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A Beginner’s Guide of Technical Tips

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How to make USB Pen Drive Password Protect ................................................... 1

How to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for Rs 1,999 ................................................. 5

How to Cut, Make Nano SIM for iPhone 5 .............................................................


How to Install Windows 8 on a Pen drive ............................................................


How to Delete A Facebook Account Permanently ...............................................


How to Download Torrent files with IDM ............................................................


How to View The Password Of Memory Card And Unlock It ..............................


How to Bypass IDM Fake Serial Number Error ....................................................


How to find Tata Photon+ device password ..........................................................


How to Make Windows 8 Bootable USB Flash Drive ............................................33

How to Make Pen Drive Password Protected

USB thumb drives are small, portable, and can be read on any device with a USB port. These features make them the perfect vehicles to transport data between computers. Due to their portability, however, they are also easily lost. If your Pen drive contain sensitive data and has a access of a unauthorized access, then it can be create a problem .So I will share my knowledge with you that how to make password protected your Pen drive. The process is quite easy to follow and anyone who has medium level of skill can make Password Protected Pen drive by own by following simple steps:-

Download USB Safe Guard 6.0 Software from below and extract it:

Download USB Safe Guard 6.0 from here

  

Plug in the Pen drive with your PC or Laptop and make sure that it should be Empty. Copy the Software in the Pen Drive and Double Click on the Software & install After that register the software product with serial key as shown in following Snapshot.

Enter the First and last name as: Lucky and Registration key : 791f373 as shown in below snapshot and click on register

Now Enter the password and confirm password to lock the Pen drive Recovery key suggestion is optional

Now your Pen Drive has been locked and looks like as shown in below snapshot


To unlock the Pen drive again. Double click on the Pen drive and click on the Software, Enter the Password and your Pen Drive will be unlock again as shown in below Snapshot:-

Now save your Data in Pen drive without any security risk, Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to Upgrade to Window 8 for ` 1999

With Window 8, Microsoft is trying to change the way we have been using our PC. If you are a Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7 user and want to lay your hands on the new OS, then you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro instantly for only Rs 1,999, until January 31,2013. Moreover, those users who have purchase a Windows 7 PC after June 2 can download Windows 8 Pro for an estimated retail price of Rs 699. Here’s a step-by-step procedure showing how you can upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 Pro at Rs 1,999.

Go to Microsoft India website and you will find the option to upgrade to Window 8 Pro. It is a limited time upgrade available for Rs 1,999 which runs from today until January 31,2013. Once you click on ‘Download Pro for INR 1999, a pop up will ask you to Save and Run it.

It will install and start running the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that checks if your PC can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Basically, it will assess your system to find out if it is compatible with Windows 8 and inform you before you buy the OS.

After that, it lets you import your data like personal files, Windows settings and apps to your new Windows 8 installation. You can also choose to import nothing.

The next screen lets you place your order for the Windows 8 Pro. In case you plan to buy it later, you can do so by restarting Window 8 Upgrade Assistant.

The next screen will take you to the checkout. Here, you also get the option to get a Windows 8 installation DVD worth Rs 1,060.

Once you click on checkout, Windows takes a little less than a minute to take you to the billing form. Just key in your essential details and click on Next.

Once you hit ‘Next,’ it will confirm the order and you can also view the order summary.

Microsoft will send you an email receipt, provide the product key and begin downloading Windows 8 Pro and note down the Product Key.

After that, Windows 8 Pro download begins

The new Windows 8 Pro is quite cheap compared to previous versions..Getting an installation of Windows hasn’t ever been easy. If you already have a Windows 7 installation, it’s quite affordable as well. If you’ve just made the move to Windows 8, let us know what you think of it.

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How to Cut, Make Nano SIM for iPhone 5

The Smaller SIM standard goes even more smaller as

Apple trims the iPhone’s

thickness by 18%. Thats why your existing normal SIM or Micro SIM can be converted to Nano SIM . To do this, you have two options: DIY or visit your wireless network’s local customer service center and get them to replace your current SIM with a Nano SIM. But we know if you came to this DIY guide, your intent is to Do It Yourself, lets get started In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I cut and shaved my Micro SIM down to Nano SIM sized specifications. It’s not a 100% 1:1 ratio, but the size is very comparable to what you will find in an official Nano SIM. For that reason I’m feeling pretty confident that it will work with my iPhone 5.

What you need: • A printer (Colored or monochrome) • A4-sized sheet • Tape • Ruler and marker • Good Scissors • Sandpaper or file • Patience & accuracy

Warning: This needs high ability of accuracy in one’s hands. Not everyone is blessed with that. I will not be held responsible if you damage your SIM card.

The process is quite easy to follow and anyone who has medium level of skill can make Nano Sim by own by following simple steps.

 


& print PDF at 100% scale on an A4 page.

Accurately place your current SIM card on the designated area. If you have a Mini SIM, place it on the second highlighted area. If you have Micro SIM, place it on the third and last. When you’re sure it matches the outlines, stick the SIM to paper using a tape.

Using a ruler and a marke, carefully mark the five lines along which you would cut in the following step:

Use the scissor to carefully cut across the marked lines.You really need to be slow and accurate. Single mistake can damage your SIM card. Ask your mom if you’ve to, she might be able to do it better.

Using a file or sand paper, Smooth out the edges of your Nano SIM.

Bingo, you have successfully made Nano SIM for your iPhone 5. Apple has really left no plastic area on the SIM card. Its hard to say what they would have in the iPhone 6. Perhaps a pico-SIM or femto-SIM card.

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How to Install Window 8 On Pen Drive

Window 8, the latest edition to Microsoft’s OS evolution is making big waves in the PC arena. Installing Windows 8 on yourPC, which already has Windows 7 or Windows XP installed can be quite a task—backing up data, clearing space for the new OS, reinstalling, and so on. I shall show you how you can relax and enjoy the complete features of Windows 8 on your existing PC without going through any of the above cumbersome exercises and run the new operating system in less than half the time. This How to will reveal the installation of Windows 8 on any USB storage and then running the operating system directly from the USB drive, itself. You will not have to go through any of the painful set-up procedures that the set-up installer asks, while installing Windows 8 on your PC. All you need to do is download a simple utility, a 16GB or higher USB storage drive, the Windows 8 ISO file, WinRAR archiver and your existing PC. Before we begin, we would like you to know that using a USB pen drive will suffice, but since the speed of a regular USB pen drive is very sluggish, we recommend using an external USB storage drive.

The process is quite easy to follow and anyone who has medium level of skill with handling computers will breeze through it.

To begin with, assuming you have a PC that already has Windows 7 running and WinRAR installed, extract the file ‘install.wim’ from the Windows 8 ISO file using WinRAR. This file will be located under the folder ‘Sources’ and is around 2GB in size. Extract it to the desktop. Note: If you haven’t a Window 8,you can download from this link

Download Window 8.iso from here

Now go ahead and download a tiny 500 KB utility, called ‘GimageX’ from this Link

Download Gimagex from here and extract the file to a folder on your desktop. This folder will have both the 32-bit and 64-bit utility. Choose the appropriate one depending on the operating system that you are already running on your PC. Now,

Before we use the utility, we have to prepare the USB drive for installing Windows 8. Plug-in the USB drive, wait for a while. if the drivers are not yet installed and let the system recognize the new drive.Make sure you have all your data backed up from the drive, as we would need to clean out the drive completely. Now start the Windows command prompt and type the following commands one after the other as given below

         

Diskpart (This built-in utility will help repartition and format the new drive) List disk (This command will list all the drives present on your system. Note down the drive number of your USB drive) Select disk # (Replace the # with the drive number that represents your USB drive in the list) Clean (This command will wipe the entire partition table of the USB drive) Create partition primary (This command will create a primary partition on the USB drive) Select partition 1 (This command will select the primary partition for the rest of the process) Format fs=ntfs quick (This command will quick format the primary partition in NTFS file format) Assign (This command will assign a drive letter to the new partition for Windows to work on) Active (This command will make the partition active to enable booting) Exit (Closes the DISKPART utility)


Now that the drive is ready for installation of the new operating system, start the GimageX utility and click on the tab ‘apply’. In the source field, specify the ‘INSTALL.WIM’ file, which you earlier extracted from the Windows ISO file. In the destination field, select the USB drive letter. Let all the settings in the remaining fields be untouched and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Once done, GimageX will display that the process is complete.

Exit the GimageX utility and start the command prompt again. We now need to Make the USB drive bootable in order to run Windows 8 from the USB drive. For this, we will have to specify a command from the command prompt window. Run the following command as below. bcdboot f:\windows /s f:

Where f: denotes the drive letter of your Pen drive, you can easily replace according to drive letter of your Pen drive



In the command above, F: is the drive letter of the USB drive where the Windows 8 files have been extracted to earlier by the GimageX utility. Remember to replace the drive letter of your USB drive, accordingly. This command will take a few seconds to transfer the necessary booting files to the USB drive. Once done, you can quit from the command prompt.

That’s it! Shut down your PC, get into the BIOS, enable booting from the USB drive and restart the PC. Your PC will now boot from the USB drive directly into Windows 8. All that is needed in the next step is to specify the serial key and give details, such as username and password. Windows will be up and running in no time and install the necessary drivers in the background. You can now go ahead and configure Windows 8, as you wish and install all your software and applications, as you would on a new PC. All software and applications will be installed on the USB drive by default, unless specified with a different path. Make sure you have an Internet connection set-up for your PC, if you are using your Microsoft Live (Hotmail) account to be linked with your Windows 8 installation. Once done, you can simply shut down, disconnect your USB drive and get back to your older operating system without any trace of having Windows 8 installed on your PC. You can plug-in this USB drive on any other PC and have Windows 8 running on that PC. You can also use this trick to install Windows 8 on an internal hard drive and have Windows 8 installed without having to go through the entire process of installing the OS using a DVD ROM.

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently


Many of the users are confused between deleting

and deactivating an account.So they don’t find any option and go for deactivating an account.But deactivating and deleting a facebook account is not the same.Deactivating means staying away from your account and all your photos updates,activities will be there as usual and you can reactivate it whenever you want to.Deleting a facebook account means erasing everything that is already existing in you facebook account like photos,videos,updates etc. Permanently deleting a facebook account url is not avaialble readily.It is not visible easily because it doesn’t exist in your account settings/options.It exists in facebook help and very difficult to replace it with your profile link. So click the following link that will be redirected to delete facebook account page.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO DELETE ACCOUNT PAGE NOTE: If you really want to delete your facebook account then submit the above application and Don’t login into your facebook account till 2 to 14 days.

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How to Download Torrent files with IDM


So many people are asking about downloading torrents using Internet Download Manager, and really it very simple. Most of the times, I get 10 times faster speed using IDM than uTorrent. Anyways, let me tell you how to download torrents using IDM for free. Enjoy the downloading of torrent file with Internet Download Manager.Everyone knows that utorrent helps to download large files with pause option. But sometimes the download rate of utorrent sucks the user and user want o get rid off from this problem. So I am here to share my knowledge to overcome this problem.

So there are some steps to follows:-


Copy the url of your torrent file, you may do it by right clicking the torrent download link and copying the link address.


Now, visit ZBIGZ or BITLET websites and sign up to download unlimited files at a single time (I personally recommended to use ZBIGZ) Paste the url in the site and Click Go button.

It will lead to the another page and choose Free option.

Once you choose the free option, It will start to caching torrent. Caching torrent speeds depends on either Torrent file size or Connection speed.



Once the caching is done, Click on Download button. And enjoy the Torrent download with Internet Download Manager

Bingo!!! Enjoy this Tip

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How to View the Password of Memory Card and Unlock it


A password is

usually set for security purposes. Setting up a complicated

password is one of the basics of strengthening the security of every device but what is tragic is that most people tend to forget their passwords. So if you happen to be a symbian phone lover and forgot your memory card password? is no need to format your memory card with the help of a card reader as this might result in the loss of very important data, All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install x-plore onto your mobile device. (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE) X-plore is a symbian mobile application that views systems files and folder both hidden and unhidden.

2. Open your X-plore app and Press 0(Zero) and check which you have marked the “show the system files” 3. Once you done that now go to the following path C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore 4. Once you reached there you need to press “3″ under option to set it in the Hex-viewer 5. See the third column you will able to see a line of code ! TMSD02G (c??”?x???4?5?3?5?5). Just check the character between the “?” it is your password ie: 45355. Thats it!!!

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How to Bypass IDM Fake Serial Number Error


In this Tutorial, I am going to share a tool with you which can bypass IDM Fake Serial Number error. If you are also facing this problem with your Internet Download Manager, then you can give this tool a try. Actually this tool is a simple file which contains a tutorial to hack the windows registry and make the IDM fake key inactive. So, download this tool and follow the instructions given in that tool. bypass IDM Fake serial key error . It sucks every IDM user when the following screen shows on anyone screen.Everyone wants Internet Download Manager full version and enjoy the great benefits of Internet Download Manager.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure showing how to bypass IDM Fake Serial Number

    

Open registry editor. (you can do it by opening START MENU) RUN and type regedit and press enter Now expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Now delete the Internet Download Manager entry. Now download IDM Cracker Tool form the link given below and paste that in the installation directory of IDM. (C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager\) >

Download IDM Cracker Tool from here

Now after you have downloaded it, run it and Click on Start Button ,It will just take a 5-15 Seconds time to crack and registration will done.


 

This cracker tool also make sure that you have installed latest version IDM on your PC, well if its not latest than you just need to click Update in this tool and then go to your IDM and choose check for updates and update it too the latest version. Now after you have updated it too the latest version you just need to crack it up so that its again full version and you can use it for as long as you wanted too.

Update & Use Again:

So now if any further version is released and you wanna update to that version just first click on Update in this tool and than update it in the official way IDM is updated, after update is completed just click on Start and it will again make your IDM full version

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How to Find Tata Photon+ device Password


These days, everyone wants to be connected with the internet. So all of us use either mobile internet or internet dongles. But maximum of the people use internet dongle modems because they provide a faster speed than the mobile and they can be easily used with a desktop or laptop. So, while travelling, we can easily carry them with our laptop. And the most popular one is TATA PHOTON PLUS because it's speed is just like the broadband.

It comes with the feature of device lock, but what would you do if you forget the device password of your dongle..?? Really, it would be very frustrating. But I'm going to tell you the method to find your Tata Photon’s device password.

Follow the steps below:-

 

Open C:\Program Files\Tata Photon+\Huawei\userdata [Installation Folder] Now open usersetting.xml file, (simply edit with notepad), The code within it will look something like below Just inspect the Code


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <utpsdoc> <system> <devicename>EC1261</devicename> </system> <security> <GeneralLock>1</GeneralLock> <InternetLock>1</InternetLock> <LockPassword>1234</LockPassword> </security> <CBSSettingPlugin> <AutoCleanup>0</AutoCleanup> </CBSSettingPlugin> <xframemodule> <undialupromaining>0</undialupromaining> <nosplashscreen>0</nosplashscreen> </xframemodule> </utpsdoc>

 

In the code you can see your password highlighted with blue color above Enjoy.

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How to Make Window 8 Bootable USB Flash Drive


In this Guide, you will learn how to install Windows 8 Edition (90 days Trial) from a USB flash drive. For the uninitiated, a Windows 8 Edition was released recently for anyone and everyone to try out. It isn’t the complete version of Windows 8, but provides a nice glimpse at the future of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. Windows 8 Edition is meant for developers to try out, in order to come to grips with how things work in Windows 8, but if you’ve got a spare computer lying around (or have a virtualization-ready processor), you can give it a try without risking much. The process is quite easy to follow and anyone who has medium level of skill with handling computers will breeze through it.

Download and install Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB/DVD Download from below

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool from here

Download Windows 8 Edition for free from here. if your processor is 64-bit ready, Then download the 62-bit .iso file. from this below

Download Window 8 from here

  

Insert a USB flash drive having 8GB or greater storage capacity in a USB port on your computer. Launch Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool you installed in Step 1. Choose the ISO file you downloaded in Step 2 by clicking on “Browse”.

Click on “USB device” when prompted to choose media type. In the next step, choose your inserted USB flash drive.



The tool will now create a bootable USB flash drive using the Windows 8 Edition.iso. This will take some time, so be patient.




Once the tool has done its thing, restart your PC with the USB plugged in. On start up, you will need to enter the BIOS utility of your computer and boot from the USB. Since the procedure for entering BIOS utility is different for different computers, we leave it up to the readers to find out how to do this for their specific computer. (Google might come in handy for this) Once booted from the USB drive; follow on-screen instructions to install Windows 8 Edition. If you followed all the steps correctly, you should be well on your way to installing Windows 8 Edition from USB flash drive. Good luck and have fun using Windows 8!

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