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About us Bella Beauty Review is an online, cosmetology exam preparation site that helps students pass this exam within the least amount of time. Some of the best subject matter and e-learning experts have spent an enormous amount of time analyzing every detail of the exam to create this state-ofthe-art course.

Cosmetology Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures and electrology. General cosmetology courses in the United States not only focus primarily on hairstyling, but also train their students as general beauticians versed in manicures, facials, etc. In a state-licensed beauty school, a certificate course in general cosmetology typically takes approximately one year to complete. Specialized, nonhairstyling courses such as manicure, facials, or makeup art are usually of shorter duration, lasting anywhere from two weeks to six months, although the most prestigious and exclusive beauty schools may offer much longer courses.


Our only goal at Bella Beauty Review is to teach you what you need to know in order to pass the written cosmetology exam. Our review course is the best resource available to prepare you to pass the written exam. Just look at what our students have said about our course.

“I would love to have all my students access this program of study Whomever designed it did an awesome job Thanks so much I certainly will be purchasing complete access Again Thanks� Ms. P (Teacher at cosmetology school) Date of Posting: 25 May 2010 Posted By: Ms P

Why Bella Beauty Review ? Bella Beauty Review has decades of experience in test preparation. The content of this review course carefully balances the subjects tested on the exam, and their conceptual underpinnings. This differs greatly from the other options available to students, which typically only offer questions and answers that are frequently on subjects not typically found on the exam.

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Our E-mail id and phone contacts Phone number: (478) BBR-PREP (227-7377) Mail: Our Contact Address: Bella Beauty Review, LLC P.O. Box 18154 Spokane, WA 99228

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Cosmetology State Board Exam - BellaBeautyReview - Bella Beauty Review has decades of experience in cosmetology test preparation. Pass your cosmetology stat...

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