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Over the years the “baile sorpresa” has evolved from just dancing to a hit song to an entire production! The theme, music, and wardrobe, check it out what is trending today!


oosing eaneras are now ch Our modern Quinc their surprise dance. an entire theme for e m a popular artist lik The themes vary fro as “L e lik a known city, Michael Jackson, to . ’s” 60 r decade like “the Vegas” or a popula a “remix” What is trending is g with the theme of songs to go alon is usually selected selected! The remix the choreographer! If and created by the ix m ckson, then the re theme is, Michael Ja of his hit songs. should be a variety


WARDROBE Forget dancing to the surprise dance wearing your quinceañera dress. Wardrobe to match your theme surprise dance is what is trending! If your theme is “Las Vegas” the quinceañera and damas dress wearing “show girl” costumes.



July–December 2012

It is your night! BE creative and leave the boring traditional “baile sorpresa” salsa dance behind! Be a trendsetter and really SURPRISE your guests! Pick a theme, match your wardrobe and mix your music! Need help? Log on to: and be sure to register for the latest trends in Quinceaneras “baile sorpresa”.

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