  

Short Story