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Every year thousands of students graduate from the university and head for a professional career. As you are deciding about what you will be doing in life, the critical step is to decide upon what type of a career is good for you. In other words, what are YOU suitable to?

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A number of studies with students demonstrate that many students experience lack of information, conflict, and decision taking worries about profession selection. Many exhibit a negative attitude, feel under-qualified and assume a fatalist position.” I do not even know what I want to do- I will be never be able to do what I really want- I will not be succesfull in this field- It is so difficult to get the job I want, one needs to know the right people for it”. Thoughts like these will have a negative impact on you, they will stop you from taking an initiative and starting and action.

TAKE NOTES! RE • THE WORK ATMOSPHE you prefer to work? uld wo t en In which environm or frequent travelling? Outdoor or office? Hospital TERESTS • YOUR PERSONAL IN ng humanity? Looking after lpi He g? Do you enjoy drivin turous type? Do you feel animals? Are you the adven ople in need? How much happy providing care for pe t dirty? do you care if your hands ge • WORKING HOURS n you tolerate Weekdays from 9 to 6 ? Ca y and night da en interchanging shifts betwe weekend? Do the g or having to work durin Your decision ? e you mind doing extra tim your friends ile wh will affect your social life have to be t gh mi are partying at a club you still at work ?


IONS • PERSONAL EXPECTAT r career? Do you you in aim How high do you at shall you need to want to reach the top? Wh necessary qualities get there, do you have the and abilities to go that far? • DRESS CODE wearing a uniform? Do you enjoy the idea of to go to work? Or Do you prefer to dress up are you the casual type?

Would you like to have a career that requires plenty of thinking, reasoning, and creativity that keeps you occupied almost all of your time? Would you enjoy facing a new challenge every day? How interest are you in learning a new technique every day, which in turn broadens your world vision continuously? All of the above are factors to consider while choosing a career. Yet there is more to think about. As you start your work life other factors like medical aid, pension schemes, bonuses, paid leaves, support for dependants and so and so fort will become important. However, keep in mind that those days are over, and try to make the best out of every new experience you gain at work- after all, this is YOUR career! Know what you want, always do your best and remember what you will gain in the end.



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