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Final Writing Portfolio for Quincy Lee Stephen Bingham

December 12, 2009 For Immediate Release: The Entrepreneurship Club president Lisa Lionheart and vice president Kyren Bogogo will meet with Eliza Nichols head of Fine & Performing Arts and Joe Roberts faculty advisor to the Arts Entrepreneurship Concentration today at 2:15 in the 600 S. Michigan Building Room 907 to discuss alternatives to closing the E-Center. The E-Center was scheduled to be closed on April 15, 2009 due to budget cuts and perceived lack of student participation. The E-Center closure only came to the attention of the Entrepreneurship Club only by way of alumni seeking to use their services. Since receiving this knowledge, the E-Club has sought the signatures of students and faculty alike to support the E-Center remaining open. The Entrepreneurship Club is also enlisting the help of others including Adam Werlinger, student representative to the Board of Trustees and the help of Facebook Causes which has recruited 21 people in the past week in favor of keeping the E-Center. The E-Center is a very important resource to our school, especially the AEMM Department. The staff at the E-Center has helped students with business plans, loans, and a variety of counseling services that have better equipped the college with students ready to face the world as entrepreneurs, unlike the portfolio center, which only prepares students to find a job. The E-Center assists us in creating jobs for others and ourselves. If you are interested in supporting the move to Save the E-Center please contact: Kyren Bogogo Lisa Lionheat Quincy L.S. Bingham Join the Facebook Cause @

Memorandum To:

Lisa Ann Bell


Kyren Bogolub


Quincy Bingham, Todd Jones, Anthony Cozzi



Subject: Business Proposal for Entrepreneurship Club

Marketing Materials for the Columbia College Entrepreneurship Club We have chosen Columbia College’s Entrepreneur Club as the organization to do our final project on. The E-Club Vice President, Kyren Bogolub has been contacted regarding up coming projects and she is more than willing to have us create much needed documents for them. The E-Club can be reached at the E-Center at: 218 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, IL 60604-2449 Phone: (312) 369-8620 Fax: (312) 369 - 8618 Email: Entrepreneur Club: Kyren Bogolub:

The Entrepreneurship Club was founded about three years ago by the E-Center and alumnus Tara Jenkins to fulfill a need within the Columbia student body. That need was to provide a place for networking amongst students who shared the entrepreneurship spirit. Since then the club has put on many events including the annual Entrepreneurship Pageant, Enlightenment, fundraisers and various other Columbia sponsored events. The club also works hand in hand with other Columbia organizations to host different events throughout the academic school year. The club benefits students with guest speakers, seminars and conferences, and experiences with


planning and implementing all the steps of an event, fundraiser, and/or other activities in the Business and Arts communities. The mission statement of the E-Club is “To foster an entrepreneurial community of past, present and future students of Columbia College Chicago through education, information, networking, and assistance.” The primary goals of the organization are to provide unity within the Columbia College academic departments and combine their talents to work towards common projects or objectives utilizing entrepreneurship skills, to allow students to work in their field prior to their graduation, to join the college academic departments and to gain notoriety for the college both on a national and international level through community based projects. In keeping with the club’s goals and objectives we have decided to help them reach there objective thru the production of a logo, letterhead, business cards, and a sponsorship package. The life of an entrepreneur demands these certain items always handy when certain situations arise. Our branding efforts will no doubt add life, consistency, and much needed visibility to the club. Logo: Having a logo for your company would make it easier for your company to be seen. People associate business’s services and products with a face or a mascot. When you think of McDonalds you think of golden arches, and when you think of the NBA you think of an outline of a man playing basketball. A logo gives your company something easy for everyone to remember, and we do not want it to be hard on the people we want to impact. We want to make a difference and be remembered at the same time, while putting a visual memory in everyone’s brain. After reviewing flyers and other material used by the E-Club, we noticed there was a need for consistency and an identifying visual mark- a logo. The logo we will design for the Entrepreneurship Club will give a face and identity to the club. It will serve as a visual representation of the club’s mission and purpose. This logo will add professionalism and separate the club from student organizations such as the Student Programming Board, CCMA, and other prominent student organizations. Business Cards: The purpose for the business cards is to get your organization known to the general public. The general public includes everyone from Columbia students and faculty, to the many other colleges and business’s in the area. These business cards will help spread the name of the company, and will then grow. Networking is a major skill that is needed. It helps to keep your company current, and in tune with everyone else. It also makes yourself seen and visible for other people to get to you if they need help or want to join. Letterhead: Letterhead may be the first impression clients get of your company. Our group has decided to design letterhead for the E-Club. A letterhead shows professionalism on correspondences made from your company. A letterhead gives your company a personality which is important in a time when niche marketing is on the rise, it may help your company stand out from the rest. Sponsorship Package: The E-Club is constantly looking for ways and means of funding it’s daily activities. In doing so it has come to the realization that sponsorships are a critical part of this process. Moving forward in the future the club will rely more and more on Columbia and non-Columbia sponsorships. Identifying that need, we have come to the conclusion that a full color sponsorship package will better communicate the club’s needs, purpose and mission to potential sponsors. It will also detail incentives that will better sale a proposed sponsorship. This will make the process of networking and selling a lot easier for inexperienced entrepreneur. These items will help the Entrepreneurship Club in keeping with its objectives and making life easier for members who plan, organize, and host events. These items will also increase the club’s visual presence on campus thereby increasing membership and giving more students better opportunities to reach their goals as entrepreneurs.

Quigley for Congress 1244 W Eddy Chicago, IL 60657 Dear Tom Bowen, Thanks for your time, consideration, and interest in helping us with our project for my Writing for Managers class. We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest you’ve shown us for our project. We have a limited time period to select and familiarize ourselves with an organization. Because of this, we have chosen to work with an organization here on campus. We cannot work with both organizations simultaneously; therefore we cannot work with you at this time. My personal interest in the campaign and Mike Quigley remains intact. I am sure there are numerous other ways I can help him to better serve our community as representative of Illinois's 5th congressional district. Sincerely Quincy L. S. Bingham

December 11, 2008 LaDonna Jacobs, Vice President – Branch Operations Members Exchange Credit Union 107 Marketridge Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157 Reference: Account 3020091528/427552322 Dear LaDonna Jacobs On Friday, December 5, 2008 I called in to pay the final bill on my last loan and inquire about another loan. I submitted an application via the telephone operator. She then delivered my information to my previous loan officer. The operator then told me to fax a copy of my latest check stub in to the same officer and gave me his direct line to further the process. Around 11am that morning I faxed in a copy of my latest check stub and called the loan officer to let him know that I had faxed the necessary information and asked him to give me a call once he could give me an answer on my request. Though out the day I called several times and each time I got a voice mail. I left two messages and called again Monday. I only received an answer once I called in Wednesday morning…only after insisting to talk to someone in management. I understand that given the season that there may be an influx of customers and/or members, but I feel as though my simple request was deemed not worthy of the Members Exchange Credit Union’s time. This is certainly not the service that I have grown accustomed too at Member’s Exchange Credit Union. This service was accompanied by the unfavorable answer I received regarding my loan request. Although there certain specifics that were quite clear, one factor that was unclear was the request for me to increase the amounts of my direct deposits. It was my understanding that this was a mere suggestion and NOT a stipulation OR determining factor for consideration for another loan. It is my wish and desire to remain a member of MECU and to use the wide range of financial services you have to offer, that is why I feel the need to address this situation now and hopefully our future business dealings will be of a more positive light. Feel free to contact me either via the above address or by phone @ 601-720-1503 or 601-212-8031. Sincerely,

Quincy Lee Stephen Bingham

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