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start with Party busses. If you are miss glam and you have a large court party busses are perfect for you. You want to make sure your court is comfortable and has fun, after all they did work hard practicing all that time. So they should at least have fun on the bus. But what if you just want to make a great entrance? Well then we go for the luxury cars.


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seem that limos are the coolest most popular cars to drive on the day of your quince, but why not go for something a little more exciting. Today we have so many different transportation options, so why go for the usual. We are going to be talking about different types of transportation and cool new ideas for the way you arrive to your party.

limos unique and and busses are great, why not make original entrance can be with a a show stopping entrance with a classic car. Even though classic sports car like an Aston Martin cars are old they still have that One -77 or a classy Mercedes excitement. One of my favorite are a Benz CLS 550 these cars will 1940 Ford or a 1969 Jaguar X-type have your guest jaws on the floor these type or cars are perfect for the wanting to get a ride from you. vintage prince with a little tough act.


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G and F Carriages. Los Angeles CA.

PHOTOS BY: y Gustavo Villarreal


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