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black color is like treat This article totally belong to my experience ‌ yes because through here I want you to understand the necessity of slim figured for your swimming pools party or anyone other's pool party. So from here the, conversation and complication begins, when my boyfriend asked me for date. No it was definitely a nice moment for me but it will not stay the long lasting as and when he described that his parents are also there to meet me!! I know each girl stitch the dream that her love will be honest and will surely involved his parents into their relationship, as when they permit only than they will being as a couple. My thoughts are also matching but my physic continuously pulling me back to that dream. Want to know why? As I was fat enough to say yes to my boy friend that yes Honey I am coming to meet your parents.Black swimsuit And cherry on the ice cream was that, I had informed about the date before 4 days only. Now I really felt bad as I totally believe in first impression is the last one. So was confused that what to do and how to reduce at least, to the nice looking physic. As old school I started to wake up early in the morning and begin to walk and jog. 2 rounds in a day were like hell for me I was just not able to even walk after these pathetic rounds. After that I start concentrating on my food diet. I only consumed some green vegetables or hardly 2 or 3 fruits at a meal time. Apart of that my best friend comes to know all this hardworking tasks of mine and she was shocked! She gave amazing, fantastic and outstanding advice, of have the plus sized bikini of black color. She is very intelligent about designs and color as she is the designer. And you know what black literally makes me slim than actual appearance of mine. This was just a god gifted idea by me through my friend. She even suggests me plus sized bra and swim skirt that too of black color so that it gives me the slim and dreamed look. Of course my 3 days work out also being helpful to me. Now I prefer black lingerie's to impress and to be looked fabulous and stunning.

Black color is like treat