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The Crow’s Nest University of South Florid, St. Petersburg 140 7th Avenue South, CAC St. Petersburg, Fl 33701 Office (727) 873-4113 Fax (727) 873-4190

ADVERTISING AGREEMENT This AGREEMENT, made on_______________between__________________ (ADVERTISER) and the USF St. Petersburg CROW’S NEST. Incorporates the current CROW’S NEST ADVERTISING TERMS and CONDITIONS (see attached form) and the USF St. Petersburg CROW’S NEST RATE SHEET. This agreement covers advertising space to be run under the following agreement and rate.

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Advertiser’s Name and Title Ad Size:____________________ Issues:________ Price:_________________________ Publication Dates:_________________________________________________________ Deadline Dates:___________________________________________________________ I acknowledge that I have authorized the set advertising in accordance with the terms and conditions attached to this contract. ______________________________________ Advertiser’s Signature

_________________________ Date

______________________________________ Account Representative’s Signature

_________________________ Date

______________________________________ Advertising Manager’s Signature

_________________________ Date

ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. FREQUENCY DISCOUNT agreements shall become effective only upon approval of the USF St. Petersburg Crow’s Nest Advertising Manager. 2. ADVERTISER must fulfill the FREQUENCY agreement to be billed at the reduced rate. If the ADVERTISER does not use all space contracted for in the FREQUENCY agreement, the ADVERTISER agrees to be short-rated and pay the difference between the agreement rate and the appropriate rate for all advertising run during the agreement period. 3. If the advertisement, under a FREQUENCY agreement, is stopped by The Crow’s Nest for non-employment, the ADVERTISER agrees to forfeit all FREQUENCY rates and pay all advertising under the FREQUENCY at the appropriate rate. 4. Special page positions are taken on a request only basis, and cannot be guaranteed. 5. For advertisements running on a FREQUENCY basis, the previously run advertisement will be repeated if no changes are requested. The Crow’s Nest will not be responsible for making copy changes without instructions from the ADVERTISER given by the deadline dates stated in this agreement. 6. MAKE GOOD POLICY: In case of error or omission, the Advertising Manager must be notified within five (5) working days of the advertisement in question to be considered for a make good. The Crow’s Nest liability, if any, will not exceed the cost of space occupied by the advertisement in which the error occurred, and the credit will be for the first insertion only. The original copy and instructions must be legible and clear. The Crow’s Nest is not responsible for incorrect copy submitted by the advertiser or typographical errors, which do not lessen the effectiveness of the total advertising message, as determined by the Advertising Manager. 7. Additional charges may be assessed for typesetting, ad composition, photography, or half-tones. 8. The Crow’s Nest reserves the right to revise its advertising rates, including FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS and agreement terms, at any time with 30 days prior written notice. For special sections/issues, The Crow’s Nest reserves the right to set a rate different than stated on the advertising agreement with verbal notice. 9. If such a rate adjustment is made, a FREQUENCY agreement ADVERTISER agrees that the rate stated on the agreement is subject to such a change and is not guaranteed for the duration of the contract 10. All advertising is subject to acceptance by The Crow’s Nest, which reserves the continuing right to reject copy at it discretion. 11. Due to the cost associated with redesigning the newspaper after the deadline, cancellations must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the deadlines stated in this agreement. 12. ADVERTISERS will be billed following publication of the advertisement. Payment due and payable ten (10) days following the publication date. Checks should be made payable to the The Crow’s Nest. Personal checks must have the individual’s Driver’s License Number written on the check. 13. This agreement is the whole and complete agreement between two parties.

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