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Fall Portfolio

Artist Statement Born in Baltimore, MD, Quierra La Quelle Wells is a Graphic Artist who stands out and is confident in every piece she has done. She realized that Graphic design was her “thing� in high school in Prince Georges county Maryland, and remains a faithful artist in all aspects of life.

Creating images and logos for new upcoming music artists and businesses has helped Quierra grow into the experienced designer she has become. While managing a professional business background, Quierra keeps up with the community by volunteering at the prestigious Walters Art Museum as a greeter.

Quierra is currently attending University of Maryland. She plans to get a Bachelor in Fine Arts in her fields of study, Digital Media. Her free time is spent creating stop-motion photography videos, and creating custom images for friends.

Quierra Wells is a proud Baltimore artist and loves exploring different artists and art venues surrounding the DC Metropolitan area.

Quierra Wells

Fall 2011

To see samples more of my work please visit the following link.



Digital Photography 2011



the two girls on these pages

Hello Stranger Digital Photography 2011


Digital Phography 2011

1 pic

B i te

Digital Photography


We The Peo p l e Di gi t a l Ph otography 2011

Golden Leaves

J ordan Digta l Ph o tography 2010

Digital Photography 2011




S q u a res Pro c es s i n g 2011

Mojo So Dope

Di gi ta l A r t wor k 2011

sound cloud

Sound Cloud

Digital Ar twork 2011


Digital Artwork 2010

ChΔos D i gi tal Ar t wor k 2011

Love? Digital Art 2010

oiloft roP llaF

Quierra La Quelle Portfolio  
Quierra La Quelle Portfolio  

Fall 2011 Digital Media Artwork