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Kuching Sarawak – Cuti-cuti Malaysia Visit Kuala Lumpur

Helen asks‌

Are there hairdressers in Kuching in borneo? Now I realise this is a really silly sounding question but i have been camping for months and then i am heading to borneo to treck for a further 3 weeks and would just love to know if at the end as i fly to the uk from kuching if there is a place i can get my hair done so that i can get off the plane without being asked to join a circus.

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers: Of course there are, plenty


Sandy asks‌

Will you be going to Kuching, Borneo, for the2010 Inter Hash?

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers: Definately not.

Steven asks‌

Does anyone know Annie Teo Rusterrucci of Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo? She is a French who used to lecture at ITMCS as well as at one time operated a travel agency called Ibanika Expeditions.


Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers: I know of Bean in Sarawak … And Ginduras in Sabah … Sorry

Mark asks…

Has anyone been to Kuching/Sarawak/Borneo/Malaysia? I’ve heard the wildlife there is pretty cool? and the girls…

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers: Been to Kuching a couple years ago. Spent most time doing nature treking stuff – yes very pretty with lots of flora and fauna. Stayed overnight in a bamboo long house with ex-headhunter tribe – drank home-made moonshine – got very drunk – started eye-balling a local native chick – then passed out. For nightlife – stay in Kuching (city) and go to a big disco-type bar (I went to Holiday Inn disco) – it was pretty good with lots of ladies. I also remember it strange but there were pairs of white-young-guys in white collared shirts riding around in bikes saying ‘hello’ (very cheerful) to me as I walked around. I assume they were with some religious group looking to convert people – but never spoke to them – ODD?


Donald asks‌

any one ever been to Borneo, or Kuching? when?, who with?, what did you do? what did you think? would you want to go back?

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers: Twice 1988 and 2006 with parents /with boyfriend its awesome as long as you choose the Hilton rather than Holiday Inn,it sells nice handicrafts yes anytime

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Kuching Sarawak – Cuti-cuti Malaysia